Tum Aise Hi Rehna 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ria and her family prays to God. Mr. Kapoor comes and asks for the blessings. Rukmani says everything will be good with Kanha ji’s blessings. She blesses him saying your success is our success. Mr. Kapoor says he will be successful now. Dadisaa asks if he is going for important work. Mr. Kapoor says yes and informs that he will be late. Rukmani asks is Anushka going with you. Mr. Kapoor says yes and asks her to take care. She gives them prasad. Ria looks at Anushka’s hand and sees transmitter missing. She signs Nisha. Ria thinks Anushka didn’t wear that bracelet today. How will we will hear everything. Nisha takes out her gun. Ria tells that Anushka is not wearing bracelet today. Abhi says they might know our plan. Nisha says may be not and asks Abhi to follow. She asks Ria to stay at home.

She gives interconnected phones to Ria and Abhi, shakes hand with them. Abhi follows Anushka. He sees her going somewhere in a hurry, not allowing watchman to carry her bag. He thinks to enter from back of the bungalow. He enters through the window and sees Anushka asking a man to bring the money.

The man asks her to drink. Other man brings the money in a gunny bag. Anushka takes out money counting machines and counts 5 crores rupees. Abhi calls Nisha and tells that Anushka is collecting money. Nisha asks him to click the men pics. Abhi clicks their photo and sends to Nisha. Nisha asks Abhi to leave from there silently. The men try to misbehave with Anushka. Abhi feels bad and tells Nisha that their motive is not right. The men try to molest her. Anushka cries. Nisha tells Abhi not to go infront of them, else their mission will fail. Abhi feels helpless. She asks him to think about Ria and his family. The men asks Anushka to agree. Anushka asks them to leave her alone and folds her hand. The men misbehaves with her. Abhi says he can’t wait longer and says he is going to rescue Anushka. Nisha asks him to leave from there. Nisha tells that Kapoor won’t leave anyone. The men try to molest her. Abhi couldn’t bear any longer and jumps in to save Anushka and beats the goons.

Anushka asks Abhi, you are here? Abhi says he don’t want to be part of Kapoor’s plan. Anushka cries and talks about her respect. She asks how did you know that I came here to get the money. Abhi tells that Nisha told him. Anushka gets shocked and says I knew you are getting trapped more. He says he can’t let her live like this. He can’t see fear in her eyes and says I mean it. Anushka gets emotional. Nisha tries calling Abhi and says pick the call. She sees Kapoor coming to her room and is shocked. She takes out her pistol and opens the door. Mr. Kapoor enters and closes the door. They point gun at each other, and then laugh. Nisha also laughs evilly. Mr. Kapoor congrats Nisha for the bomb blast and calls her partner. Nisha says Diwali will be celebrated here also. Mr. Kapoor says it will be fun if someone dear to us die. He says Shri Sugdev Kumar Sharma will die. Nisha says Minister is Abhi’s relative. Abhi will go and meet him with this painting. There is a powerful bomb on its back side. She says no one will stop Abhi from going inside, and then you will not stop yourself from doing the blast. She says there will be Abhi’s sign everywhere and will be trapped. We will escape from here. Mr. Kapoor praises her beauty and takes the remote. She asks what about Anushka? Mr. Kapoor says she is fed up of her life and I am thinking to free her(kill) after this blast. He laughs and drinks with Nisha.

Ria tells Nisha that Abhi accepted her condition for his family. Nisha says if Abhi fails then his family will die. His family is seen tied up to the chairs.

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