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Rukmani asks Ria to see her pallu and says it doesn’t catch the fire. Ria wonders how? She says sorry for troubling everyone. Sheetal asks her to rest and she will make sweets. Ria insists to make kheeranand. Rukmani asks her to rest. She tells Dadisaa that Guruji asks them to do path of hanuman chalisa. Ria waits for Abhi and suddenly electricity goes off. She gets scared seeing someone standing and asks who are you? She shouts. He turns out to be Abbi. She cries and asks him not to scare her. Abhi apologizes to her and says he won’t tease her again. Ria tells him that she wants to meet the psychiatrist. She tells that she went to the fort graveyard and tells everything. She says this can’t be my superstition. Abhi asks did you have anything outside. Ria says soft drink. Abhi says

may be it had something mixed in it. Ria says she knows drug’s effect. She says she tries to do something and some other thing happens. She says she can’t forgive her if anything happens to Rukmani or her family. Abhi assures his support. Ria hugs him. A hand comes from beneath the bed and takes the bedsheet.

Rukmani tells dadisaa that Ria’s behavior is strange. Dadisaa says she got worried too. Rukmani says Guruji is busy so she have to find the solution herself. Ria asks Abhi to always be same with her. Abhi says yes and goes to washroom. Aanchal’s spirit comes from the window and tells Ria that her time started. She will spend a night with Abhi. Ria gets shocked. Aanchal goes in Ria’s body. Abhi comes back and asks Ria, what happened. She pretends to be sad and asks him to take her out to have some fresh air. She says she is feeling suffocated. Abhi says you needs a sleep and asks her to sleep.

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They sleep. Aanchal smiles. Abhi wakes up and doesn’t find her while it is still night. He calls for Ria. He gets a call from her. She tells him that she was suffocating and that’s why she came here. Abhi asks how can you go so late in the night. Aanchal/Ria asks him not to waste time and asks him to come. Abhi comes to the pub and wonders how can she come here late at night. She sings Yeh Raat Ruk jaaye…………….in the pub. Abhi comes and sees her wearing long gown and gets suspicious. She calls Abhi. He thinks what has happened to Ria. He asks her to come with him. Ria/Aanchal stops him and dances around him. Ria/Aanchal continues to sing. Abhi tries to leave, but she holds his hand. Everyone clap for them. She introduces him to everyone and says he is her lover for whom she lives and for whom she died. Abhi is shocked. She says she lost her life and got a new life. She says my love brought me back from death. A girl says you are very lucky to have Abhi. Aanchal thinks Abhi is lucky to have her true love. Dadisaa sees Abhi’s room light on and goes to see. Abhi asks her to come and asks what are you doing? She asks him to enjoy the party. Abhi says you have gone mad. Ria/Aanchal says she came to attend the birthday party of a friend. She control a girl’s mind and tells Abhi that she was invited for Divya for the party. The girl thanks them for coming. Abhi says I don’t think you will be comfortable in these clothes. Ria/ Aanchal asks him to feel the life and enjoy.

Dadisaa comes to the room and sees no one there. She thinks where they might have gone? Abhi tells her that everyone must be waiting for them. Ria/Aanchal says that she wants to enjoy the night with him. She again starts dancing on the song Main lovely Tere Naam…………Abhi is tensed. Suddenly someone ends the song. She asks who ended the song. Abhi wonders what happened to Ria.

Aanchal hugs Abhi and says she won’t spare anyone who try to separate them including Ria. Abhi gets shocked and asks what?

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  1. Waste serial……unnecessary stuff reg devil……why do u people make viewers scary. Pls stop this showwwwwwww

  2. Ruined a good serial with nonsense plots of ghosts

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