Tum bin jiya jaye kaise – shivika (part 7)

Sorry gyez i cant upload tommrow because of my exam but i am back And thankyou for your response keep commenting and tell me gyez what you want from my ff
1. Shivika reunite soon
2. Jealousy****( my favrt track ) now you can decide
So moving on

Part 7

Shivaay is shocked by Anika revealation
Shivaay : whay Anika are you out of your mind i even donot know that you come back
Anika : so you think i am lying your faimly does wrong always with me and my daughter
Shivaay : Anika i know but i cant believe this from my faimly anyone can do this
Anika : you donot know Anything shivaay what your faimky can do whats not so its better you stay away from us
Shivaay : are you in your sense Anika shivanya is my daughter you are my wife how can i stay away from both of you i will not go anywhere and i will ask from my faimly who tell you that i donot wanr to meet you
Shivaay enter in hospital with Anikaa
Shivaay shout
Shivaay : tell me just one thing and i just want to listen truth after anika went she come back after one month but someone tell her that i donot want to meet her and i jus want to know truth
Pinky in afraid : i said that i donot want that girl come back in your life thats why i said that you donot want to meet this girl…….
Shivaay (shout) : mom you know what you did because of you i stay away from my daughter why mom why did you do that mom i gave my life for this faimly i sacrifice my love for this faimly but what you give me all inback stay away from my daughter i never accpect this from you mom

Anika : what the hell shivaay whats your problem what you want when you have to take a stand you donot take and today you dont have to saay anything you are saying your faimly all thing its your faimly shivaay you love your faimly and i and my daughter nothing mean to you so please stop all this shivaay
Shivaay : what i do Anika you tell me i cant choose between my faimly and my wife daughter i want both of you i donot want one because my faimly is heart for me you are my heartbeat and A heart cant stay without heartbeat thats why i cant choose one please canf you stay all happy with one
Anika : this cant be going to happen because your faimly never going to accpect me and now i cant accpect your faimly because what they did with me and my daughter is wrong you want to listen truth so listen i love you shivaay yes i love you alot but we cant be together shivaay and one thing more you cant come to meet your daughter anytime you want

Paas aaye..
Dooriyaan phir bhi kam naa hui
Ek adhuri si hamari kahani rahi
Aasmaan ko zameen, ye zaroori nahi
Jaa mile.. jaa mile..
Ishq saccha wahi
Jisko milti nahi manzilein.. manzilein..

Rang thhe, noor tha
Jab kareeb tu tha
Ek jannat sa tha, yeh jahaan
Waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa
Likh ke chhod gaya tu kahaan

Hamari adhuri kahani..
Hamari adhuri kahani..
Anika start to walk abd hold shivanya in her hand and start walking and crying also. And other side shivaay start cry
Khushbuon se teri yunhi takra gaye
Chalte chalte dekho na hum kahaan aa gaye

Jannatein agar yahin
Tu dikhe kyon nahin
Chaand suraj sabhi hai yahaan
Intezar tera sadiyon se kar raha
Pyaasi baithi hai kab se yahaan

Humari adhoori kahaani
Humari adhoori kahaani..

But Anika is walking and crying nothing notice she is going to fall but shivaay hold her in his hand
Pyaas ka ye safar khatam ho jayega
Kuch adhura sa jo tha poora ho jayega

Jhuk gaya aasmaan
Mill gaye do jahaan
Har taraf hai milan ka samaa
Doliya hain saji, khushbuein har kahin
Padhne aaya Khuda khud yahaan..

Hamari adhuri kahani
Hamari adhuri kahani..

Gyez i know this is short one and i give this inetentionally because i want to introduce further track so tell me what you want shivika reunit if i reunut shivika then this can be end in more 5 episode and jealousy track so what you want suggest me

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  1. A jealousy track
    It is awesome

  2. Love this episode ??❤.
    I would suggest the jealous track ??
    Pls update soon .?

  3. Jealousy track don’t unite them soon y Anika have to forgive him always

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  5. Sairan

    Wowww..That was Soo good..Pehle thoda jealousy and then reunion

  6. Shivika reunite

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  10. Luvd it…
    I think jealousy track…..n deu to jealousy our shivaay will turn into JSO n will come with his full tadi in SSO style to take his anika back wid him by hook or by crook….

  11. Awesome dear always I am OK with any option as I want two options please post next part soon please………..

  12. Aryaraju

    What Shivay and family did to Anika is wrong so I don’t want them to unite soon… Jealousy track will be good ?

  13. Extend it

  14. These r 2 short ; update long ones

  15. Archisha



  16. awesome and I would vote for a jealousy trck

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    Emitional updt

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  26. Awesome

  27. Amazing ..jealousy track will be nice

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