Tum Aise Hi Rehna 28th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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Abhi tells Ria that time has not come to tell the truth. My mother even has a heart and can get emotional. We can win her heart and then things will get easy for us. Ria agrees with Abhi and hugs him. He asks her to wear the dress. Ria smiles and says ok.

Dadisaa asks Vishesh about his preference to do job over business. Vishesh says he likes to do a job rather than opting to do business. He says I never ran after money. We are happy with whatever we have. Dadisaa says happiness can’t be brought by this money. Vishesh says happiness is because of inner happiness. Rukmani gets impressed with his words and likes his simplicity and honesty. She says her husband and brother in law work honestly. Lata brings tea.

Vishesh tells Rukmani that they share and do their house work.

Lata says we can afford a servant, but we don’t want to keep a maid. Vishesh says Ria makes good food. Abhi helps Ria and prays for them. Ria smiles. Lata calls Ria. Ria smiles and tries to go. Abhi holds her hand and reminds her that she is his. Yeh Do Dilon Ka Rishta Hai plays………………He kisses her on her forehead and gives her best wishes.

Ria comes downstairs. Dadisaa and Rukmani likes her instantly. Dadisaa praises her beauty. Lata introduces Ria to Rukmani and Dadisaa. Ria greets them. Rukmani asks her to sit with them. Dadisaa questions Ria about contact lenses and asks do you wear it. Ria says no. Lata says it is God’s blessings that she don’t have to wear that. Dadisaa says Radhe Sham said that she is doing internship. Rukmani asks whether she likes to work after marriage. Lata says she will work and will also manage her home like me. Abhi gets tensed.

Dadisaa asks them about inhouse mandir. Vishesh and Lata take them there. Rukmani prays. Lata prays for Ria’s happiness. Dadisaa praises temple and asks them did they know bhagan and shlokas. Lata says Ria sings bhajan well. Ria sings bhajan. Rukmani and Dadisaa get impressed with her. Abhi smiles. Rukmani kisses her on her forehead. She likes Ria and tells Lata. Dadisaa says we want to know about your family and asks about photos. Ria says we have albums in my room. Dadisaa asks her to come. Ria thinks Abhi is there. Dadisaa asks where is your room. Abhi hides beneath the bed. Dadisaa likes her room and asks her to show the album. Lata sees Abhi beneath the bed and thinks if they see the photos then will come to know that she is medical doctor. He hides her apron.

Dadisaa asks what is this noise. Ria says nothing. Lata says we will see the album in the hall. Phone bell rings. Dadisaa says someone’s phone is ringing. Abhi throws the phone. Rukmani bends down to pick it. Lata takes the phone and tells Rukmani that it was Radhe Sham’s call. Dadisaa tells Rukmani that Abhi is having the same mobile. Lata says this model is very popular in the market and was gifted by vishesh. They leave the room.

Abhi’s father comes back home and asks about Dadisaa and Rukmani. Sheetal tells them that they have gone somewhere. Sarthak asks where did they go? Dadisaa praises Ria and her parents. She praises their upbringing. Rukmani says we had a misunderstanding that working women can’t manage home and kids, but our thinking have changed. Now seems like a women can do anything. Our heart is happy meeting them. It is our good luck to have relation with you.

Rukmani tells Sheetal that they have made up their mind to accept Ria’s proposal and tells a condition. Sheetal informs Lata and family that Rukmani doesn’t want Ria to work after marriage.

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