Tum Bin Jiya Jaye Kaise by #Rpk & #Taiana (Part-9)


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Nw let’s start…
Laksh got hurt by Ragini’s words nd Went to MM house .. He locked himself in his Room .. he was standing near the window and staring at the sky. Ragini’s words r roming in his ears..Laksh closed his teary eyes in pain. After sometimes he opens his eyes and wipes his tears.
Laksh:- Nhi.. janta hun vo sb jo bhi tumne kha..jhuth tha.. u didn’t mean it. He took her pic near the table.
Laksh caressing it: If u think with ur dis behavior i will leave you. Im sry mrs Ragini LakshMashewari you are wrong. I will get back u in my life at any cost. He look at the pic determined.

In Baadi
Ragini entered Gododia Mansion Sharmishta sawher sad face.
Sharmishta :- kya hua Ragu.. tu itni udass kyu hai..
Ragini: kuch nai maa im just tired.
Sharmistha caressing her face: Apni maa se jhut bolegi
Ragini looked her andthm Explained her everything
Sharmishta :- Toh tu kya abh laksh ko ek moka daina chahygi ?
Ragini after thinking a little :- Moka … Moke toh unhe pehle bhi bhut diye hai humne… hum humare faesle pr he rhy ge.. hum agy bdh chuke hai
Sharmishta :- Pr Ragu vo sach mai tujse bhut pyar krta hai.. isiliye toh dekh vo tere liye kya kya kr rha hai ..
Ragini by ignoring her words :- Maa hume bhukh lgi hai .. hum bhut thk gye hai
Sharmishta :- asha ..mai abhi kush khany ko laikraati hun.. tu aram krle or jyda stress mat lai ..Ragini nodded in yes nd goes in her room

Next Day


Laksh woke up nd get ready in Hurry
Laksh :- Chl beta Laksh .. Vrna vo Arnav koi Moka ni shodega ..meri ragini ke krib jany mai ..He imitates arnav’s msking Funny faces Tum bhutbeautiful ho.. innocent ho .. sweet ho .single ho kya… hunh.. or Meri ragini sach mai bdi innocent hai.. mera bacha He smiled a little and left mm house nd Reach in academy.Laksh was walking in corridor. Ragini was coming frm the opposite side. She was arranging Papers of the file in her hand. Laksh saw her and smiled naughtily. Laksh comes near her Hits ragini’s Shoulder purposely. With this sudden hit the papers in her hand fly and she was about to fall bt he catched her in his arms. Ragini had her eyes closed in fear. After few secs she realized herbody didn’t hit the ground. She slowly opened her eyes and here eyes met laksh’s intense eyes. Laksh gived her a wide smile. By seeing laksh sheput her foot on his with anger. With that laksh made her straight..

Laksh hoding his leg: ouch kya dushmni hai tumhari mere pear se ? itni jor se mara..Ragini gave him i don’t care look and bent down to collect her papers which were fall on floor. Laksh look at her in disbelief. Thn he also bent down to help her .. while collecting their hands touched.. ragini broden her eyes and gv him an angrily look ..
Laksh: Jhansi ki Rani Sach mai Glti se Lg gya

Ragini was abt to say smtg but she was stopped hearing Arnav.
Arnav :- ohho .. Yeh kya hogya.. mai bhi tum logo ki help krta hun.. both RagLak looked at himRagini gives him smile nd Arnav Too starts helping her in collecting nd arranging of papers.. laksh is irritated with Arnav’s presence .. the trio stand up.
Ragini Looking at Arnav :- Thankuu ..
Arnav :- ur welcm miss
Laksh is not liking dis all..

Ragini with smile :- tum class mai chlo mai abhi aati hun..Arnav nodded in yes. She left without looking at Laksh. Laksh is get upset.
Arnav turning to Laksh:- Chlo laksh Tum bhi sath mai
Laksh dnt want to go with him bt Arnav dragged him with him to class.
In Class
Arnav and Laksh are sitted Together
Arnav :- Haan toh Tumhare pyar ka kya haal hai.. maani ya abhi bhi Naraz hai ??
Laksh Rudely :- Nhi.. abhi bhi Naraz hai ..

Arnav:- ohh .. koi baat nhi maan jayegi .. tum uske liye itna kush kr rhy ho .. vsy mujhe bhi milvao uss se.. shyd mai koi help kr sku tumhari
Laksh :- Thanku.. tum toh already bhut help kr rhyho
Arnav :- Kya?

Laksh with annoyed face :- kush nhi
Ragini Enters in Class.. both arnav and laksh stoptaking
Ragini :- Gud mrng Students
Laksh was smiling looking at her but she didn’t looked at himat all and started her talking her class.. Laksh face fell with her this action…
Laksh in mind to himself: don’t give up laksh don’tgive up. And he started to listening to Ragini.Suddenly Mr Sharma enters in class.. all studentswished him
Ragini :- Gud Mrng sir
Mr.Sharma :- Gud mrng miss Gdodia .. mai yha Ek Imp Baat krne Aya hun… Drsal char din baad sham 6 bjy Hotel Radison Mai Humari Academy New Year ke Liye Ek party Arrange Kr Rhi hai .. Jisme Humari Academy ke Sb Teachers ko Unki Class ke kisi Ek Student ke sath Musical Performance Krni hogi ..By Listening This all Got Excited
Ragini :- Ji sir
Mr.shrma :- Toh apki class mai se ap kis ke sath perform krne vali hai
Ragini after thinking a little :- Ji Mai ..Laksh Cuts her Words :- Sir Mai Miss Ragini ke Sath Perform krna chahuga
Mr.sharma :- ok.. toh Miss Ragini apko kya lgta hai iss bre mai

Ragini :- Sir Mai apni class mai se .. Arnav ko chunti hun.. kyuki vo ek ashy Singer ke Sath sath ashy performer bhi hai … nd Mr. Laksh ne toh abhi kal join kiya nd Unko Music Ke Bry mai itna nhi ptaLaksh’s Mood Got Spoiled after Listening This
Mr. Sharma :- Arnav so tum Miss Gdodia ke sath Performe krne ke liye tyar ho ?
Arnav :- 100% sir
Mr.Sharma :- Toh Thek hai .. Miss Gdodia .. ap or arnav abhi se Performance ki tyari shuru kr dijiye… nd new Year Party mai sb invited haiBy Saying This Mr.Sharma left the place
Ragini :- Ok students .. Mujhe Ab New Year party Preparation ke liye jana hoga .. Party mai milte hai…Arnav Tum Mere sath chloRagini and Arnav Left the place and Laksh Got Burned by seeing this..

In MM house
After class in MM laksh roomLaksh was in deep thought. All the incidents in academy were running in his mind. He was sad thinking abt Ragini’s ignorance and her performance with Arnav. At the same time he was determined to convince her soon. He was thinkinghw to impress her.
Laksh: idea..He walks towards swasan room and knock the door. Swara opened the door and looked at him.

Laksh: babhi ji aap ki madad chahye Ragini ko surpise karne kelye.. swara looked at him confused.. Laksh was smiling… (guys his surprise will be revealed in the party)The times started flew fastly.. RagNav were busy in their rehearsal for their performance in New Year Party. Otherside Laksh was busy in preparation to surprise Ragini. in this four days RagLak didn’t meet each other. Ragini felt sad nd worried for not seeing laksh around her but her anger suppressed her feelings. But she is unaware that her Laksh came to see her hiding and felt jealous seeing her rehearsaling with Arnav.Finally The Day of New Year Party came… everyone was gathered at the party venue. Laksh came earlier and was waiting for his lady love.. he Is Wearing Red Shirt with Black suit with funky Hairs and Looking Handsom as Always.. He was constantly looking at the entrance for Ragini but thr was no sign of her… Suddenly he felt cool breath soothing his face and looked towards the entrance to find his Ragini thr. Ragini is Looking So Beautiful in Red Sari With Golden Border,golden deep neck Blouse and open hairs .. she had light make up nd matching accessories.. He was mesmerized seeing her and lost in her beauty… Arnav enters behind her ..he is wearing Red Shirt with black blazer .. Ragini and Arnav Enters Together in Party by smiling with each other .. Laksh saw Arnav and closed his fist in anger.

Arnav shws him Hand :- Hii Laksh
Ragini is standing with him
Laksh unintrestly :- Hi nd stares Ragini
Ragini Feels Her Blouse’s Dori Is Little Loose..
Ragini :- aaaa.. Mai Abhi ati hun…
Arnav :- ok Beautiful Miss
Ragini gives Him Smile and left the place fr Dressing Room
Arnav:- Haan Toh Laksh kaise ho tum
Laksh sensed her worry and followed her ignored his words.Arnav too left the place with confused expression…

In Dressing Room
Ragini is struggling to Tie Her Blouse dori and feltHelpless.. Laksh Enters the Room… in the room all Lights were off except the Light of Little Red Bulb Near Mirror.. He Slowly Goes near her and Holds Her Hands which were trying to tie Dori.. Ragini Got Shocked and saw laksh’s reflection in the mirror .. For a second she become numb bcos of his closeness..

Laksh slowly:- Krne Do Mujhe .. Tum Nhi kr Pao ge

Ragini :- Hum kr laigeLaksh Leave her hands .. She Tried Hard To Tie Dori bt cant.. laksh keeps Staring her ..she felt his gaze and got Nervous.. Laksh goes Near Her and hods her hands. He leaning to her ear whispered: let me help pls… Ragini removed her hands. In bg moh moh ke dhange tune played… Laksh started Tie the Dori looking at her refection in the miror.. Ragini lowered her eyes feeling nervous… while tying the dori his fingers touched her bare back and a shiver passed in her nervs and she clutchedher saree… Laksh finished tying dori and Give a Kiss On Her Back near Dori.. she closed Her Eyes feeling his lips on her bare back… laksh lips curved into a smile seeing her nervousness… After a min she came back to sense opened her eyes.. she immediately left the room without uttering a word… Laksh run his fingers in his hair smiling at the way ragini went.

Ragini Goes Near Arnav and stands with him.. Laksh too come thr and keeps staring at her moving to the opposite side of her’s ..Arnav sensed Ragini’s not ok and try to cheer up her by cracking jokes. Finally he succeeded and Ragini laughed out her heard. Laksh was very happy to see her happy but he cannot digest the fact that his Ragini is laughing not bcos of him but someone else. This made him and hell angry. He was controlling his anger seeing which can blast at any time.By one by one all performances are done and Now its Ragini and Arnav ‘s Turn.Host calls Their name for PerformanceArnav holds Ragini’s hand. Laksh saw this and tightened his feet. Both headed to the stage.They positionned.

Some random music played in the background. Ragini had her hands on Arnav’s shoulder and he placed his hands on her waist. They were slowly moving to the music. Laksh can’t take it anymore and he went near the drink counter. He asked fr drink and started drinking it looking at RagNav dancing.Arnav was dancing with enthusiasm but Ragini was lost in her own thoughts. Arnav noticed it andpinched her hip to bring her back. Ragini jerked a little and glared him. He spinned her and asked wht through his eyes he shooked her head little in no.Laksh saw this all and his anger increased more and hot tears skiped frm his eyes. He tightened hishold in the drink glass and gulped it one go.

RagNav were slowly moving to the sg beat Ragini’s eyes met Laksh’s eyes which expresses his pain anger and jealousy. They had a brief eyelock Ragini could sense his pain and anger. And for a min her heart pained seeing him lik this but she got flashes of her bitter past (related mansi and abhimanyu) and quickly removed her eyes.. Arnav noticed her changing expressions but he brushed out his questions maybe she is tired…Ragini’s ignorance hurted him more and gulped another glass of drink in one go.Suddenly cool breath started blow.Everything & everyone freezed. Laksh slowly walked to the stage. He went near RagNag standing freezed. He touched Ragini’s shoulder. She get sense.

( tum hi ho song play in bg)Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakteTere bina kya wajood mera

Laksh forwards his hand… Ragini place her hands on his hand.. he pulled her towards him.. she dashed into his chest.. Both were lost into each other eyes… Laksh’s hands were on her waist and Ragini’s hands were on his chest. She slowly moved her hand up and surrounded his neck… Laksh moved his hands on her back and pushs her more towards him.

Kyunki tum hi hoAb tum hi hoZindagi ab tum hi hoChain bhi, mera dard bhiMeri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Laksh spinned her around him. And back hugged her by placing his hands on her belly.

Tera mera rishta hai kaisaIk pal door gawara nahi
he rested his chin on her shoulder and inhaled herfragrance closing his eyes. Ragini placed her hands on laksh hand and closed her eyes… she rested her back on his chest placing her head on his shoulder… both slowly move lost in each other embrance…
Tere liye har roz hai jeeteTujh ko diya mera waqt sabhiKoi lamha mera na ho tere binaHar saans pe naam tera…

he opened his eyes and turn her running his fingers near her collarbone..both their eyes made again… he twirled her and made her half fall by placing his hand her back..
Kyunki tum hi hoAb tum hi hoZindagi ab tum hi hoChain bhi, mera dard bhiMeri aashiqui ab tum hi ho
He slowly made her stand without breaking eye contact. Her hand one was in his chest another onhis stomach. He spinned her. And pulled her towards him.

Tere liye hi jiya mainKhud ko jo yun de diya haiTeri wafa ne mujhko sambhalaSaare ghamon ko dil se nikala
He lifted her up by holdind her waist. He looked up at her. She looked deep into his eyes placing her hands on his shoulder.
Tere saath mera hai naseeb judaTujhe paake adhoora naa raha hmm..
He slowly put her down making her stand on his toes.. He emerged his forehead to hers and closedhis eyes. Ragini had eyes closed..
Kyunki tum hi hoAb tum hi hoZindagi ab tum hi hoChain bhi, mera dard bhiMeri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Both opened their eyes. He caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. He cupped her face. And brought his lips close to hers. They closed their eyes. Their hot breath touched each other’s face. His lips slightly touched hers….Suddenly clapping sounds ppl cheering voice came… Laksh came out of his dream land lookinghere and there. He saw towards the stage were RagNav were standing with smiling face. At the time clock striked at 12 and all shouted Happy New Year. Arnav looked at Ragini and hugged herand wished: Happy New Year.Ragini with smile: same ti you. Seeing RagNav hug Laksh anger touched the peak and he broke the glass he was holding. Blood started oozing frm his wounds. Screen splitted on laksh’s angry and painful face and RagNav hug.

Precap :- Laksh’s surprise

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