tum bin jiya jaye kaise (epi 1 part 3)



abhi adds jaggery and stirs the coffee and sipped it.abhi smiles and says purab that if he have a timemachine he’ll go to the past and never let pragya go away from his life and realize her luv earlier….abhi says fault was all mine.i didn’t trust her when wants my trust on that day.i didn’t hear to my heart and identify the real pragya who luved me a lot..she never betrayed me..i myself made my luv away from by life..purab says abhi u know those peoples r fortunate who gets second chance in their life .it’s really precious.destiny had given u that chance to for u to get ur luv..abhi happily says yes u r ryt purab..this time i’ll get my luv back.i’ll not let pragya to go away from me..i’ll once again win the trust of pragya.i know she could be angry with me but she’ll hate me..i had suffered a lot becoz of me but hereafter i’ll be the reason of her smile..i’ll gift the luv for which she longed..purab says i’m really happy to see this abhi..abhi thinks i’m coming pragya one & only for u..i luv u…..

Credit to: kandy

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