tum bin jiya jaye kaise (epi 2)


thanq frds for ur immense support…my dear old ff fans i can understand ur feelings and promise i’ll manage to post both the ff.
our episode starts showing a music company MUSISHQ..a girl hiding her face with bouquet walking towards someone’s cabin..she goes to that cabin and says surprise…by hearing it..man in the cabin just rolls his seat ad turns..he says hey bulbul..whats up??it’s bulbul..bulbul says congrats pawan(fiancee of tanu in kasam)..pawan smiles says congrats for what??she says for the hit album given by our company..do u even know it had released just now but many clients asking licenses to use it for their promotions…pawan says hmmm..the credit all goes to ur di..bulbul says ohho pawan..credit all goes to my di..u r always chattering woth me abut di..but u rsaying to her that what u feel for her??why can’t u express it?pawan trying hard..but whenever i see ur di..my words r just fumbling.i i look into her eyes i just forget everything…and i sink in her eyes…

here dadi praying god..she prays god today my abhi is going to correct all the mistakes he hav done..in these 6 months he hav changed a lot..he understood that life is all abut love..he’s going to get his luv back into is life..after coming to know abut pragya’s truth he searched her alot..now he had got to know that pragya is in delhi..plzz bless my abhi and make him to meet with his love…he luves her a lot..i always wanted pragya in my abhi’s life..she’s such a luvly girl who cared for abhi and my family alot..she have not been juzt a PA for abhi..abhi meant more than that for her..now wherever she’s..i know she still luves abhi so much..just unite my childrens..whatever happened befor 6 months had drastically affected them alot..i know it was abhi’s fault..but don’t give punishment to pragya also by seperating them…

abhi walks throw downstairs..he found a flower vase with rose…he went to flashback.abhi after his concert sitting in his car..pragya also comes there and wishes him for…

pragya wishes him for his hit concert and gives him a bouquet of rose flowers..she says that it was sent by one of abhi’s fan..abhi notices a small greeting wrytn luv u abhi..u always rocks..abhi takes a red rose from it and gives it to pragya..pragya astonishingly looking him..abhi says withut u this concert would have not been possible…u hav looked after everything and organized this concert..abhi smiles and says so u surely deserve a rose from rockstar..pragya looks at him..song plays itni si baat hain mujhe tumse pyaar hain..song lyrics.abhi says what r u thinking get it??come on..she takes the rose..abhi comes out of the flashback….
a voice bhai heard…abhi turns and says akash..u..akash says bhai our flight tickets r ready..just nw purab told me..we r going delhi tomorrow..akash says bhai i can understand ur feelings but how could we find pragya in delhi?abhi says i don’t want to search pragya.our luv will make us to meet each other.akash smiles and says i wish the same bhai..

IN DEHLI:musishq company:
bulbul says to pawan that i hav to do somethng..pawan says oh meri maa..don’t do anythng??i wish to confess my luv by looking into pragya’s eyes…bulbul says who stops u??i’m trying to say that i’ll give some idea.what do u think i ‘ll confess abut ur love to pragya di??she says look pawan u know ryt time waits for non…now di is in out of station for an official work..she went to meet our clients for promotional campaign..so plzz u hav only less time..bulbul thinks we have signed contract with abhi for releasing his album by the name of our company..pawan waves his hand and asks what is she thinking?pawan says to bulbul i hav planned to confess feelings for pragya after her arrival here..bulbul thinks i wish the same pawan..when di comes back here by seeing that abhi she’ll feel weak again..i don’t let it happen..ur luv vl perhaps make her strong infront of that man..
to be continued.

precap:pawan calls abhi and asks about when he’s coming to delhi?bulbul hears it..

Credit to: kandy

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