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Ria/Aanchal dances on the song Main Lovely Tere Naal…………She gets angry when someone stops the song. Abhi wonders what has happened to her. She starts dancing on the song Zara Zara Behakta Hain………………Aanchal is shown dancing. She hugs him while dancing. She hugs him and says you didn’t know how much I love you. She says she says I gave my life for your love. She says I died, but just my body died. Abhi gets shocked. She says but love is still alive and will always be. I know how I got you. Now no one can separate us. I won’t spare the one who try to separate us, even if she is Ria. Abhi is shocked and asks what? He says you are drunk. Ria/Aanchal says she just have juice. She says I changed for you. This is effect of your love. Abhi says you are not saying this, but your

wine. Aanchal control the waiter’s mind. He apologizes to Abhi for giving her wine when she asked for juice. She says she wants to spend all night in his embrace. She says she craved for him. She pretends to fall down. Abhi asks her to wash her face and gets conscious. The lady asks Ria to swap her husband with her husband and then says atleast let me have him for a dance. Aanchal/Ria gets angry. The lady dances with Abhi and calls Ria lucky. Aanchal gets jealous and asks her to come with her. They go to the washroom. Abhi gets worried about his family reaction.

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Something falls from Dadisaa’s hand. Raman comes out of his room. Dadisaa tells him that Abhi and Ria are not in their room. They get worried. Raman says shall I wake up Rukmani. Dadisaa says let her sleep. She says Ria’s behavior is strange. I don’t know what is happening. The lady praises Abhi and tells her that she would snatch Abhi from her. Aanchal gets angry and closes the door. She shows her real avatar to her. Raman calls Abhi. Aanchal asks you will snatch my Abhi from me. The lady gets scared and runs for her life. Aanchal says Abhi is only mine and whoever comes in between us can’t be alive. Abhi picks Raman’s call. Dadisaa talks to him and asks where were you? Abhi says I came to the hospital with Ria as she had some emergency in the hospital. He disconnects the call. Dadisaa tells Raman that they will come after some time. Raman says he will talk to Rukmani about clinic at home. The lady goes to the washroom and pleads her to leave her. Aanchal opens the door and makes her fall on the floor. She starts bleeding.

Aanchal then attacks her again and presses her neck to suffocate her. She hurts her even more until she dies. Abhi knocks on the door. Aanchal/ Ria comes out and says sorry. Abhi asks her to come as Dadi called them. Ria insists to stay more. Abhi says no. Ria says ok, lets go. Abhi asks her to say bye to her friend. Ria says lets go and will talk to her later. Abhi and Aanchal come out. Abhi goes inside again to bring his credit card. He sees Divya lying injured and gets shocked. Everyone gather around her and call the police. Abhi calls Aanchal and informs her about Divya’s condition. Dadisaa calls Abhi and asks are you coming home? Abhi says we are coming. Abhi calls Aanchal. She says we shall go home. Abhi says ok. Aanchal smirks. Raman asks Dadisaa to sleep. Abhi sits in his car and drives towards home. Aanchal asks him what are you thinking? Abhi says I am thinking about Divya. Aanchal cooks up a false story. Abhi says Divya can tell better. Aanchal gets tensed.

Abhi and Ria/Aanchal come home. He asks Ria to wear his coat to hide her gown. Raman sees them talking. Ria/Aanchal asks Abhi to make her wear the coat. Abhi obliges. Aanchal kisses him. Raman gets shocked to see their PDA. He thinks to talk to Dadisaa about Abhi.

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