Tum bin jiya jaye kaise – shivika (part 1)

Hii gyez i give you a character sketch of
Love story – shivika and paya but i didnt get any story related to that if anyone can help on this please help me to write that ff and now enjoy this and for shivika and paya i will think about that plot then i will write
Now moving on this its start from cureent episode of ishqbaaz when shivaay hug Anika and in my ff noone accpect Anika even om also doesn’t accpect Anika as shivaay wife except dadi and rudy so lets start

Part 1
Shivaay and Anika broke hug shivaay cups Anika face and look in her eyes
Shivaay : Anika i donot know when i fell in love with you but i truely love you you are my reasone to live yes Anika i love you i love you when i first saw you in my life noone challenge but you challenge me first time i fell for you that time when i force you marry me for my faimly but somewhere in my heart i marry you because i love you yes Anika i love you

Anika eyes filled with tears to listen his confession she cant believe on her ears that The Great shivaay singh oberoi is perposing her

Shivaay : why are you crying i say something wrong
Anika : No shivaay i want to hear this your mouth so long but today you confess i cant say anything because i love you i love you so much shivaay you are my reasone to Alive i always think before meeting to you if anyone come in my life who care for me who love me like never but when you come i start believe in love again you are my love reasone to alive i love you shivaay

Shivikaa hug each other
Shivaay lift Anika and place her on bed she is feeling nervous he start coming close to her he kiss on her lips she also reciprocate and then they both consumate their marrige

Secne 2

Omkara : what where ok i am coming
Omkara reach a house and see a man standing
Om : who are you and what information you have why are you hiding you face behind mask
Man : relax relax man you are really desperate to know
Om : just tell me
Man : you brother wife Mrs. Anika shivaay singh oberoi is sister of your father mistress Miss shweatlana they want to destroy your faimly
Om : How can i believe on you
Man : i have proof see this video
In video
Shweatlana is standing with Anika but her face is not shown only Anika behing and from behind she is look a like Anika
Shweatlana : Anika we have to be carefull we make sure oberois never come to know about your identity
Fake Anika : yes dii they never come to know that i m you sister and we want to destroy them
Shweatlana : Good work
Video left
Omkara is fume in anger
Om : Anika hiw can you do this with shivaay shivaay love you so much and you are betrying him i will not leave him

Om : shivaay you have to choose between youe wife and brother
Shivaay : i will choose my faimly and brother please Anika leave……
Anika leave from oberoi mansion

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  5. Hi I’m really sry to say this n Ididn’t mean to hurt u .. But plz don’t make on hate ani .. Becoz he was the first one who believed ani is pure hearted … N proved to all including RU …so tis act of om making ani leave OM is hurting me a lot .. Personally I request u if u can change this plot then plz ..

    1. Dear i understand you feeling but this plot increase more closeness between ominka and shivika just one more episode after omkara realise his mistake and sometime even shivaay misunderstood Anika so thats not problem i hope you satisfy with my answer please reply your view

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