Tum Bin Jiya Jaye Kaise by #Rpk & #Taiana (Part-1)

Hi guys we are here #RpK & #Taiana with our 1st part of tum bin jiya Jaye kaise.Here we go…

The ff start from where laksh is pretending that he is Abhimanyu and ragini and Swasan is Trying to findout truth behind his behavior :-After so much drama they find out the Reason of laksh’s behavior and They Revealed Mansi’s Evil Plan of Killing Lakshya infront of Laksh. After thatLaksh Scold Mansi Badly , Mansi Picks up the Gun and Shoot Laksh but Ragini comes between bullet and Laksh and Got InjuredLaksh shouts :- Raginiii and run to her and hold her before she touch the ground. Swasan also runto her. Police arrested mansi and nikkil.

Laksh run into hospital like madwith ragini in his arms nd shouts :- Doc… Doc.. plss meri Raginiko Bcha lijiye plzz.He cries badly.Doc ask nurse to arrange operation theater. They took ragini inside. Laksh try to follow her butnurse stop him. He looks towards the Mirror of thedoor painfully.Sanskar comes and put his hand on his shoulder:- Lucky.Laksh turns nd hugs him tightly and criedhis heard out. Sanky says: be strong kush nhi hoga ragini ko.Laksh breaks the hug and says: usy kush nhi hona chahiye bhai… Nhi toh mai marr jauga..marr jaugaSaying this he fall on the floor crying.Swara also crying.
Laksh’s Pov :- Sab Meri Galti hai Maine Ragini ko Hmesha Dukh Diya.. aj meri bevkufi ki vjh se meri ragini ki yeh halat hai. Pls Bhgvan mujse meri ragini ko maat sheno plzzzAfter 1 hour doc comes outLaksh and swasan rushed to doc.Laksh: Doc meri Ragini kaise hai.. Vo thek hai na..Doc: calm down mr Mashewari. Gbrane ki koi jrurat nhi hai.. Goli bus shuu kr nikli hai.. Ap sham tk ragini ko ghr laikr ja skty hai..A big mile comeson his face. Swasan exchanged a smile.
Laksh:- Thank u so much doc.. Kya mai Ragini se mill skta hun??Yeah you can meet her after she is shited to the ward.Ragini shifted to ward. Laksh opened the door nd went. Swara was about to follow him but sankar stopped her and said: let laksh meet her 1st. Swara nodded.
Sanskar: we hav to inform our family. They will beworried. Swara: i will call thm. She calls MM and GM and narrate everything. First RagLak family were shocked and worried but after hearing Ragini is fine they felt a little bit relieved.
Swara: we should meet the doctor. Sanskar nodded and both went to see the doc.

Laksh saw ragini lying unconsciously in bed. His eyes started to pour tears seeing his ragini in dis state. He slowly walked to her and sat beside ragini he held her hand in his and kissed it.He cried out placing her hand on his cheek. Ragini slowly gained conscious and saw laksh crying.She stared at him calmly for a while. Laksh openshis eyes and saw ragini staring at him.
A bright smile occupy his face: Tum thek ho Bacha.. Meri jaan nikl gyi thi tumhe is halat mai dekh kr
Ragini didn’t say anything she was simply staringat him
Laksh eyes too met hers. Both had a painful eyelock which broken by Ragini. She removed herhand from his and she tried to get up but couldn’t. Laksh helped her and made her sit.
He caressing her cheeks: Tum Thek ho ?She noded
Laksh cupped her face and said: mujhe maaf kardo meri wajah se tumhe itna dard sehna pda.
Ragini looked into his eyes thn removed them andsaid: Hume neend aa rhi hai.. hume sona hai..
Laksh:- ohh okk..Toh tum so jao.. mai yhi hun tumhare pass hai.
Ragini:- nhi.. Laksh.. Ap.. ap jayea..maa or papa se milye ..bhut shaa hai unhone..bhut roye hai vo apke liye..
Laksh:- or tum?
Ragini looked at him for a moment and said looking othr side :- humari baat chodiye.. Vo apkemaa papa hai .. Aap jayea or milye unse
Laksh:- pr ragini tumhe aise chod kr kaise jau..Ragini:- hum thek hai.. doc and nurse haina humara khyal rakne ke liya aur Swara bhi hai. Aap jaiye… aur usse bula dijiye… mujhe uss se kuch baat bi karni hai..
Laksh:- Phir bi Ragini… Ragini cutting his words: plss Laksh
Laksh : thek hai ragini.. tum jaisa kho gi mai vesa he krunga..mai abhi Swara ko call krke bulata hun..Laksh phnd swara.In doc room:Swara phone rang she saw the display: laksh.. she picked it: hello laksh kya sab tike..
Laksh: haan Swara.. Ragini Tumhe bula rhi hai .. Tum aa jao uske pass
Swara :- ok laksh .. Mai abhi ati hun by saying this she cuts the phn.
Laksh:- Swara aa rhi hai..ek br vo aa jaye tumhare pass fir chla jauga..
Swara entres:- Ragini tum thek ho ?
Ragini :- Haan Swara… Laksh aap ab jayea
Laksh:- Asha thik hai mai chlta hu tum apna khyal rakna.. mei abhi ata hun tumhare pass..he kissedher forehead. He signed to swara through eyes to take of ragini. She noded. He passed a smile to ragini and left the room.Screen freeze on ragini’s face

Precap:———SwaRagini convo…What happen to ragini? What she wants to talk to Swara? To know keep reading1st part is over… Hope it was not boring fr you… don’t forget to share your valuable feedbacks———————–#Rpk #Taiana

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