Tum Bin Jiya Jaye Kaise by #Rpk & #Taiana (Part-6)

Hi guys We #RpK & #Taiana are here with our 6th part of ❤❤ Tum Bin Jiya Jaye Kaise ❤❤ sorry fr this much delay guys… Thanku fr Ur valuable comments … keep supporting us like this..
Nw let’s start…

she gave Money to Auto vala.. nd about to cross road.. Suddenly Her phn rings nd Swara’s name appears on screen .. she picks up the call :- haan swara kaisi ho tum.. haan haan hum Music Academy ke bhr hai. Interview katham hotai tum hai call karti yum ok baba i will take her of myself.. She is crossing the road while talking in phone.On Opposite Side of Road, one boy(Role played by Jay Banushali) is busy in Eating Ice Cream nd Dng Fun with childrens… He Saw One Girl crossing the road nd other side A Truck is nearing her .. He ran Towards her and pull her to him. With sudden pull Ragini dash to him and both fall on the road.. Ragini’s phone fall othr side and callget disconnected. Ragini had her eyes closed bcos of fear. He get mesmerised seeing her. Ragini opens her eyes and realize their position nd gets up quickly. The guy comes to his sense. He too gets up from road. Ragini took her mobile and say:- Thankuu .. vo drsal mera dyan nhi tha.. mai phn pr …
He Cutting her :- Oh Miss.. Dhyan kha tha tumhara.. aj agr mai nhi ata toh you would hav hitby that truck…
Ragini :- vo hum.. drsal hum..
He Again cuts her :- kya hum hum lga rkhi hai… tumhari vjh se Meri ice cream bhi road pr gir gyi nd he starts making sad faces.. Mujhe ni pta tum mujhe meri ice cream vapis kro miss..
Ragini Got Shocked nd irritated :- Kyaaa???
Boy :- kya ?? kya… Tumhari vjh se mera nuksan hogya… meri ice cream road pr gir gyi .. nd showsthe ice cream which fell in the road making puppy face.
Ragini shocked :- im sorry…
Boy cutting her :- sorry se kam ni chlyga.. mujhe ice cream chahiye aur bi abi..Ragini is stunned with his dramatic behavior.
Ragini: cartoon ho tum bilkul…
Boy: whatever i want my ice cream thats it…
Ragini in a irritated tone :- okkkkkk chalo
Both is about to go near ice cream parlor. But screams in pain Ragini :- aaoouchh… mera pear..
Boy :- kya hua Miss..
Ragini :- lgta hai mery pear mai moch aa gyi hai… uff .. bhut pain ho rhi hai … nd upr se yeah chpal bhi tut gyi..
Boy :- Bus itni c baat … lao..Mai abhi thek krta hun..He is About to hold her from shoulder but she stops him
Ragini: no i can walk myself.
Boy: arhe miss pear mai moch hai so let me helps you. waise bi im helping you to get my ice cream. Ragini shook her head in disbelief.
Boy: may i?
Ragini 1st hesitated but thn nods yes. He holds her by shoulder and takes her to Ice Cream parlor. He makes her sit into the chair.
Ragini sits :- aauuoochh.. cccccc..He sits down and Holds her foot…
Ragini:yeh ap kiya karahai… Boy without bothering abt her question move her foot into other direction.

Ragini: Aaaaah auch nd she got Relief from her foot pain…Ragini is surprised.
Ragini with a smile on face: arrhe meri moch toh thik hogye.. The boys gives a smile and he takes fevi kwik frmhis bag nd joints her broken chappal.
Boy:- Lo miss hogya
Ragini was again suprised.Ragini:- Thankuu .. nd give him smile
Boy :- Thankuuu se kam nhi chlyga… mujhe apni ice cream vapis chahiye nd make pouty face
Ragini shook her head in disbelief and say :- Tum sach mai Cartoon ho… nd start laughing ..He too start laughing with her…
Boy :- Vsy Mera nam Arnav Kappor hai… Tum mujhe pyar se Kappu keh skti ho.. aur tum?
Ragini :- im Ragini La… she stops and say Gododia Ragini Gododia… pr Mai tumhe kyu pyar se kappu khu..?? ..
Arnav :- Ohh toh Maat kho Miss Ragini Gododia..And He Started Laughing alone .. ragini stares him irritated… he stop laughing by seeing her face..
Arnav :- Asha asha… jyda frank hony ki jrurat nhi hai… mujhe meri ice cream do… mujhe jana hai..
Ragini rolls her eyes and ask to the vendor: bhaiya ek ice cream dijh je.
Arnav: ek chocolate ice cream nd he give a smile. Vendor giv him the ice cream and Ragini pay fr icecream.
Arnav :- Waah … Tumhe pta hai Ice Cream toh meri jaan hai… jaanRagini stare him with annoying face and suddenly she reminds smthing :- OMG !!!!!!!! Meri Toh Appointment hai… mai late hogyi… she thought to tell to Arnav and left but he was busy ineating his ice cream turning other side. Ragini shook her head in disbelief saying cartoon and left the place for Music Academy… she walks slowly coz still little pain is their in her foot, she Reached the academy nd asked to receptionist to go for Interview
Receptionist :- Sry Miss Gdodia … Interviews ka time khtm hogya.. Aap late hai ..
Ragini :- Pr hmari baat toh Suniye .. hum
Receptionist :- Sry .. ma’am… aap late hai.. vsy bhi sir Late Latif logo ko apni academy se nhi jodte.. apko time ki kdr nhi hai
Arnav enters in hall nd saw all this
Arnav :- Pr ma’am uss bechari ki baat toh suniye… uska accident ho gya tha.. vo isliye late hai
Ragini is shocked seeing him in academy
Recepitionist:-Tumhe kaise pta Arnav
Arnav :- Kyuki maine inki help ki thi.. accident ke waqt ..
Receptionist :- phir bi Arnarv tum sir koh toh chantye na… that tym the interviewer came thr snd ask: wht is happening. Arnav narrates him what happened.
Interviewer: sry miss humne apki baat nhi suni..plz cm inside for interview
Ragini was shocked and goes behind interviewer nd gives him interview
Interviewer :- okk miss gdodia.. we will call u in evng if u got selected .. hv a gud day
Ragini goes out the room nd cms in hall where she again meet arnav
Ragini :- Excuse me… mr….
Arnav turns back :- ji.. oh miss u… hws ur interview ?
Ragini :- It was gud … nd thanku u again u helpedme..
Arnav :- aaaa…. thanku ke bdle ice cream chlygi…
Ragini :- ohh god u r impossible cartoon nd both bursted out laughingasha pr tum yha … is academy mai??or sir ne tumhari baat kaise mani jat se ??
Arnav :- Haan ..mai yha pr student hun … nd sir mujhe ashy se janty hai.. isliye
Ragini :- ohhh.. ok bye
Arnav :- bye miss
Ragini left the place, take auto nd went fr badi ..

In Badi
She Reached in Badi
Ragini:- maa baba… kha hai app.. shekar comes from room. He side hugs her : aagy meri bachi. AndSharmishta cms from kitchen :- agyi beta tu..kaisa rha tera interview.
Ragini explained whole incident to both. Shekar looks at her worriedly.
sharmishta worriedly :- Beta tu thek toh hai… asha hua uss ldke ne teri jaan bchai
Ragini :- ji maa..mai thek hun.. bus thoda drd hai… aram krugi toh thek ho jaugi..
Ragini looks her baba is sad: baba mein thek hun ap chintah matt kijiye. He nods yes and caress her head.
Sharmishta :- acha… ja beta jake room mai aram karo.. mai tery liye kush khany ko bnati hun..Ragini nods her head yes goes to room.

In Eveng
Ragini Received call by music Academy :- Miss Ragini Gdodia.. u r selected fr Teacher job in our Academy nd u can join from tmrw at 9am..
Ragini with happiness :- thanku sir… i will reach at timeafter that she cuts the phn
Ragini:- Maaaaa…. babaaaa…nd she Ran to hall
Shekar :- kya hua beta??
Ragini :- maaa… babaaa.. humari selection hogyi.. hum kal se music academy join kr skty hai…All r so happy seeing her happy
Ragini :- Hum abhi Swara ko call krky btate hai..Ragini phned swara

Ragini :- hello swara ….
Swara :- haan Ragini.. kaisi ho tum.. tumne subh achank phn kyu kat diya …
Ragini :- vo sb chodo swara… tumhe pta hai… music Academy mai Mera As A Teacher Selection Ho gya hai… m so happyy.. or mai kal se join krnevali hun..
Swara :- Thats Great Ragini… Mai sbi ko btati hun.. sb bhut khush honge tumharw liye… all the best Ragini..
Ragini :- Thankuuu so Much … asha mai phn Rakhti hun… Mujhe Mandir bhi jana hai ..
Swara :- ok ..bye ragini.. apna khyal rkhna..By saying this both cuts the phone
Ragini :- Maa Mujhe Mandir jana hai … Bhgwan ji ko Thanku krne
Sharmishta :- asha beta ja ..By saying this she left Badi with her Arti ki Thali..

In MM House
Swara in Hall :- Maaa… papa… bdi maa.. bdy papa… utraaa.. sanskar … laksh … jldi ayiea… hume ek khush khbri daini haiall cms in hall nd said :- kya hua ??
Swara :- Ragini ki as a Teacher Music Academy mai selection ho gyi hai… vo bhut khush hai..all r so happy by listening this..
Laksh :- wow that’s Great .. kb se Joining hai uski..
Swara :- kal se
Laksh with Smile :- ahaa.. ok
Ap :- swara beta meri Ragini se Baat krvao na ..
Swara :- Baad mai maa… abhi vo mandir Gyi hai..

By Listening this Laksh Left MM House without telling everyoneIn MandirRagini Entered in Mandir and at a Same Time Laksh Entered bt Ragini didnt saw him.. he is behind her nd follows her foot steps.. She Did Arti nd Stands Infront of murti by joining her hands ndclosing eyes and same time Laksh Too Stands With Him ..
Ragini :- Thanku Kahnaa ji
Laksh In Teasing Way Repeat Her Words :- Thanku Kanhaa ji…By Hearing laksh’s voice she opened Her Eyes nd saw Lakshya standing next to her, He give Her Smile bt she Ignore Laksh nd Continued her Prayer
Ragini :- Apne Aj tk humari hr Wish puri ki
Laksh :- Apne Humari hr Wish Puri ki
Ragini :- bus Aise he humara sath dete rehna .. taki hum apne spne pure kr sky or sbko khush rkh sky
Laksh :- bus Aise he humara sath dete rehna .. taki hum apne spne pure kr sky or sbko khush rkh sky
Ragini Broaden her Eyes and give Angry Look to Laksh .. laksh too did same bt with little smilepandit put Tika on both’s head and gave thm blessings :- Tum Dono ki Jodi Sda slamat rhy ..both look into each others eyes , Laksh Give sweetsmile to her bt she take turn without any smile nd goes .. laksh too follows her steps .. she started walking fastly bt laksh stopped her by cming infront of her
Ragini :- Laksh Htiye yha se..She tries to move away but stumbles and abt to fall but laksh hold her by her waist nd drag her to him. She bumped to his chest. Both had an intense eyelock. Winds blow nd her hair strands comes to her face. Laksh locks her hair strands behind her ear and cup her face. Ragini comes to sense and push him. She gives him an angry look
Laksh :- Meri baat toh suno .. ek br ..She nodded in no nd left the place …
laksh :- I love you ragini ..mujhe maaf krdo..ek akhri chance toh do ..Bt ragini sits in auto nd goes frm thr
Laksh :- kb tk … akhir kb tk tum mujse yun njre ferogi… kb tk mujhe ignore krogi.. kb tk mujse yunnaraz rho gi… ek din toh Mai tumhe mna lunga ..

In Night
Ragini nd Laksh is standing Near their Room windows by watching the moonBoth were Thinking about each other nd Their past moments. Suddenly Ragini’s phn beeps.
Ragini: laksh ka msg… she reads: I Love You.. A smile occupy her face reading this bt soon that smile disappearedRagini Looking at the laksh pic on her mobile display:- Hum sari duniya se.. apse jhuth bol skty hai ki hum apse pyar nhi krte or hum apni nayi jindgi ki shuruyat krna chahty hai .. pr khud se.. apne is dil se jhuth kaise bole .. apne nhi ki pr is dil ne toh apse bhut mhobat ki thi.. ki hai .. or krta rhyga .. a tear cms from her eyes she wipes her tear … Apke bina apni jindgi ki shuruyat krne ka fensla toh kr liya… pr pta nhi hum apke bina kaisejee payege… pr hume yeh krna hoga.. hum kmjor nhi hai.. humari khushi ap ki khushi mai hai.. or apki khushi humse dur jane mai..By saying this.. she switched off her phn nd goes to bed fr sleepIn Laksh’s RoomLaksh caressing Ragini’s pic on his mobile display :- Pta tha tumhara jwab nhi ayega … pr janta hun … mera msg dekh kr thodi smile bhi ayehogi or shyad roi bhi hogi.. kyuki mai janta hun.. tum mujse abh bhi bhut pyar krti ho.. or jee nhi skti mery bina… or mai tumhe vapis pa kr rhuga.. air us kilye mein kuch bi karne keliye tayar hu… saying dis his kissed her pic on his mobile. Screen splits on showing both RagLak.

Precap :- First Day of Ragini In Music Academy

Sorry if u felt this part is boring. Pls share your valuable views in comments.#RpK & #Taiana

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