Tum Bin (part 1)

Kunal, Kunal, Kunal…whole stadium was cheering for just this name.
“It’s very tough for IIMA to take the trophy this time. It’s just 3 balls and still 10 runs are left. The fans are watching this with bated breath. Everyone has just one hope the young, the energetic, the charming, the captain of the team one n only Kunal Chauhan. Kunal ready to face the ball annnnd this one a huge shot and it’s….but the fielder is present already. Now only 2 balls and 10 runs let’s see what Kunal can do for the team. Now next ball and it’s a four. Very well played.”
The excitement reach an another level. Everyone cheers for Kunal as he gets ready to face the last ball. Everyone prays. Kunal hits the next ball and it goes in the air. Everyone stands at their places. 2 fielders run towards boundary to catch the ball. One of them jumps to catch the ball but misses it by an inch. It crosses the boundary.
“And it’s a six. IIMA walks away with the trophy for the 3rd consecutive year and all thanks to Kunal.”
Players run towards the field and lift Kunal on their shoulders. They do victory March. Kunal greets his fans raising his bat.
“He is so handsome.” A girl says to other.
Kunal winks at them flirtatiously. The girls blush.

In dressing room Kunal watches his mother’s (Nirmala’s) pic in his phone.
Kunal: Mom this trophy belongs to u. This is all possible coz of ur blessings. I just wanna see u happy. I know u have gone through a lot to see me at this place.”
Tears come in his eyes.
His phone rings
“Kunal where r you? U are selected for Man of the Match . Come asap.” The voice comes from the other side.
“Just a minute” Kunal disconnects the call. He takes out his t-shirt and pours water on his face from the bottle. Suddenly a light flashes.
“Who’s there?” Kunal goes to the door but find no one. He then looks through the window and finds a girl watching his pics on her phone. He then acts as nothing has happened and goes away. The girl peeks again. Kunal grabs her hand and pulls her inside the room. The girl screams.
“Ssshhhh” Kunal pressies her against the wall.
“So u r taking my pics when I m without my shirt.”
The girl looks baffled. She sees here and there.
“BTW when I m getting your pics” Kunal says and smile. The girl smile back. Kunal proceeds to kiss her. Just then the gate open
“I called u for the trophy and u r flirting here”
“Bro it’s not flirt, it’s love” Kunal says. He then turns to the girl and says”Sorry baby next time. Tonight there is a party at Grand Residence hotel. U can come. We will have fun.”
Kunal leaves.

Meghna’s hostel….
Meghna is reading a book. Just then her roommate enters.
RM: Meghu, Meghu,Meghu we won. I tell u,u missed a great chance.
Meghna: u know that I don’t watch cricket.
RM: who went for the cricket. I went for my hero Kunal. OMG his shots mashallah…
Meghna: OK OK. Now stop praising him. We have to go for dinner. Get ready.
RM: where? I m going to the party. There is a party to celebrate the win. Come with me u will enjoy.
Meghna: no no. U go.
RM: how pakau u r! Do u like hostel’s food. Think that is 5* hotel and the dinner is free.
Meghna (to herself) “wow! Good dinner for one night. I should go there and after dinner I will come back.”
Meghna: OK I will come.

Meghna arrives at the party . Everyone is shocked seeing her.
One boy to other ” hey look look the topper has come.”
Meghna listens but move on. Her roommate asks her to join for the drink but she rejects.

“Attention, attention, attention. You all know that this is possible just because of Kunal. He has entertained u with his bat in the field, but u know he never fails to entertain us. Put your hands together for the heartthrob Kunal.”

The girls cheer madly for Kunal. Limelight falls on Kunal. The song Kukkad from SOTY plays. Kunal dances on the song.

Meghna watches him dancing. She bangs into her roommate.
RM: what happened? Love at first sight?
Meghna: u know u r mad.
Meghna walks away. Her phone rings. She picks up the call.
“Hello, mamma, hello, hello….”
She walks to the terrace to attend the call.

Kunal finishes the dance. He sees the same girl( who was taking his snaps). He walks towards her. She signals him to come on terrace.
“Naughty” Kunal thinks to himself. He reaches the terrace and cuts the power.

Meghna panicky in the dark. She tries to call her friend but in vain. Suddenly someone grips her hand.
” Finally u came. I know u will come for me. Let’s complete our incomplete story. Let’s kiss.”
Meghna is shocked as well as angry. Kunal turns her towards him and pulls her closer. Just then the power comes.
Kunal finds Meghna in his arms. They have an eyelock.

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  1. Nice one

    1. ARK

      Thank u Aafia

  2. Fenil

    Nice concept and start.
    Looking forward for this story.

    1. ARK

      Thank u.
      Will update soon.

  3. Resh

    Oh crazyyyyyyy!!! This was the best!! Just loved this one! What do I call you yaar?
    You are just awesome! Such a wonderful start… I’m really waiting for the next part to be uploaded… literally waiting for it! Such a wonderful scene! Uff! Yaar!! It’s really fabulous!!! I could really visualise the whole thing!
    The story is pretty exciting! Just loved it!!
    Your ff comes to my priority list on the telly update page! A very interesting plot!
    Kunal, flirtatious and Meghna, studious!
    I always love that combination!!! It’s awesome!!!!!!???????????????????? So excited for ff!
    Loads and loads of love to you from me!!!
    I’m already your fan!

    1. ARK

      Such an amazing comment!
      Thank u very much for reading, will certainly try to bring better episodes.

  4. Jiya09

    Great start of the story !!! Loved the first part.! Waiting to know what happens next ! ??

    1. ARK

      Thanks for reading…

  5. Wow, wow and wow! Loved it. Ur story plot is so interesting. Its like its the actual story behind Meghnal’s meeting. Keep going and do update soon I’m eagerly waiting.

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