Tum bin jiya jaye kaise – shivika (part 2)

Hello gyez i know some pepole have problem with Anika and om bond but donot worry it wii clear after two three episode and please comment on my ff its really give courage gyez please comment

Part 2
Next morning
Shivika is sleeping
Anika get up and see shivaay sleeping peacefully she kiss shivaay nose and get up but shivaay pull her she fell on his chest
Anika : shivaay now get up its really late see time 10:00 please get up and let me also
Shivaay : No Anika please sleep some time together and i donot want this moment end
And and tell me hows your night
Anika : best night of my life and shyly hug him shivaay also reciprocate hug she goes in bathroom and forget to take towel
Anika shout from bathroom

Anika : shivaay shivaay
Shivaay : what happen Anika
Anika : i forget my towel please give it to me
Shivaay have his own naughty idea
Shivaay : but how i will give it to you for that i have to come inside
Anika : what are you mad shivaay how can you come inside
Shivaay : Anika please donot shy atleast from me because you know
Anika : shivaay please give me my towel
Shivaay : ok
Anika slowely open door and see shivaay come inside with a jerk
Anika : shivaay what are you doing here and why are staring me like that
Then she realise she is in his shirt and nothing

Shivaay : you look hot in my shirt let bath together
Anika : shivaay please
Shivaay : please anika and you do what yiu want but i will not go out and let bath togther because we husband and wife
Anika : no shivaay this is reall embressing
She star moving backward and shivaay start moving toward her he catch her wrist and look in her eyes and start shower they bath togther and come out

They go downstair
Omkara come from outside and see shivika together
Shivaay : om tu kaha gaya tha subah subah
Anika : tumne aaj breakfast kar liya
Om : Drama to bahut acha kar leti ho na tum Anika
Shivaay : what are you saying om she is your bhabhi
Rudy : o bhayia why are you speaking like that with bhabhi she is. So good
Om : she is not good she is betrying us and she is cheater
Shivaay angry : what the hell are you speaking om why are you saying like that what Anika did
Whole faimly come with shivaay voice
Pinky : what she did now om you are saying right those blo*dy middle class pepole
Shivaay : mom please donot say anything bad about Anika i wont hear anything againest her

Pinky : wow shivaay you say that you love your brother more than anything but now this cheap girl is more importent to you
Rudra : choti ma you are taking bhayia wrong and bhayia is only saying that bhabhi cant do anything wrong and he os right we knkw her
Shivaay : you tell what she did
Om : she is Shweatlana sister
Shivaay : what whole faimly is shocked to listen and Anika is surprised and shocked what he say

Anika : what om are you mad i donot know shweatlana infect i meet her in oberoi mansion why are blaming me
Shivaay : yes o you misunderstood her she even donot know who is shweatlana and you are saying her sister
Tej : are you mad i knw you have problem with shweatlana but you cant accuse shweatlana without any proof
Om : i have proom mr. Oberoi and shivaay
He play video and show all of them all in shock

Shivaay : but om in video Anika face is not shown how can you believe this
Rudra : yes o how can you accuse di
Om : but her back is saying everything she is Anika in her hand she have bracelate same as she wore write now
Anika helplessly look at shivaay she is not responding
Om : you have to choose between your brother and faimly
Dadi : stop all this i know Anika cant do this ever now i will divide this house all you want Anika out of this house pointing finger all oberoi faimly except shivaay and rudra

Dadi : Anika shivaay and mai rudra will stay this side and you all stay that side
Pinky :.wow shivaay for this cheap girl you leave your brother omkara i never thought
Shivaay : Anika leave this house right now
Anika : but shivaay listen to me
Shivaay :. I just said leave right now

Anika leave the house

1 year leap after two man state in one in guilt and other is devdass now you all guess

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