Tum Aise Hi Rehna 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha tells Ria that it is a dharam yudh. Ria says Anushka is helpless. Nisha asks aren’t you helpless. She asks her to choose between right and wrong. Ria says it is not the only way out. Nisha says then wait for innocent people death. Ria says I am with you to expose Mr. Kapoor, but plan will be mine. I can’t let her emotions be played. Anushka cries and comes out of her room. She collides with Abhi and apologizes. Abhi thinks he knows her pain. Mr. Kapoor comes out of the room and sees Abhi. Anushka leaves. Mr. Kapoor asks Abhi to have his handmade food and takes him to dining table. Raman looks at the food and praises Mr. Kapoor.

Mr. Kapoor sits and asks him not to praise him falsely. He asks where is Ria. Ria comes with Nisha. Mr. Kapoor asks them to sit and have food. Abhi

gets tensed and insists to serve Mr. Kapoor. He tells whenever guest come to our house, we make the guest eat first. He asks him to have first bite. Mr. Kapoor says trust is important, but Abhimanyu doubts me. He is trying to clear his doubt. Whether I added poison in the food? Everyone look surprisingly. Rukmani asks what is this? Abhi says he is saying right, I don’t trust him. Rukmani says we trust you fully. We all we eat together. Mr. Kapoor says he raised a question on my intention. He says I will eat the food. Rukmani stops him. Mr. Kapoor says he can’t bear the doubt and eats the food. Abhi gets relieved.

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Mr. Kapoor says Abhi is trying to feel him let down. He says he would have cancel the deal. Raman asks him to have food. Everyone start eating. Mr. Kapoor looks at Nisha and asks her to start eating. Raman praises the food and says it is very tasty. Rukmani also praises his cooking. Mr. Kapoor says cooking is his hobby. He asks how is this? Everyone praises the food. Raman gets a phone call and he switches on the TV. News shows about the 3 bomb blast in Delhi, with 50 deaths and many injured. Dadisaa says she doesn’t want to see it and asks Raman to switch off the TV. Mr. Kapoor says it is truth.

Rukmani asks what did they get by killing innocent people. Mr. Kapoor says lots of money, they work for money. Sheetal asks whether human life is less than money. Mr. Kapoor says money is very important in his eyes and whoever is not having money is worthless. He says there is a lot of planning in planting bombs. He tells about the sleeper cells and says they work for terrorist group, but they look like an ordinary people like you and me. Dadisaa and everyone are shocked. Abhi controls his anger. Mr. Kapoor says they work like normal people and waits for the orders from their high command. Dadisaa says anyone can be terrorist. Mr. Kapoor says yes. Rukmani says they are strange people and prays to save people from those kind of people. Abhi says I won’t leave you.

Later Abhi tells Ria and Nisha that it is surely Mr. Kapoor’s work done. Nisha says they have to listen to his conversation. Mr. Kapoor talks to someone and says he needs big gift. Nisha says he is talking in code language. He is asking for increment. Mr. Kapoor says he doesn’t want his name on the gift. Anushka hears him. Mr. Kapoor asks him to go to guest house at 5 pm and receives 5 crores rupees. He asks her to take money counting machine with her. Nisha says this is a chance for us to expose Mr. Kapoor. Abhi says what is next. Nisha says we have to stop him. Ria says this news has shaken me, we are with you. Nisha smiles. Ria says Kanha ji will show the way to us and will also protect us.

Mr. Kapoor comes to Nisha’s room. She targets pistol on him. Mr. Kapoor also targets pistol on her. They laugh.

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