tum bin jiya jaye kaise (intro)


hi frnds.this is kandy.i have planned to write an interesting ff of abhigya.
our story will portray the agony and desperation of two lovers who loves each other a lot but seperated due to situations…

when luv bloomed in her heart he didn’t realize it..when he realized her love time slipped off and destiny seperated him from her…

yes frnds i hope u hav guessed who am i saying about..it’s absolutely about abhigya..in our story abhi is an eminent rockstar who enjoys his life and makes himself nd others happy…pragya is diehard fan of abhi and destiny had binded her with abhi as his PA..pragya started luving him..abhi’s day starts from her and ends from her..but he didn’t realize luv of pragya..some drastic incident happened in their life which made pragya away from abhi’s life..our ff will start from here when abhi realizes his luv for pragya..made him to sink desperately in her memories..so guys get ready to see how abhi gets his love back when his luv hates him now?

guys plz comment and support me

Credit to: kandy

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  1. sana (abhigya)

    Woooooow different story line continue it waiting for ur episode

  2. It’s nice&different….

  3. Awesome…….pls continue

  4. very intrstng….nice..keep going…

  5. Quite different! I m sure this ff is gonna be amazing! Can’t wait…

  6. hi frnds…this is kandy…thanq for ur support frnds..the meaning of this title isHOW COULD I LIVE WITHOUT U??actually i’ll update the episode today night….keep supporting me frnds…

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superb…….Something Different…..

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