Tum Aise Hi Rehna 3rd February 2015 Written Episode Update

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 3rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ria comes to the graveyard to enquire about the yesterday night incident. She gets scared and thinks to go back. She then determines to know the truth and steps out of her car. She says this is so horrible in day time, why will I come in the night. Suddenly a dog comes there and troubles her. An old man comes there and shoo away the dog. He looks at Ria and gets shocked. He says you are a bad spirit. Ria offers to do the bandage. He tells her that you hurt me the previous night. He runs. Ria gets tensed thinking about Abhi’s words. Aanchal comes to Tantrik and asks why I am out from Ria’s body. Why I am away from my Abhi. Ria tells Sanjida that she didn’t remember anything. She says it is not normal. I want to get CT scan of my brain. Dr. Sanjida suggests her the same. Aanchal says she

needs an answer. Tantrik asks her to come near him and throws something in the fire. Aanchal feels the fire. Tantrik tells her that Ria’s mangalsutra is very strong and the black beads is the bond between them. He tells that Ria used to pray for Abhi’s life every morning.

Tantrik says you can spend night with Abhi and day time will be of Ria. Aanchal says she can’t let Ria spend time with Abhi. Tantrik asks her to get something to make Ria take out her mangalsutra. Dean shows the CT scan report and says everything is normal. Aanchal says she will make Ria take out mangalsutra and will break the beads. Tantrik says you can’t break it. You have to get Ria’s love from Abhi’s heart. It is not easy. Aanchal thinks she can’t go far from her Abhi. Ria prays to Kanha ji and says her relation is true. She blames herself for trying to kill Rukmani and says she can’t forgive herself. She looks at her mangalsutra and says she have to find out. Aanchal says she will make Ria do something which will make her family hate her. She says one day Abhi will kick her out. Abhi will throw the mangalsutra and will wipe the sindoor as she will make the circumstances.

Rukmani tells Dadisaa that someone pushed me. Dadisaa says may be you got dizzy and fell down. Rukmani says she have to talk to Guruji for help. She calls Guruji, but the phone is pick by his student. He says Guruji told me to tell you, not to let your bahu Ria go out in the night. Rukmani says ok. Dadisaa gets worried. Ria comes home. Rukmani asks her not to go anywhere in the night. She asks her to go to the kitchen and help Sheetal. Dadisaa asks Ria not to feel bad. Ria thinks she can’t forgive herself. She hugs Rukmani and says her sorry. She says whatever I did yesterday…..Dadisaa says whatever you did was right.

Ria thinks she can’t tell them anything. She goes to the kitchen. Sheetal asks where did you go? Ria says sorry as she went out without informing her. Ria says she wants to make something for Rukmani to cheer her up. Kammo suggests Kheeranand. Ria says she will make it fast. She checks recipe on internet. Sheetal says she will make, but Ria insists to make. Sheetal goes out. Ria is making the sweet, Aanchal makes the bowl fall down. Ria picks it up and keeps it. She puts on the fan. Aanchal comes there. Ria gets Abhi’s call. She says she is making kheeranand/rice halwa. Abhi says he likes it and is on the way to home. She hears someone crying and then sees her pallu catching fire. She runs outside and asks everyone to save her. Rukmani shows her pallu without fire. Ria is shocked.

In the night Ria asks who are you? Come infront of me. Aanchal calls her name. Ria gets scared and shouts.

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