Tum Bin Jiya Jaye Kaise by #Rpk & #Taiana (Part-11)

Hi guys We #RpK & #Taiana are here with our 11th part of ❤❤ Tum Bin Jiya Jaye Kaise ❤❤ Thanku fr Ur valuable comments … keep supporting us like this..
Nw let’s start…

Ragini was tensed to see laksh sitting with closed eyes. She shook him hard calling his name with choking voice. Laksh open his eyes . He looks at her and giv a faint smile and bow his head staringat the ground with half closed eyes. Arnav is surprised and confused to see Ragini’s pain and concern for Laksh. He has so many questions in his mind but thought it’s not correct time to ask thm. He went near thm and sat in his toes. He place his hand on Ragini shoulder.

Arnav: Relax Miss.. shyad isny jyda pii le hai..hume isy room mai laikr jana hoga
Ragini nods. She placed his bleeding hand around her neck and hold by his waist from back. Other side Arnav placed his another hand around his neck. Both help him to stand and took him to aroom. They helped him to remove his suit and made him sat on the couch.

Ragini with terary eyes: Arnav ap..ap inka dyan rakye mai first aid box laike ati hun
She rushed out. Arnav looks at laksh. He was murmuring smtg. He goes near him nd place his ears near his lips.
Laksh: Ragini i really love you plz forgive pls giv me another chance.. Arnav looked at Laksh shocked. He remembers Laksh 1st day in academy and his words..

Laksh :- Am laksh maheshwri .. i joined this institution fr smone really really special.. nd i dnt knw much about music bt i want to learn music fr that smone special
Arnav :- Ahaaa … laksh … pyar ka chkr hai…hmmmmm… gud gud .. carryon… lgta hai bhut pyar krte ho uss se..
Laksh :- Haan sbse jyda… khud se jyda … itna jyda ki shyd shbdo mai biyan na kr pau
FB ended

Arnav in minds: toh vo someone special miss hai

Ragini rush in room with First aid box. She sits onher knees near laksh. She takes the cotton and poured a title amount of dettol on it. She hold laksh’s bleeding hand and started cleaning the blood. Laksh scream aah… Ragini got concerned and blowed air to smooth the irritation of dettol. Arnav was silently looking at thm. She done laksh’s patti.

Ragini turns to Arnav:Thanku Arnav.. aap jaye and party enjoy kijiye
Arnav :- or Tum miss
Ragini :- hum yhi rhyge…laksh ke pass
Ragini holds laksh’s hand..Arnav thought it’s good to giv thm some space. He nodded his head and left the room.Ragini looked at Laksh thn at his wounded hand. She got up and went near the window.She looked at the sky holding the window railing. her heart blames her fr lakshya’s state

Ragini in mind: Hum laksh ka drd nhi dekh skte.. sach hai ki hum unse bhut krte hai… krte rhy ge..she remembers her bitter moments. She closed her eyes. Tears kept flowing from her eyes.
Ragini still closed eyes: mai kya karu khana ji..Laksh sensed her crying even whn he is not in complete sense. He smhow managed to get up from the couch he hardly walked and came closer to her.. he hugged her from back placing his hand on her belly and resting his chin on her shoulder…Ragini opened her eyes. She didn’t push him backand held his hands which were placed on her belly.

Laksh:- bacha
Laksh kissed on her neck:- bachaa mat ro na ..
Ragini’s tears didn’t stop flowing.
Laksh pouting:- aww mera bachaa ro rha hai
He pulled her cheek. Ragini smiled a little btwn her tears hearing “aww mera bacha”Ragini sighed
Ragini :- Kyu kiya apne aisa laksh ..
Laksh lik a child: kya kia maine
Ragini smiled a little: she showed his wounded hand and told: yeh drd kyu diya apne ap ko apne
Laksh pouting his face sad: Kyuki mai tumhe khud se dur jata dekh nhi paya.. mai dr gya tha.. ki shyad maine tumhe kho diya.. mai tumhe uss Arnav ke itne pass nhi dekh paya..He hugged her more tight.
Laksh:- Ykin Mano mera Ragini Mai Tumse usse Bhi jyda pyar krta hun.. jitna tum mujse krti ho..Tumse pyar krne ke Baad Mujhe Lga ki abh meri jindgi puri hogyi … Tumse Pyar krne ke baad dil mai or koi khwaish nhi rhi… bus Tum mere pass ho Ragini.. mujhe jeene ke liye or kush nhi chahiye.. Mai tumhe khud se jyda pyar krta hun..He Kissed on her cheek..Ragini closed her eyes in pain.
Lakshya still back hugging her:- keh do na… ki tum aj bhi mujse pehle ki trh he pyar krti ho… sbsejyda..Ragini is quite with teary eyes…
Laksh with teary eyes :- Keh do naRagini nodded in No
Laksh breaking the hug:- jhuth mt bolo.. kho na tum ab bhi mujse pyar krti ho..Ragini is still facing her back to him.
Ragini with difficult:- nhi.. hum apse pyar nhi krte.He was heartbroken hearing her. Ragini was silenty weeping still facing her back to him. Suddenly she heard a glass breaking sound and truned. Her eyes widened in shock to see the scenery before her eyes.Laksh had a sharp glass piece in his hand.
Ragini with cracking voice :- Lak.. Laksh Yeh ap kya kr rhy hai
Laksh crying: Tum Meri jindgi ho ragini .. agr Tum nhi toh yeh jindgi jinhe ka kya fyda..He brought the glass piece to his wrist to cut it. Ragini rushed to him. She snatched the glass piece frm his hand and throw it away. She huggedhim by encircling her hands around his neck.

Ragini crying: Hum apse sirf pyar nhi … bhuttt pyar krte hai apse… sbse jyda..She cupped his faceor aise khud ko baar baar drd daina bnd kijiye.. apka dard apse jyda hume dard daita hai.. nd she kissed on his woundLaksh hugged her tightly by pulling her more close to him.
Laksh: Plzz mujhe shodke mt jao.. tumhare bina mai mr jaunga.. tumse dur jane ke khyal se meri jaan nikl jati hai..He started to cry lik a little child.
Ragini caress his hair still hugging: bus laksh.. maat roiye na.. hum khi nhi jayege … yhi rhyge .. apke pass
Laksh still hugging her ask innocently: sachi.
Ragini smiling btwn her tears: muchi.Laksh break the hug. He forward his hand: promise.
Ragini placing her hand his: pakka wala promise.

Laksh smiles widely :- ek br fir kho … u lv me
Ragini smiles looking at him. She again hugs himby surrounding her hands around his neck and say: i love you Mr Laksh Mashwari.
Laksh hugs her back saying: love you more Mrs Laksh Mashwari.
She break the hug wipes his tears. :- chliye abh bus kijiye rona.. nd hume hs kr dekhaiye
He gives her a million dollar smile.
Ragini: Chliye abh so jaiye … apki tbiyat abhi bhi thek nhi hai
Laksh shook his head no: abhi nai.
Ragini: Laksh.
Laksh: nai means nai
saying he walks out of the room stumbling.
Ragini shouts: Laksh.. She reached the terrace following him. (This hotel had only 5 floors and a terrace. The room where Laksh brought it’s in 5th floor) She looks around and found Laksh standing on the fencing wall. Her eyes widened likit will come out of the socks.
Ragini shouted: Laksh. Ap kya kar rhe hai.. Laksh niche ayea nhi toh ap gir jayegelaksh is still in drunken condition …Laksh widened his hands and inhaled his hair. He shouted I Love You Ragini.Ragini closed her hears.
She hholding his hand: Laksh shh subh ke 3 bj gye hai.. sb so rhy hai.. ap nichy ayea.
Laksh shook his head no. Laksh held Ragini hand: tum bhi aao na… hum sari duniya ko btayege apne pyar ke bry
Ragini: Laksh yeh kya bachpana hai. Uttaryai niche. She pulled him with force. Laksh stumbled and fell on Ragini. Ragini got unbalanced and shefell on the floor with laksh on above her.

( Moh Moh ke dhaage played in BG) hmmmm… hmmmm
RagLak had an intense eyelock.
Yeh moh moh ke dhaageTeri ungliyon se ja uljhe
The wind started to blow. Ragini’s hair came on hair face. He removed her hair strance and locked thm behind her hears. He looked deep in her eyes.
Yeh moh moh ke dhaageTeri ungliyon se ja uljheKoi toh toh na laageKis tarah girah ye suljheHai rom rom iktaaraHai rom rom iktaaraJo baadalon mein se guzre
He slowly placed a kiss on her forehead. She closed her eyes feeling his lips on her forehead. He thn slowly kissed her eyes. He leaned to kiss her lips. Ragini opened her eyes and pushed him a little aside. She got up and abt to leave but Laksh stopped her holding her wrist. He slowly got up.
Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chunaTu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chunaKaise tune ankahaa, tune ankahaa sab sunaaTu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chunaTu din sa hai, main raatAa na dono mill jaayein shamon ki tarah
He back hugged. She released his hands and abt to go. But he pulled her back. She dashed to him. Her back is touching his front. She is getting nervous with his hot breath thats falling on her neck. Laksh hugs her more tightly closing his eyes and inhaling her fragrance which is driving him crazy. He nuzzles his nose on her neck and places few wet kisses thr. Ragini breathes heavily and clutches her saree tightly.
Ki teri jhooti baatein main saari maan loonKi teri jhooti baatein main saari maan loonAankhon se tere sach sabhiSab kuch abhi jaan luKi teri jhooti baatein main saari maan loonTezz hain dhaara, behte se hum awaaraAa tham ke saanse le yahaan
He held her hand which is clutching the saree andheld it tightly. He placed his another hand on her bare waist. Whn his cold hand touched her bare skin. A shiver runs through her body. He slowly traveled his hand from her waist to her bare belly making her shiver more. He pushed her towards him and slowly placed a wet kiss near her callerbone.
Yeh moh moh ke dhaageTeri ungliyon se ja uljheKoi toh toh na laageKis tarah girah ye suljhe
Ragini suddenly turned and hugged him. He too reciproque. Ragini is still breathing heavily. They were lik that for some mins.Ragini broke the hug
Ragini avoiding eye contacts: laksh.. bohot der hogaye.. room mai chlae..
Laksh lik a child: nai mujhe todi der aur rukhna hai yha tumare sath.
Ragini: Laksh pls im tired .Laksh nods his head yes with making a sad face.
Ragini pulled his cheek and kissed it saying: goodboy.Somehow she managed to bring him in the room. She made him lay on the bed.She removed his shoes and covered him with blanked. She sat on the bed and stared at his innocence face for a moment. She caressed his hair and placed a kiss on his forehead. She us abtto go Laksh pulled her by her wrist and lands on her chest.
He is murmuring: Mujse dur Maat jao bachaaher lips curved to a smile. She placed her head on his chest and dozed off.

Precap :- gud mrng???
Few Readers Requested Us to Write Part in English..We want to Say really Sorry to Thm.. Guys we Already Wrote Many Parts of This FF Now its not possible to Translate all becoz we both r busy.. Hope You Guys Understand and Really sorry once again.. we are feeling Bad For Ur inconvenience..

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