tum bin jiya jaye kaise (epi 1 part 2)



his eyes sheds a drop of tears in her photo..he wipes it and keeps close to heart and wraps the diary tightly..a voice of someone calling abhi…abhi keeps the diary..he turns and sees..abhi says purab..come na.purab comes there with 2 cup of coffee.purab says that he hav brought coffe for abhi.purab sits with abhi and gives the cup of coffee to abhi..by seeing the coffee cup he smiles and goes to flashback.abhi in his vanity van roaming here and there hearing music..pragya comes there and gives coffee to him.he sips it and says that it tastes different..pragya smiles and says it’s special becoz she hav added jaggery in it not sugar.abhi says hmm it tastes nyc.pragya says whenever i’m happy my mom used to give this coffee to me and i’ll bcome more happy..abhi says what seriously i don’t think so..he laughs..pragya watches him and smile.by seeing it abhi asks do u luv me??pragya fumbles sir .no .what ?abhi says then why r u seeing me lyk this?abhi smiles comes out of flash back.adds jaggery in coffee

Credit to: kandy

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