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Tum Bin Jiya Jaye Kaise by #Rpk & #Taiana (Part-8)


Hi guys We#RpK&#Taiana are here with our 8th part ofTum Bin Jiya Jaye Kaise 1st of all . Thank u so much for ur views in our previous part and sorry couldn’t reply everyone. keep supporting us like this. Your support helps us to improve and write more… Nw without wasting more time let’s start…

Laksh Got Irritated seeing Arnav and Ragini ‘s closness nd leave class by saying he is gng to Mr.Sharma for Formalities. Ragini and Arnav also leave Room Fr Lunch break.. Ragini Goes To Teachers Block to have her Lunch And Arnav Goes With His Friends.Ragini Was Thinking About Laksh While having Lunch, His words are still echoing in her ears. Otherside Laksh Fulfilled all his Formalities with Mr. Sharma and he is walking in corridor by Talking To HimSelf :- Kaise Mnau Ragini ko.. vo toh Meri baat tk sunne ko Tyar nhi or upr se vo Arnav hmesha uske aas pass he Rehta hai.. Kush Toh Krna Hoga.. pr kya..Ragini also after having her lunch come frm the opposite direction of the corridor. She was lost in her own world. Laksh By seeing her comes to her. He holds her Hand nd drag her in a Corner. With the sudden pull Ragini Got Shocked and By Seeing Laksh she got more shocked
Ragini :- La.. Laksh..
Laksh close her mouth with his hand. Both were standing btwn an inch gap. Her heartBeats started raise and laksh could her thm.
Laksh :- shhhhh
He looks into Her Eyes with Little moist Eyes Bt She try to igonore his gaze but ends up locking her eyes with his seeing tears in thm, Both Get Losted in Each others Eyes.

Bg Song Played
Pal bhar thahar jaao
Dil ye sambhal jaaye
Kaise tumhe roka karun
Meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye
Aankhon mein tum ko bharun
Bin bole baatein tumse karun‘gar tum saath ho..
Agar tum saath ho

Laksh moves more close to her filling that an inch gap. Ragini gets nervous sensing his closeness. He slowly kissed his hand which was covering her lips. Ragini closed her eyes and was clutchingher suit.

Teri nazron mein hai tere sapne
Tere sapno mein hai naraazi
Mujhe lagta hai ke baatein dil ki
Hoti lafzon ki dhokebaazi
Tum saath ho ya na ho kya fark hai
Bedard thi zindagi bedard hai
Agar tum saath ho
Agar tum saath ho

The kiss lasts fr a moment and Both were standing in that position fr few seconds. Their hot breath touched eacth other faces. Laksh broke the kiss. He opened his eyes snd saw Ragini sweating face due to nervousness. His lips curvedinto a smile. Ragini opened her eye and find lakshsmiling looking st her. She realized her position and pushed laksh a little removing His Hand From Her Mouth
Ragini with a anger :- Dur Rhiye Hmse
Laksh Again Cm Closer to Her and Put His Finger on her Mouth :- Shhhh .. Nhi Reh Skta dur Tumse Mai.. ik pal ki bhi duri brdasht nhi hai mujhe tumse..
Ragini in angry tone :- Laksh Aap.
Laksh Cuts her Words :- Gussa bhut Krne Lgi ho tum.. Mujpr Gusa Krogi … Apne Laksh pr.. Apne Pyar Pr
Ragini by removing his Fingre shouts :- Hum Apse Pyar nhi krte.. kitni br khy apse??
Laksh smiling:- 1000 br kehlo… Lakh br kehlo … Mai nhi manuga … kyuki Tumhari Juban Mujse Jhuth Bol skti hai … pr Tumhari Ankhe or Tumhare Dil ke Yeh Tej Dhadkne Mujse jhuth nhi bol skti.. Sunn Skta hun Tumhare Dil ki Dhdkno kojinpr aj bhi Mera nam hai .. jo aj bhi Mere pass ane pr bdh jati hai..

Ragini in a irritated tone :- Bnd kijiye apni bkwas..aisa kush nhi hai
Laksh :- Kya hai … kya nhi… janta hun mai ..
Ragini pushed him and shouts :- Kyu aye ho yha?? Kya dekhne aye ho ??.. hum khush Hai apni jindgi mai or agy bdh gye hai .. ap bhi jaiye yha se… humne apko apne pyar se Ajad kr diya hai … jaiye or apni jindgi nye trike se Shuru kijiye.By Saying This Ragini Start to move from there bt Laksh stops her holding Her hand.
Laksh :- Tumhe Kya Lgta hai … Tum mere Sath Aisa behave krogi or mai Tumhe Shod Dunga … kya lgta hai tumhe Mai chla jaunga yha se.
Ragini still facing othr side: chodiye hamara hath.He Pulled her and pinned her To the wall placing his both hands on each side.
Laksh coming close to her face :- Nhi choduka kabi tum hara hath aur nhi Jaunga khi bhi Tumhe Akela shod kr … or Na he Tumhe Jany Dunga Khud se Dur .. Yha aya hun Toh Bus Tumhare Liye…Ragini Moved Her Face To side with anger, Her Hairs Cms on her Cheecks , He Removed Her Hairs from chicks nd Kissed her cheecks , Ragini angrily Moved her face to other side, again her hairs cms on her cheecks nd he Again removed her hairs from cheeck nd kissed.. Ragini Give Him an Angry look
Laksh :- Kya ? … Haq hai Mera . or Tum mujse Mera haq nhi shin skti
Ragini pushed him back :- Jane Dijiye hume ..He hold her by her waist and come close to her ear and whisper:- I Love You
Ragini try to push him bt feels helpless coz his tight grip on her waist.Ragini struggling in his arm:- pls shodiye..
Laksh :- I Love You .. plzz ek moka de do..i promise is br tumhe shikyat ka moka nhi dunga ..
Ragini :- Kya sabit krna chahty ho aap yeh sb krky??
Laksh :- that I Love You … I really Love You .. Mai tumhare Bina nhi reh sakta
Ragini getting annoyed :- Shodiye …

Arnav enters in corridor from opposite side searching for Ragini
Arnav :- Pta nhi Miss Kha chli gyi … Usne promisekiya tha ice cream ke liyeRagini Saw Arnav and she with all her force pushed him nd Free Herself from Laksh ‘s grip.
Laksh: Ragini…
Ragini cutting him:- Arnav aa rha hai
Both compose themselves and starts to behave Normally, by seeing Thm Arnav cms closer to thm
Arnav :- Ary yaar Tum yha ho
Ragini :- Kya hua Arnav ?
Arnav :- Mai Tumhe kb se dhundh Rha hun .. Tum Log Yha ?? kya kr rhy thy ??
Laksh :- Hum vo yha kush baat kr rhy thy
Arnav :- Kaisi baatLaksh irritated :- Tumhe Batani jruri hai kya??
Ragini :- Vo .. Mr. Laksh ko humse Music Books se Related Baat krni Thi.
Arnav:- oh asha… miss Tumne mujhe Promise kiya tha na ki hum Ice cream ke liye Jayege
Ragini :- Haan .. chlo chlte hai ..
Laksh by Brodning his Eyes :- Pr Ragini ji Meri baat abhi puri nhi hui..
Ragini Looking at him with anger :- haan toh aap humse baad mai baat kr lijiyega
Arnav :- ohh.. wait.. wait Guys .. Tum Log apni baat puri krlo ..Miss Mai Tumhara Gate ke bhr Wait kr rha hu.. aa jana 10 mint mai
Ragini noded in yes.. arnav left the place giving a smile ..
Ragini :- Dekhiye Laksh …
Laksh Pulled her again nd holds her from Waist :- Dekh rha hu
Ragini by pushing him :- Hum yha pr Koi tmasha nhi Chahty .. ap chly jayea yha se.. Hume Hmara kam krne dijiye
Laksh :- Haan toh Tum apna kam kro .. dnt wry yha koi tmasha nhi kruga.. Mai apna kam kruga.. tumhe vapis laijany aya hu.. laija kr rhuga..
Ragini starts walking from place
Laksh :- Sunoo
Ragini stops nd turned her face
Laksh :- Uss Arnav Se Dur He Rho Toh Asha hai uske liye
Ragini Ignored his Words nd Left The place
Laksh after thinking little :- Ary yeh dono toh Ice Cream Treat ke liye ja rhy hai… aise kaise Meri Ragini ke sath koi bhi Chla jayega Ice Cream Khany vo bhi mery hote hua..He too starts walking fastly behind her.. Ragini Reached outside the academy where Arnav asked Her to cm..
Arnav :- Hogya laksh ka case solve ??
Ragini :- shodo usy .. chlo tum Ice Cream ke liye
Laksh cms from behind
Laksh :- Rukoo …Both Arnav and Ragini turn and look at him.
Arnav :- kya hua laksh ?? abhi or kush rehgya hai kya kehne ko ??
Laksh:- Nhi vo .. Mujhe bhi tum Logo ke sath janahai
Arnav :- Kha ?
Laksh :- Ice Cream Ke liye
Arnav :- ary waah … chlo.
Laksh give a smile and winked seeing Ragini which is unnoticed by Arnav.Ragini give him an angry look and start walk with thm..
Ragini in mind :- kr lijiye jo bhi krna hai laksh .. humare irade pky hai.. hum apko moka nhi dainge..she is about to enter in ice cream parlour bt Arnav Stoped her … both RagLak look at him with confused face. Arnav Opens the door like A Gentalman and Shw his hands indivating to enter ..
Arnav:- Ayea mdm ..Ragini gives him a smile and enters in. Laksh got irritated. Rwgini goes near a table. Arnav again stops her and pulled chair fr her nd make her sit .. Laksh looking at arnav with anger but he didn’t noticed him.. Arnav is about to sit next to Ragini bt Laksh grap the Chair nd Quickly sits on it nd Give Dangerous smile To Arnav .. arnav shook hisshoulder casually and Sits on other side ..
Arnav :- Toh Btao ap dono kon c ice cream loge .. mai toh chocolate lunga..
Ragini nd Laksh Both Together said :- Butter Scotch and Start starring each other
Arnav :- Ary wahh .. same same ..Arnav calls Waiter and give the order. He got a call nd get busy in the convo. Laksh took this opportunity and grabbed Ragini’s hand and hold it under The Table.. Ragini got shocked and give him an Angry look.. Laksh ignored her and tight his grip on her hand. She try to free her hand but couldn’t.Ragini thought a little and hit laksh’s leg with hers.
Laksh shouted: aaah… and left her hand.Arnav shocked.Arnav with confused expression: kya hwa?
Laksh hiding his pain and smiling: kuch nai hwa…Arnav shook his head in disbelief and Continue his convo in phn.Laksh giv an angry look to Ragini. She ignored him with attitude.Arnav finished his convo.

Arnav looking at Ragini :- Miss ek baat khu
Ragini :- Haan kho
Arnav :- u r so sweet …. Beautiful… innocent…
Ragini Cuts His words :- Haha .. Thanku …u r sweet too
Laksh fumes in anger and under his breath: so sweet my foot..
Arnav :- kush kha lakshLaksh controlling his anger and faking a smile:- nhi
Waiter cms with order and all r having there ice creams
Arnav :- Vsy Miss ek baat pushu ?
Ragini :- Haan pusho..
Arnav :- Tum single ho kya ?
laksh stare him with lots of anger
Ragini after thinking a little :- Haan .. kyu?
Arnav :- Vsy he … Tumhe kbi kisi se pyar nhi hua??
Laksh with controlling his anger :- Tumhe kya krna hai janky ??
Arnav :- Oh Comon Laksh … Ragini Meri friend hai ..Mai uss se push rha hun..
Laksh :- oh … toh agr vo bura mann lgyi toh
Arnav :- vo kyu bura manegi… aisa kush toh pusha nhi maine usse… vsy bhi she is my friend… mai usy tumse jyda janta hun Laksh
Laksh is boiling hearing this nd about to say smtgbt
Ragini :- haan.. Mujhe kyu bura lgyga … Nhi Arnav Mujhe kisi se Pyar nhi hua
Laksh got hurt bcos of Ragini’s word and stood frm the chair.
Laksh controlling his anger and pain:- Mujhe kush kam hai .. kal milte hai.. saying this he left the place. Ragini felt bad he left suddenly but she ignored.
Arnav :- Ary isy kya hogya
Ragini :- shodo tum usy..hoga koi kam… enjoy ur ice cream…asha mai bhi chlti hun… mujhe ghr jldi jana hai..
Arnav: ok miss bye.
Ragini smiling: bye.
By saying This Ragini too left the place…

hope u guys lik it. Don’t forget toshare your views.
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