Tum bin jiya jaye kaise – shivika (part 8)

Hii gyez i am back please comment on my ff and thanks to all who comment on this
So many pepole said jealousy track and many said shivika reunion so i wil go with both
And new character is going to introduce tell me who you want as
Abhishek Rajput charater is like he is lover of Anika since childhood and Anika know this but she reject him because you gyez know now Abhi and Anika is best freind

For Abhishek rajput character i have some suggestion please choose in this
Barun sobti
Karan singh grover
Sharad malhotra
Arjun bijlani
Okk so tell me in comments

Part 8
Shivaay hold Anika and shivanya Anika look at him with tears
Shivaay : Anika we are going in oberoi mansion
Anika : no i am going my home and you cant do anything so stop dreaming mr. Shivaay singh oberoi
Shivaay : Mrs. Anika shivaay singh oberoi ready fulfill my dream because you and our daughter is going home today itself
Anika : No way mr. Oberoi
Shivaay : Mr. Sharma come here
Mr. Sharma : Mrs. Anika you cant go anywhere because you are still married to mr. Oberoi and court notice you both have to stay together for six month

Anika : what the hell is this i am not going anywhere and mr. Oberoi i will send my lawyer and he will oppose court decision
Shivaay : No You are coming with me
Anika : No
Shivaay : Anika hold shivanya carefully
Anika see shivanya and hold her tightly then shivaay bend and lift Anika with shivanya in Anika hand
Anika : shivaay what are you doing stop creating secne here let me go
Shivaay : shut up Anika and let go
Shivaay keep Anika in car and go to driving seat and take her with him in oberoi mansion ……….

Shivika come to oberoi mansion
Shivaay : Anika come out from car
Anika : No way i am not going anywhere with you
Shivaay : i think i have to become SSO again
Shivaay lift Anika and shivanya in her hand
Anika : bagad billa
Shivaay smile to listen this
Anika : why are you smiling
Shivaay : because i listen this name after many years my ears deseprate to listen this
Anika doesnt respond anything and shivaay keep her on bed
Anika shout
Anika : what the hell my cloths shivanya clothsy everything in my house what are you doing
Shivaay : i am going to your home to take your and Shivanya things
Anika : i am also coming with you but donot thing i am going to stay with you because
Shivaaay : okk
Anika shivaay go to rathore mansion

Shivika enter in mansion
Rathore welcome them
Mr. Rathore : come my son in law
Anika : what the hell dad i donot accpect him and not forgive him we are going to seprate after six month
Mr. Rathore : six month are very far amd i know you love him you accpect in hospital so you have to stay together
Anika frustrated go to her room for packing her and shivanya stuff
Shivaay come to mr. Rathore
Shivaay : uncle please forgive me i know anika doesnt do anything that time i have to choose between my faimly and anika i did wrong with Anika that time but niw i will never do an ything that hurt Anika
Mr. Rathore : i cant forgive you i can forgive you what you done with Anika one year ago but cant what you did with me right now
Shuivaay is cofuse
Shivaay : what i did uncle

Mr. Rathore : you did again that mistake call me dad not Mr. Rathore you are not my son in law you are my son and i know you love Anika so much infact if i am in your place i also dies something like this what you did one year ago because faimly is really inportent they gave us life we know we cant survive without whom(lover) we love but for our faimly we can die thousand time so i forgive you and take care my daughter i forgive you this time not Again and anika is just angry on you she suffer so much during her pregnency she need you that time donot worry make her understand i am sure she will forgive you
Shivaay nod and touch mr. Rathore feet
Anika come with her and shivanya luggage
Anika come and hug her dad and go to oberoi mansion

Anika vs oberoi faimly

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  1. Sairan

    Awsomeeee GREAT episode
    Arjun bijlani for anikas love interest

  2. $upb ha ..????

  3. Its great. I would refer barun sobti

  4. Barun sobti awesome??????

  5. Awesome

  6. fantastic

  7. loved it

  8. Arjun will be perfect ur ff is ???

  9. Superbbbbbb… I cant choose between barun sobti nd karan singh grover.. Because they r my favs..

  10. Vincy


  11. Awesome I refer barun sobti

  12. Nithu

    i also prefer barun sobtiii……btw epi is superb…

  13. Monika

    I loved it. I’ll prefer barun sobti.

  14. Aryaraju

    Awesome. Loved it ??

  15. Alekhika20

    Loved the updt

  16. Awesome!Pls Arjun bijlani

  17. It is awesome dear..

  18. Hey dnt mind I’m just tellin my pov.. Actually d way shivaay behaved vit anika ws not at ol justified n again he was ready to move on in life for om.. N now he got to know dt he has a daughter, he wants them.. Wow typical shivaay Singh oberio… N after taking leap u portrait anika’s character a bit cold bt now she just accepted wt shivaay ws doing.. So like to c anika’s bold, cold n rude avatar.. N plz dnt make anika forgive shivaay dt easily… Again I’m tellin plz dnt mind me.. I couldn’t stop myself 4m saying as dis s one of my fav ff.. So update soon….

    1. Rithik

      I love you comment so much you know what why because i can feel what you feel and accpect from my ff and i know he did wrong with Anika so Anika going to teach oberoi and shivaay lessons thats why i said precap Anika vs oberoi and thanks for your suggestion for prinku

  19. Gayathri.visu

    Very nice. But it is short part… And I will prefer Arjun Bijlani.

  20. Superb epi…. Luv it…. I prefer arjun…. post asap…..

  21. Superb update..

  22. Its awesome dear. but I want to say something. I donot think that anika should go there in this way. I mean shivaay was ready to remarry for OM and did not think even a single time if Anika will come to know about this then what will happen with her? does anika not matter to him? so for his family sake he is ready to do anything. first he asked anika to leave then was going to remarry. He even did not care to prove anika innocent as Om came to know truth from Svetlana itself. I loved Rudra here but NOT SHIVAAY not even a single bit. shivaay wants anika to be with him with her daughter forgeting everything what his own so called family and he himself have done with her? I personally want Anika to strong and cold towards all Oberoi’s except Rudra and Dadi. and most cold towards Shivaay and then Om and Pinky and want gauri also strong not as some weak character. Sorry if I hurted you but this is one of my favourite story so I am telling all this. again sorry. if you donot like it then please donot mind.
    And I would prefer Arjun Bijlani but here again he will not get his love as in serial MERI AASHIQUI TUMSE HI in which he loved Ishani. (If you can pair him with Prinku then it will be good. sorry for this)
    I loved this story and waiting for more. Please update as soon as possible. Sorry once again

    1. Rithik

      I love you comment so much you know what why because i can feel what you feel and accpect from my ff and i know he did wrong with Anika so Anika going to teach oberoi and shivaay lessons thats why i said precap Anika vs oberoi and thanks for your suggestion for prinku

  23. it’s was an awesome episode. I like Barun sobti as anika s love interest.

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