Tum bin jiya jaye kaise – shivika (part 5)

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Part 5
Oberoi mansion
Pinky : shivaay rudra om where are you we are late come soon
Rudra shout in shivaay room
Ru : yes choti maa we are coming
Shiomru go out from shivaay room and stand near door
Om : shivaay are you happy with this marrige
Shivaay : offcourse om i m happy why are you asking
Om : shivaay you really forget Anika i mean you know
Shivaay : yes om i forget her she doesnt matter to me and why we all are talking about her she is my past and i m waiting for my future so i am forger her and you also forget
Om : yeah shivaay
And they move she Anika standing at door and listen everything All faimly is shocked to see Anika and some happy and some fume in anger like pinky shivaay is shocked happy tear come out from his eyes ..
PInky come running to Anika
Pinky : you cheap girl why you come back today we are going to see a girl for my heera beta who have good blood nAme not like you cheap who doesnt know even his parents name donot know whose bad blood you are come our house like besharam girl
Gauri listen everything and dont understand why she is shouting on Anika Omkara see gauri and confuse
This is enough for Anika
Anika shout : Stop it Mrs. Pinky singh oberoi i m not here to listen to your stupid cheap word you think i come here for your heera beta No way i hate you all every member of thus faimly what you did with me i never forget in my life i come here for my sister and donot you dare to say againest me and my parents you all donot know who i am one year ago you all said to leave me making my fake identity and now i will tell you who i am i Am Anika singh Rathore and donot you dare to say anything about my parents
Anika come to omkara
Anika : you omkara singh oberoi How dare you to do this one year ago you destroy my life and now my sister
Gauri come to Anika
Gauri : listen to me dii you misunderstood us please once listen to me
Anika : No Gauri you donot know this faimly thease pepole have habit once marry girl and throw her out of life say looking toward shivaay
Gauri : dii listen to me once
But Anika is not ready to listen
Anika : i am goving final warning Mr. Omkara singh oberoi just stay away from my sister otherwise i donot know what i did with you and this your brother Great shivaay singh oberoi cant save you
Now she drag Gauri with her but omkara shout
Om : i am ready to accpect this marrige i am accpecting i marry her because i want to live with her
Anika : wow Mr. Omkara singh oberoi you also going to tou brother footprints he also does same with but she stop Anyways i donot want to talk about past but let me tell you one thing if my you hurt my sister i am not going to leave you
Omkara : but i want to live with Gauri
Gauri is shocked what omkara is said to Anika she is looking toward om and he signal her to say yes for marrige
Anika : Gauri what you wamt for me your happiness is more than hate toward them what you want i will give to you
Omkara signal gauri to say yes
Gauri : yes dii i want to give chance to this marrige and you also said that we do marrige once in our life and that is unbreakable bond none can broke it so i wamt to give chance
Anika turn toward om
Anika : we are rathore we have standard so first marrige infront of whole world then you can take her your home come home tommrrow and talk with my dad about Gauri
Shivaay is shocked and rudra come running to Anika
Rudra : Anika bhabhi where are you i miss you so much you said you hate all of us you also hate me bhabhi i miss you so much but now you cant leave me
Anika : How can i hate you you and dadi are the one who believe me who support me and i also miss you so much so donot become crybaby i also miss you
Anika go to dadi and touch her feer dadi. Bless her
Dadi : meri bachi kaha chali gayi thi tu i miss you so much bacha
Anika : i also miss you
Anika ignore shivaay in full attitude and go to gauri lets go back home dad is waitung for you
Gauri : yeah dii i hurt him so much
Anika yeah lets go anika start to go but Shivaay held Anika hand and drag her to their room
Anika : leave my hand mr. Oberoi
Shivaay doesnt listen anything and now gauri is understanding something something

Shivaay room
Shivaay : where are you Anika i miss you so much
Anika : Go to hell Mr. Shivaay singh oberoi and i donot want talk to you so i am not anserwerimg you anything
Shivaay : please Anika listen to me i am sorry i know i did wrong with you but please forgive me i did this for my faimly
Anika : i knw shivaay you did this for your faimly for you your faimly is everything. I am nowhere in your faimly you know whatbis truth the bitter truth of our life you never consider me your faimly and today also i come in your trap of eyes but after listning your talks with you brother i come to know everything now i donot want to listen anything so go to hell
Sauing this Anika leave shivaay room
In oberoi mansiom hall
Om held Gauri hand take her to his room
Om tell gauri everything about Anika
First gauri is angry to destroy her dii life but now she calm herself
Om ask help from her to reunit shivika
Gauri : yes i will help you because i see in my dii eyes love for shivaay bhayia and i will reunite them
In shivika room
Shivaay run after Anika and held her waist
But Anika phone ring
Anika : yes dad what happen to shivanya
Mr. Rathore : she is not breathing properly
Anika : what dad please save my daughter nothing have to happen her please dad
Anika start cry and run toward her car and call gauri shivaay also run behind het
Gauri : what happen dii why are you crying dii is everything alright
Anika : shivanya is not breathing
Gauri : dii who is shivanya
Anika : My daughter
Anika gauri rush to car
Shivaay and whole oberoi faimly is shocked and shivaay understand Anika mean
Shivaay : its mean my daughter is in danger no i cant let anything happen to her i have to save her

Pinky : what are you saying shivaay how can you sure anika is talking about your and her child
Shivaay : just shut uo mom last time i lost my wife because of this faimly but this i will not let anything to my daughter and wife so jus stay out of it he rush to his car behind whole oberoi faimly

Doctor : Miss rathore you daugher is in danger now please pray to god everything in his hand
Shivika is shocked Anika is crying and hug shivaay shivaay also hug her
Shivaay : i will not let anything happen to our daughter

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