TUM BIN JIYA JAYE KAISE – A story of love, separation and uniting # a TWINJ ff Shot 3

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ok now take the episode

lets start with a 1200 volt smile

disclaimer- this article is not meant to hurt anyone’s emotions
if it hurts then plz forgive me


@ hospital

twinkle was taken to hospital by his p.a. Lisa.

she had informed chinki and shree ( shree is her friend whom see met in USA. u can imagine shrenu parikh as Shree )

they all reached hospital

twinkle was admitted in the ICU

her conditioning was very worse

she has lost her much blood

doctor came out after examining her

chinki- dr. is everything all right ?
twinkle thik to ho jayegi na ?

dr.- abhi kuch nahi keh sakte
and she has lost her much blood

upar se wo disease
it’s not in our hands
just pray
we have to do an operation
and he left

Shree- chinki, humari twinkle thik to ho jayegi na ?
I am hell tensed

chinki- shree tu chinta mat kar
our twinkle will be fit and fine

if this time kunj was present
then twinkle would recovered more quickly

wish all to be sorted out between them

shree – u are right

chinki – hmmmmm

and they sat down



@ India

kunj’s room

kunj is seen crying a lot
his eyes are blood red

in his one hand there is a beer bottle

his whole room is messed up

everywhere was broken pieces of beer bottle

he again dranked a gulp of wine and broke it
glass pieces get pierced in his hand

kunj- Q akhir Q hua mere sath hi aesa

Twinkle mujhe pata hain ki tum jinda ho

aur mujhse bohot khafa ho

par mujhe aur dard mat do

mujhse aur ye dard sehen nahi hota

plz laut aao twinkle plz laut aao
bhale hi aj sabko lagta hai ki usdin tum plane crash me mar gayi thi

par mujhe ye pata hain ki tum ho
tum mere saanso mein ho
tum mere ruh me hon
tum mere har laafzon mein ho
tum mere har yaado mein hon
tum mere har sapno mein ho
tum mere har alfaaz mein ho
tum mere parchaai me ho
tum mere dil me ho
tum mere ankhon me hon
aur tum is zindegi me ho
par mere zindagi maujud nahi ho

Q twinkle Q

maanta hun ho gayi hain mujhse galti

par plz mujhe maaf kar do

plz mujhe aur mat tadpao
plz laut aao

mujhse bohot bari galti ho gayi hain ki maine tum par yakeen nahi kiya

par main pastara hun na

2 saal se paastaraha hun

tumhare bina main ab ji nahi paaunga twinkle

plz laut aao

and he cried vigorously

( na tum bewafa song from JA plays (male version ) )

tum se hogaya
bewaja khafa
dil bhi pasi maan hua hain
kaise kahu ab tum maaf kardo
mujhse hui ye khata hain
dil kashmakash me para hain

he took twinkle’s pic and caressed it
then he hugged it tightly
and let his tears make its way

oh humnava jara apna bana de
sukhi pari dil ki is zameen ko bhiga de

oh humnava jara hat to bara de
sukhi pari dil ki is zameen ko bhiga de

[ listen the rest song urself for better effects ]

it started raining with huge storms outside

flash back shows

a girl is dancing outside in the rain
and a boy is smiling seeing her

b- twinkle kya kar rahi hain tu
baarish me bheege gi to thand lag jayegi na
chal andar aaja

twi- kya yaar kunj tum bhi na kitne unromantic person ho
itne romantic maisam me bhi koi andar baitha rehta hain

ku- tu bhi na yaar
aur kya kaha tune unromantic
abhi dikhata hun

and he rushed towards twinkle
and hold her

meanwhile rain started falling heavily

twinkle was wearing a short sleeveless white one piece which became completely drenched and became transparent

she was looking breathtaking

kunj was all lost in her beauty

ku- to kya kaha tha tumne
that I’m unromantic

now u will see what’s romance is

and he hold her waist tightly
and went closer

their breaths were touching eos

they were only a 1 mm distance away

his hand was on her bare back

he tucked her hairs beside her ears
and put up her chin

their wet eyes meet eo
and they lost into eos eyes in a sweet long eye lock

dil mera hain nasamjh bara
be safar ye bebokoof bara

they came more closer

chahta hain kitna tujhe
khud magar nahi jaan saka

their lips meet in a sweet lip lock

after that it became crazier and wild

ish darde dil ki sufarish
ab karde koi yaha
ki mil jaye ye baarish
jo bhiga de puri tarah × 2

( listen the rest song urself for better effects
pura kya main hi likh dun
aur koi kaam nahi mujhe
huh…….!!!!! )

after 10 minutes they break out due to lack of oxygen

twinkle blushed hard

ku- awww my baby
don’t blush do much
then I’ll not be able to control myself
my shona baby

and he hugged her so tightly
like the moment freeze

he then carried twinkle in a bride style into the home

and put her into the bed

he then kissed her toe sending shivers to her spine

he then moved his fingers in her whole body

then he finally pecked on his forehead
and wished her goodnight and left

( eww….guys what u thought ??
ki sab aj hi likh dungi inke bich
haaaan… bolo bolo kya socha
apne dirty dimaags chala na band karo. sry just joking….don’t mind )

flash back ends

back to present

kunj is lying on the floor with his wrist cut up
and blood oozing out

he is laughing

ku- see twinkle aj main tere paas aa rahi hun dekh
dekh mujhse ye dukh sehen nahi hota

so I’m coming to u

tera kunj aa raha he tere paas

and saying thus he shouted


and became unconscious

pain and guilt was clearly visible in his face



pata nahi
sayed koi mar jaye
nahi nahi koi mil jaye
and some flashbacks
some revelations
some emotional dramas


p.s.- haan haan
aur do less comments

salute to those awesome persons whose hands broke typing one comment

listen itne less comments honge na
to main mera control kho baithungi

aur post karna bhul jaaungi

aur aisa kuch likh dungi ki sabke hosh furrrrrr….ud jayenge

comments dene me itne bhi taklif nahi hongi

and a good news hain


this are my marks out of 50

maths- 50
physics – 50
biology – 48
English- 49
history – 46
geography- 47.5
Bengali- 46.5

how are my marks ???

and plz plz guys do comment for the continuation of this ff

as I need ur love and support to continue my both ffs

and btw mujhse pyaar to koi karts hi nahi
I’m very hurt …….!!!

ok guys…..
love u all….
keep commenting……
take care……
keep smiling…….


With Love, ♡

urs lil sis Mouli ♡♡♡

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  1. SidMin23

    Nice but felt bad for twinj and waiting for some more flash back do post soon and hope those who ever reading do comment to so support to writer coz they are working hard.

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
      thanks a lot for ur support

  2. Sidmin ki sadia

    We all luv u mouli di (can i call you that )
    Awesome. Luv it soo much post next soon
    I am in love with ur ff

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear for ur support

      and of course u can call me MOULI di

      and by the way what’s ur name and in which class u are? ?

      do reply me

      1. Mai bhi Isse puch puch kar Thak gyi hu per year batati hi nahi

  3. Cheena2001Cp

    Mouli?…..Loved it too bits….And you have Bengali also?!!!!ooo?…..
    And yes Comments ki toh pucho mat….. Frankly, people, literally…. most of them Comment on particular ffs and os written by their friends,….so biased?…….but anyways……post soon ????

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
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      and yah I’ve Bengali as a subject
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      although my 1st language is English
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      I’m giving u a link
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      link : https://c1.staticflickr.com/7/6207/6058008829_dc1e5c7109_b.jpg

      ok darling

      love u a lot. ……♡♡♡

      1. Cheena2001Cp

        That’s good ?

  4. P.....Secret

    Awesome epi…
    Loved it…
    U rocked in ur exams….
    Amazing number…
    Love u

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear for ur support

      love u too….♡♡♡

  5. Hey mouli listen u have to face this situation in TU where u get less comments nd by writing these words it won’t effect many members..
    So it’s better u write nd later automatically the comments will increase..u r new member of TU I joined 7 months before.. starting mein u have to face these problems..

    Anyways episode was fabulous yrrr

    Post soon..

    1. Ayesha51

      hey dear thanks a lot for ur support

      glad u like it

      and yah u are right.

      from next time I’ll follow ur opinion.

      ok dear my sweetie

      love u. ….♡♡♡

  6. Ayesha51

    Yah I forgot to mention

    this episode is dedicated to our birthday girl ANAYAALI






    and sry yaar for this belated birthday gift

    and I also forgot to mention as I was hell angry for getting less comments

    so once again Happy Birthday

    love u a lot. ……..♡♡♡

    1. Hey ayesha thnk u for wishes and for dedicating this epi to me thnks alot ??…. And epi was superb… Emotional… Luvd it… Sorry for late cmnt….byeee…. Tc… Luv u??

  7. Nishuu

    Nice one

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks nishuu di

  8. amazing episode loved it……
    cmt. to kam h yrr par ye mat bol koi tujjse pyar nahi karta samjhi my sweet si sis.??????

    post soon dear

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks dear
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  9. Simiyy

    It amazing
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    1. Ayesha51

      thanks supu di
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      & yah u are right I’m much talkative

      my classmates also says the same

      and I’m crazy too

      and ap ko to comment karna hi parega nahito main apko chorungi nahi haan di

      love u too a lot my sweetie di ♡♡♡

  11. The episode was marvellous
    U nailed it
    Don’t yout dare say
    That no one loves you

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks my lil sista
      love u dear ……♡♡♡

  12. Sohi

    Fabulous episode

  13. Ayesha51

    thanks sohi

  14. Awesome episode…plz post soon

    1. thanks ruhi

    1. thanks purnima di

  15. Ramya

    Awesome one dear
    And congrats for topping
    Great job

    1. Ayesha51

      thanks ramya di

  16. Baby

    loved it alottt mouli ♥
    itnaa sunaa diya uske baad bhi dhamka rhi thi ki darr ke maare cmnt krna pada bhn……
    srsly luvd it ♥
    cute n emotional♥
    cute fb ke liye or romantic bhii ♥
    love ya ♥

  17. achha hua tumne comment kiya
    nahito marti mere haato
    & glad u liked it sis
    love u too

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