Tum Aise Hi Rehna 2nd February 2015 Written Episode Update


Tum Aise Hi Rehna 2nd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhi and Ria/Aanchal are in the graveyard. Aanchal swings on the swinger. She imagines dancing with him on the song Chalo Tumko Lekar Chale……………Abhi hears animals sound and looks for it. Ria looks at a grave and tells Abhi that the dead person too might have dreams too. Abhi says what are you talking about? When a person dies, then everything is finished. Ria says no. I felt that girl. She says when a person dies, only the body dies, not her soul. Everything remains same, like desires and wishes. She says until the desires are fulfilled, the soul roams here and there. Abhi gets tensed. Aanchal/Ria says love is the desire which death can never stop. Abhi gets Kailash’s call. He says they are leaving. Dadisaa prays to Kanha ji for saving Rukmani and prays for the well being of the

family. Abhi and Ria/Aanchal are seen sleeping. Dadisaa asks Sheetal about Abhi and Ria. Sheetal says they are sleeping, came home late at 4 am.

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Sheetal plays the bhagan on the recorder as Dadisaa do the aarti. Aanchal wakes up and smiles looking at Abhi. She says every morning she will wake up seeing his face and sleeps with his embrace in the night. She turns and the sun rays fall on her. She comes out of Ria’s body and looks at her. Ria wakes up and thinks Maa ji will be upset again. Aanchal thinks she won’t be far from her Abhi. She leaves from the window. Ria thinks why I couldn’t recollect anything. She feels heavy head. Dadisaa comes and gives letter to Ria. She asks her to sleep. Ria wonders why she is asking her to sleep. Sheetal comes and shows her prescription asking Ria to tell about Rukmani’s medicines. Ria says what happened to her. She is completing fine. Dadisaa and Sheetal get surprised.

Sheetal says she is fine now. Have slight leg pain. Dadisa asks her to have bath and come. Ria wonders what they were talking about? Ria comes to Abhi. He greets her morning. Ria asks what happened to Rukmani. Abhi asks her to forget everything and tells Aanchal’s blackmailing words. Ria wonders why she didn’t remember and what has happened to Maa ji. Ria comes to Rukmani’s room. Dadisaa takes out evil eye from Rukmani. Rukmani says it felt as if someone pushed me. Dadisaa asks her not to worry. Ria comes asking her what had happened to her. She asks about her injury. Rukmani says it happened infront of you. Didn’t you remember everything. Ria says she recalled Guruji doing the puja and then heard Abhi falling down. Everyone get shocked. Rukmani asks did you remember refusing to do the aarti. Revathi says we have to take out evil eye from her and suspects bad spirit on her.

Dadisaa says no and asks her to take bath. Rukmani tells Dadisaa that she wants to talk to Ria alone. Ria closes the door. Rukmani says I don’t want to interfere in your personal life, but want to give her a suggestion. She tries to remind her about her clothing in the night. She says she felt ashamed, but you didn’t feel shy at once. Ria gets worried and refuses. Rukmani says it is too much now. Why you are refusing everything. Ria gets worried and tensed. She recalls Rukmani’s words.

Abhi tells Ria that he will be going in another car and asks for a shortcut for his office. He says now I can go bravely without fear to any graveyard. He tells her that he is talking about yesterday night outing to graveyard. He says you helped me reached to the petrol pump in the graveyard. You got romantic there. Ria asks what did I wear yesterday night. Abhi says you wore something which I couldn’t forget all the day. Abhi leaves for office. Ria looks at her clothes and gets suspicious.

Ria asks Kanha ji to help her get questions for her answers. Aanchal comes to the tantrik. He tells her that until Ria have the mangalsutra around her neck, she can’t possess her body fully. Aanchal says she will create some situation to get Ria’s sindoor.

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  1. what is this all about i throught is was something that we young women can learn from the eldest and how to being good and strong mothe-in-law.This is all shit.I am very disappointed the way it is going(sick)

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