Tum Bin (part 3)

Next day at college:

An elderly watchman seems worried. He runs here and there with cellphone in his hands. He tries to stop many students but no one pays heed to him. At last he gets tired and sits dejected. Just then Kunal arrives there.
“What happened uncle” he asks.
The man looks up. The man bursts into tears.
“My daughter, she is unwell and is admitted in the hospital. I couldn’t get leave. I don’t have balance in my phone and I really want to talk to her.”
Kunal sits on his knees. He consoles the man and produces a water bottle from his bag.
Kunal: pls have water and tell me your no.
The man drinks water and tells the no. After sometime a message comes on the man’s phone.
Kunal: now u can talk as much as u wish.
The man sees that his phone has been recharged. He almost touches Kunal’s feet but Kunal stops him.
“I know that our dear ones are our world and I don’t want that a father remains away from his daughter coz I can understand the pain.” Kunal says and leaves.
The man blesses Kunal.

Meghna watches all this from a distance. She walks towards her classroom thinking about Kunal.
” what type of boy he is. Till yesterday I hated him but after this incident my heart has filled with respect for him” she thinks and smiles.

Kunal is walking in the corridor towards his class. Suddenly a girl pulls him by his collar in a corner. She throws her arms round his neck.
“Kunal baby! Why didn’t u picked my call yesterday. I called u so many times.” the girl says moving her finger flirtatiously over Kunal’s face. Kunal hates her touch and tries to maintain a distance.
Kunal: I was busy.
Girl: so now u can give me some time.
The girl starts kissing him on his chest. Just then Meghna appears there. She gets irked and leaves. Kunal pushes the girl away and runs behind Meghna shouting her name.

Meghna(to herself): I knew this boy can never change.BTW why I m thinking about him.
“Meghna old stop. Listen to me.” Kunal shouts after her but she enters the classroom.
Meghna sits in the classroom. She then looks outside. Her eyes searches Kunal. She finds him at the window. He waves his hand but Meghna turns away. Again she looks at him and finds him walking outside her classroom and their special meeting continues.??

Aakash notices Kunal sitting on a bench outside the classroom.
“Hey bro! Why r u sitting here.(he then notices Meghna) oh! So this is the case. Bhai, u have fallen for her.
Kunal: there is nothing like that.
Aakash: okay only luvguru can tell this.
Kunal: what do u seriously think that we should see luvguru.
Aakash: yes my friend. It’s really important see yourself u have changed a lot. I can’t see my friend in this situation.
They leave.

In the canteen:
Boys gang sits and wait for luvguru. Finally he comes and places himself on chair like a king.
(Luvguru is a chubby friend of Kunal??)
Luvguru: so who is the patient?
Everyone takes Kunal’s name.
Luvguru inspects Kunal from top to bottom.
Luvguru: I can’t believe that.
Kunal: badi patli halat hai guru jaldi batao( I m in very serious condition old tell fast)
Luvguru: okay then u have to answer 5 questions. R u ready?
Kunal nods.
Q1- can u hear your hearbeat?
Everyone looks at Kunal. Kunal replies in negative.
Q2- has your hunger died?
Kunal looks at the burger in his hand and again says no.
Q3- do u hear guitar playing when you see her?
Kunal reminisces Meghna’s scolding and again says no.
Q4- has your sleep gone?
Kunal reminisces his friend waking him up and him getting late. He again replies no.
Q5- do u feel earth shaking?
Everyone looks at Kunal with a last hope but he says no again.
Luvguru: Kunal has passed the test. He is not in love.
Everyone celebrates…

Kunal walks disappointed just then the same watchman comes.
Man: close your eyes and think of the beautiful feeling of love. If you see her face then u love her.
Kunal closes her eyes and ses Meghna. He opens his eyes and says that he saw her.
Man: then u love her. Go and tell her everything.
Kunal hugs him happily and runs….

Meghna’s class get over. She comes out.
“Hey Meghna!” Kunal follows her.
Meghna walks fast.
“Hey Meghna! So u r from finance. That’s good. I m from marketing.”
“Did I ask u” Meghna says and continues walking.
“Why r u walking so fast?” Kunal asks almost running.
Meghna: coz I don’t want to hear your stupidity.
Kunal: but I love you.
Meghna stops at once. It takes her a while to come out of that shock.
Meghna: stop that nonsense.
Kunal: but I really love u.
Meghna: so mister do u know what love actually is. To how many girls you have said that.
Kunal(at once): u r the only one.
Meghna and Kunal both stand staring each other.( tu pyar hai….plays???)
Meghna: I was right about you. U r a spoiled rich brat. U think u can buy everything with money. But girls r not things. I have seen u openly flirting with girls, I saw u only this morning. Shame on u!
Kunal moves ahead and holds Meghna’s arms.
Kunal: look. Look into my eyes. I know I was like that but now after meeting u I only think about u. In the morning it wasn’t me but her. And even if I did then I don’t do it forcefully the girls come by their own choice. I respect u and all the women coz I have learned it from my mother. If u r questioning my character then u r questioning my mother’s upbringing and I will not bear that.

Meghna points at her arms. Kunal leaves her at once and goes. Meghna watches him going and is lost in thought….

To be continued….

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  1. ARK

    *old- pls

  2. Jiya09

    Beautiful !!! Amazing part. The way Kunal helped the watchman and the watchman helped kunal to realise his love , I just loved it. And the way Kunal proposed Meghna was soo cute. Hope Meghna will also realise her love soon. Loved your ff. Waiting for next . Update soon.!!???❤❤

    1. ARK

      Thanks jiya.
      If u watch Aarambh then do check my ff Varunsena.??

    2. Jiya09

      I read that ff also!! And that’s also amazing!! U r really such a great writer.
      Update both the ffs soon

  3. Resh

    Such a wonderful episode! Slowly, Meghna has got a soft corner for Kunal now! Yipee!! Celebration time!??❤️️
    Just loved the epi like anything…. yaar I really don’t have words to express my excitement! Your ff is literally fab! As I said I’m already your fan!
    Loads of love to you for your fantastic work!❤️️

    1. ARK

      Thanks Resh.
      Will update tomorrow.
      U can check my other ff Varunsena if u watch aarambh.

      1. Resh

        U are awesome!!!!❤️?I read it! Loved it yaar!

    1. ARK

      Thanks Aafia

  4. Fenil

    Aflatoon chappy.
    The way kunal & old man helps each other loved it.
    Lovely cute proposal.
    Can’t wait for next.

    1. ARK

      Thank u Fenil.
      Do read my ff Varunsena for Aarambh.

  5. Waiting for thr next one yaar CANT WAIT!!!!!!!

    1. ARK

      Thanks for reading Hetvi.
      Will update tomorrow.

  6. Sorry 4 the late comment.
    Ur ff was amazing and amazing. The love guru was absolutely pointless. He did nothing. Loved the watchman helping Kunal. meghna has to realise the love soon. She just has to. Keep going and update soon.

    1. ARK

      Thanks Sunny!
      Will surely update tomorrow.
      Check my ff Varunsena if u watch aarambh.

  7. Awesome actually I love meghnal more than nairan awesome

    1. ARK

      Thank u Mrunal

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