Tum Aise Hi Rehna 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rukmani asks Ria, did you tell the truth about Mr. Kapoor. Ria takes Kanha ji’s promise and says it is truth. Rukmani asks why didn’t you tell us anything. Ria says he threatened us to kill you all. Everyone is shocked. Ria says we were scared. He seems to win your trust and made us fell down in your eyes. He was trying to gain your trust as per his planning. She says truth needed to come out. She tells that she drank alcohol as Kapoor kept pistol on Abhi’s head. She drank it to save him. Dadisaa hugs her and says she did a mistake by doubting her. She asks where is Abhi? Ria tells that Abhi went following Anushka to enquire Kapoor’s associates. She says he is worst person to sell our nation. Kapoor comes there and laughs. He says you opened your mouth and put their life in danger. Kailash

gets angry and holds Kapoor’s neck. Kailash asks Sarthak to leave him. Sarthak says you raised your eyes on our bahu, I will kill and bury you in the desert. Kailash asks Sarthak to leave him.

Nisha comes and asks Sarthak to leave him, else she will shoot. Ria says it is good that you came here and asks Nisha to arrest Kapoor. She tells Abhi went to get the proofs against him. Nisha asks to leave him. Kapoor targets pistol on Sarthak and says your body will get cold if I shot you. Nisha says this family is trapped and will die for sure. Ria is shocked and asks you are also with this Kapoor. Nisha says your problem is that you trusts anyone easily. She tells that you signed on the papers thinking it as agreement papers. Kapoor says if you don’t do as I do, then everything will be finished. Kailash asks what did we do? Kapoor says it is nothing personal, it is just my business. He says you are trapped because you are minister’s relative. Anyone of you can take me to the Minister. Abhi will take me there. Ria says Abhi won’t do as such. Kapoor asks what a confidence. Ria says Abhi will not support you.

Abhi comes and says he will support him. Everyone is shocked. Abhi says he is ready. Ria says Nisha…..Abhi says he heard everything, there is no other way out. He tells that his parents are God for him and he can do anything to save them. Kapoor and Nisha smiles. Rukmani asks Abhi not to agree and save the nation instead. Abhi says he can’t bear if anything happens to his parents. Abhi says he will do, and asks what is the guarantee that you will not do anything to my family. Kapoor says he will leave his family. He asks Abhi to take him to Minister. He offers him money and says you can buy your freedom also from the govt. Everyone ask Abhi not to agree. Abhi agrees and shakes hand with Kapoor. Kapoor says you saved your family and got crores. Abhi says he wants to talk to Ria before going. Ria is in shock and feels bad.

Ria asks Abhi, what you wants to talk to me after agreeing to Kapoor. Abhi says you knows well that he would have killed our family. Ria says no one will forgive you. You bend down infront of him. Abhi says he didn’t see any way out. Ria says let him do what he wants, but don’t support him. He will make you desh drohi and arrested. Abhi says he doesn’t have any way out. Ria says there is a way, Anushka. She doesn’t know that Kapoor will kill her after his mission gets successful. Abhi says Anushka won’t go against Kapoor. Ria says she will try and talk to Anushka. Abhi nods. Ria goes to Anushka’s room. Anushka hides the money and says she can’t talk now. Ria says I met your mum and asks her to listen to her message.

Anushka opens the door. Ria enters the room and sees the money. Anushka asks what is the message? Ria tells your mum is going to be discharge from the hospital, but I don’t think that you will meet her. Kapoor will kill you once his mission will be completed. Anushka says Kapoor promised me that he will free me. Ria says you knows him better that he will kill you. She asks her to support truth and says you and your mum can take a free breath once Kapoor goes to jail. Anushka looks on. Ria says this is possible if you supports us. Anushka asks Ria to leave from there and says if Kapoor sees us together then he will kill everyone. Ria asks her to decide and goes out.

Kapoor and Abhi are on the way to meet the Minister. Abhi is seen holding the painting with bomb on it. Kapoor threatens Abhi. Nisha ties everyone and places timer bomb in Rukmani’s lap. Rukmani says you will never be successful. She says she have to kill everyone if Abhi betray them. Ria comes and asks what is this. She says Abhi agreed for his family. Nisha says nothing will happen if he acts as per our plan. You can see with our own eyes. She says everything will be finished in one go. Everyone is shocked.

Nisha talks on phone and says all the best for the mission. She asks Ria to bring Abhi’s pic and news channels might want it to flash his photo with the news, that Abhimanyu killed the Minister. Everyone is shocked.

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