Tum Aise Hi Rehna 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Ria asks Abhi what is this? Abhi tells her that he was Anushka’s husband, Gautam. He was my look alike and Mr. Kapoor got him killed. Anushka said that she wants our good and asks us to do as Mr. Kapoor says. Nisha looks at the pic and says Anushka can help us. Abhi says how can she help us. Nisha says Anushka is helpless and is living with her husband’s killer. She might be angry and trying to take revenge. Abhi says she might have taken revenge long before. Nisha says it is not easy for her as it is matter about her mother’s life. A woman can never forget her husband’s death. She will get strength if anyone supports her. We have to take her on our side. Abhi says we have to tell her about you. Nisha refuses to let Anushka know about her. Ria says we have to win her trust and know what

is going on in her mind. Nisha says I have an idea.

Mr. Kapoor takes out poison bottle from his pocket and then throws it. She sprinkles coriander leaves on the dish. Anushka comes calling his name. The bowl falls from his hand. He looks at her angrily and makes her eat hot vegetable dish. Anushka gets tears in her eyes. Mr. Kapoor asks her not to call from behind next time. She drinks water. Mr. Kapoor starts cutting coriander. Anushka requests him to cancel the deal this time. She says we will do partnership with someone else. Mr. Kapoor gets angry and asks what are you saying. It is shown that Nisha, Ria and Abhi are hearing them. Nisha tells that she fixed transmitter on Anushka’s jewellery. Kammo sees Mr. Kapoor pointing knife on Anushka and gets scared. She tries to go, but Mr. Kapoor calls her and asks her to switch off the stove after 3 whistles. Kammo says ok. He takes Anushka forcibly. Kammo thinks he is a mad man and not right. I can’t tell anything. Anushka apologizes.

Ria says Mr. Kapoor will beat Anushka now. Don’t know what he will do now. Anushka apologizes. He closes the door, takes out ice cubes from the fridge and puts in the hanky. Anushka gets scared. Mr. Kapoor proceeds towards her while rotating the cloth. Anushka apologizes and begs him not to beat her. Abhi says I won’t leave him. Nisha asks him to have patience as everything will be finished. He will be alert if you go to his room. Mr. Kapoor asks did you started loving your husband’s lookalike? He attacks her with ice balls. Anushka cries. Mr. Kapoor asks her to keep quiet. He says you will work for me until your death husband’s loss will recover. I hope it will recover by next year. He asks her to use her body instead of brain till now.

Anushka gets scared. Mr. Kapoor says you are looking more beautiful now, so that anyone can melt. He asks her to come to me. Anushka gets scared. Ria says she can’t listen anymore. Abhi says he can’t listen too. Nisha says we have to hear it. Ria feels pain for Anushka. Abhi says she is bearing everything for her mother. Nisha says she can be free. Abhi asks how? Nisha says Anushka sees her husband Gautam in Abhi. She asks him to become Gautam for Anushka. She says she might be searching for the support in you and asks him to act loving her. Abhi is shocked. Ria asks what are you saying? Nisha says only Anushka can help us. She is so scared that she doesn’t trust anyone, but she will trust Gautam look alike Abhi. Abhi says you wants me to play with her emotions and refuses to support Nisha. He leaves. Nisha says this is kalyug, we have to take support of a lie to win. She asks Ria to make Abhi agree to do this. Ria is tensed.

Nisha tells that it is a daram yudh and says time has come to choose right and wrong. Kapoor is a desh drohi and your family’s life is in danger. Ria tells that she will support her, but the idea will be hers. Mr. Kapoor tells that terrorist looks like a common man, may be you or me. Everyone looks on.

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