Tum bin jiya jaye kaise – shivika (part 4)

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Part 4
Shivaay enter in oberoi mansion and see everyone is siting and discussing something he go to them and ask
Shivaay : shivaay so what cooking between all of you
Pinky : today we are going to see a girl for you and i donot want any arguments why cant you jus forget that cheap girl she have no status

Shivaay : okk mom why cant you accpect i forget her she is no more in my life
Shivaay go from there followed by rudra
Rudra : bhayia why are you doing this you cant do this i knw you love Anika didi so how can you marry with other girl

Shivaay : i am not doing this because i want that i am doing this because om is very guilty he think because of him my life is destroyed he is not come out of that shock i still remember that day when he come to know that shweatlana trap Anika
Shweatlana : omkara now i am happy you destroy your own brother happiness i want to see you broken so i make you snatch your brother biggest happiness and hopefully you did that
Om : what do you mean
Shwatlana : because of you your brother love is seprated from him he love Anika and you seprate them you destroy you brother life because of your foolishness you believe on just back on that video she is not Anika i will show you full video
(She show full video which have show That girl face also who is pretending to be Anika but actaully she is not Anika )

Omkara : what i did what i did
Om go to running away to shivaay
Om : i am sorry shivaay because of me Anika is away from you please forgive me shivaay where is Anika what she is doing she never forgive me i am sorry Anika
Flashback end

Shivaay : om start taking drugs rudra because of guilt and i donot want he start again that why i am showing all that i am move on
Rudra : bhayia kab tak you sacrifice your happiness for us we can search Anika bhabhi also

Shivaay : i knw i can search her but i donot want that she come back because i gave to her only pain i donot want she suffer more because of me
Rudra hug shivaay
Shivaay : om is come back today we have to do everything
Rudra : yes bhayia
Shivaay teary eyes remembering Anika

In barily

Same happen as dbo. But om never misunderstood and they become freinds because om save gauri from kali thakur Gauri omkara marrige then he come back mumbai gauri also
In rathore mansion
Anika : Dad where is Gauri i search her everywhere in last 1 year but she is nowhere sje go because of me if i never left you then gauri also not left you
Mr. Rathore : no beta donot blame yourself its destined to happen we will find gauri

In mumbai

Gauri pov
What i am going throught what is in my destiny i come india in search of Anika di but she never meet me and my marrige with omkara why where are you Anika di i need you i cant fight with this world
Gauri is waliking on road suddenly a car stop infront of her
Anika come out of car and hug gauri and gauri is happy to see her Anika di
Anika : where are you gauri i search you everywhere please tell me what happen with you why are you crying
Gauri : Nothing dii

Anika : No something is happen what are you hiding from me
Gauri tell her everything but after listninng omkara singh oberoi Anika misunderstood situation and she shout omkara singh oberoi how dare to marry my sister and then leave her how dare you omkara singh oberoi i will destroy you and this time you brother also cant save you i m coming
Anika : Gauri sit in car
Gauri : di but listen once you misunderstood situation
Anika : no gauri i have not any misunderstanding and keep Quiet come with me
Anika rush to oberoi mansion

Oberoi faimly going to see a girl for shivaay but Anika enter in mansion like a strome and shout
Anika : How dare you Mr. Omkara singh oberoi

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