Tum bin jiya jaye kaise – shivika (part 6)

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Part 6

Anika sit in car and drive fast very fast shivaay is behind her car he also driving fast exact Anika car Anika reach hospital and shivaay and faimly also
Anika run through corridor Anika see her dad and ask
Anika : dad where is shivu how’s she is she okey please tell me dad how ‘s she
Mr. Rathore : doctor is cheacking her
Anika :. Dad if something happen to mu shivu i cant alive please save my daughter
Shivaay come behind her
Shivaay : Anika donot cry nothing will happen to our daughter Anika please donot cry
Doctor come outside

Anika : How ‘ s my daughter is she fine
Doctor : we cant she anything now her condition is criticle her heartbeat is not working properly she is not breathing properly please pray to god only he can save her miss rathore
Shivaayv : what the hell are you saying i will destroy you nothing can happen to her she is my daughter nothing have to happen her do anything but save my daughter
Anika : shivaay please save my daughter i cant leave without her please save my daughter
Shivaay : nothing happen to her she will be okey donot worry now her dad is with her so how can anything happen to her she is our daugher she will be fine now stop crying Anika
Anika hug him and cry shivaay also reciprocate hug and he understood she is weak at moment

Some hours pass whole oberoi and rathore faimly is standing outside ot doctor come out

Doctor : Miss rathore your daughter is fine now
Anika : doctor can i see her
Doctor : yes you can go and see her but donot go whole faimly just two or three pepole go
Anika : okk doctor
Anika see shivaay anika to shivaay
Anika : shivaay you donot want to meet your daughter
Shivaay is happy on cloud nine he say yes

Shivika enter in room
Shivaay see her daughter first time tear come out from his eyes and now Anika also anika cant see her daughter in this condition
Shivaay Anika go near her they kiss on her cheek and hug her lightly shivaay place her in his hand
And anika see him lovingly caressing his daughter he is happy so much Anika never see him that much happy he is in other world

Shivaay : whats her name
Anika :.shivanya her name is shivanya
Shivaay : beautifull name like my daughter her eyes is like me you saying me kanji eyes now our daughter habe same eyes now you cant say to me. Kanji aankhon wala bagad billa because we are two in teams and you left all alone
Anika : tadi baaz bagad bill this can i say but then she realise what he did with her one year ago she just stop smile and go away from room
Anika : dad please go inside and look after for some time to shivanya
Mr. Rathore and whole faimly enter in ward

Shivaay come out and left behind Anika
Anika come out of hospital outside rain is falling she come in rain rain doesnt effect her nownsje is broken with broken dream she know her life is nothing without her faimly her shivaay but she camt forgive him he does wrong with her
Anika cry loud and fell on road rain is falling

Anika loudly : why god why always you did this to me first you tool away my mom from me then i left my dad then shivaay left me and my daughter i cant forgive you so eaisly shivaay what you did with me is wrong but why when i see you i forget everything when i look in your eyes i see same love for me why shivaay why i want to hate you but why cant i hate you shivaay why you mean so much to me everyone who come in my life left me all alone why god i know i cant leave happy without shivaay but i knw he always hurt me he choose his faimly over me i know every pepole importent faimly he donot say a word in my favour he know i cant do that but he doesnt say amything i fell weak at that moment at that but not now i hate you shivaay singh oberoi i hate you
Shivaay is listening all thing behind her

Shivaay come to Anika and hug her
Shivaay : please Anika forgive me i know i did wrong with you please forgive me Anika thaf day when dadi said about partition in our house i cant take that i cant see my house partition thats why i said you leave house but trust i always knew you cant do that i know its not easy for you anika to forgive me but please i beg you please forgive me Anika i know Anika i choose my faimly over you but what can i do they give me life they grow me up for me you and omru is everything i cant choose anyone please Anika forgive me please come back to me with our daughter i cant leave without you and our daugher

Anika : wow shivaay i know shivaay everyone have very importent faimly but you know what one thing if i m in your place i try to prove you right not said you leave house you are not worth of my forgivness shivaay you broke me when i and my daughter need you so much you left us you left us when i am going through complication in my pregnency i need your support but ypu nowhere seen shivaay
Shivaay : amd what you did Anika you never try to tell me that you are pregnent why donot you tell me Anika
Anika : wow shivaay i came back when i come to know i m pregnent i want to tell you first i donot want that my child raise without his father but you

Anika come to know she is pregnent she go to Oberoi mansion
Gaurd : mam whome you want to meet
Anika : shivaay singh oberoi tell him Anika want to meet him
Gaurd : okk mam

Gaurd call om but they tell him that shivaay donot want to meet her
Gaurd : mam sir donot want to meet you
.shivaay is shocked with this reavelation

Shivaay : Anika come to oberoi mansion 11 month ago who said her that i donot want to meet her
Shivaay shout whole oberoi faimly is frightened

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