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Ria refuses to go from back door and goes towards the main door. Sheetal gets tensed. Rukmani gets up from chair and proceeds towards the stairs. Sheetal closes her eyes. Ria leaves without Rukmani seeing her. Sheetal thinks Ria’s phone is in her room. Ria thinks Lata insisting Abhi to bring his parents. Ria thinks to call Abhi and realizes that her phone is left in Abhi’s house. Rukmani holds Ria’s phone and says this doctor left this phone here. She asks Kiran to send the phone to the hospital.

Abhi calls on her phone. Rukmani sees sweetheart displaying as a caller name and says her lover call have come. She picks the call and says hello. Abhi is surprised. Rukmani tells him that doctor left the phone at her house. Abhi disconnects the call. Ria calls Abhi and yells

at him for lying about her. She breaks every relation with him. Abhi is tensed.

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Lata tells Vishesh that Ria is not saying anything. Vishesh asks her to say. Ria tells them that Abhi is not trustworthy person as he says something and do something. Lata and Vishesh are shocked. Revathi asks Rukmani to inform Radhe Sham that they want to meet girl’s parents. Rukmani says ok. Abhi comes there. Ria says the big planner have come. He gets afraid to accept his love infront of his family and that’s why want to name love marriage as arranged one. Vishesh asks what am I hearing? Abhi asks them to trust him. He tells that he tells about his mother’s rules and says he wants to marry Ria. His mother liked Ria’s photo and wants to see Ria. Ria refuses.

Vishesh says Ria is a doctor, have to do night shift too. Will you mother agree to it. Marriage is about spending life together. Abhi is leaving. Door bell rings. Lata insists to open the door if Mrs. Rastogi is there at the door. Abhi peeps through the eye ball and sees Rukmani and Dadisaa. He gets tensed and informs Ria and her parents that his dadi and maa came. Ria says hide and seek game will end today. Abhi requests them to handle the situation.

Abhi promises that he will marry Ria only. Ria says I don’t believe on promises and will marry you by telling truth. Rukmani calls Radhe Sham as Ria’s parents not open the door. Radhe Sham picks the call and gets tensed. Rukmani tells him that they aren’t at home. We came here without informing them to know about working woman’s habits. Ria says she will open the door herself. Lata stops Ria and holds her hand. She says I will open the door. She asks her to marry the one who loves you. She says Abhi can’t promise wrongly. He really loves you truely that’s why his mum is standing at our door step. She asks Abhi to go inside and asks Ria to get ready. Lata tells Vishesh that we will decide together and asks him to support her. Vishesh asks her to open the door else they will leave.

Lata prays for Ria’s betterment. and goes to open the door. Dadisaa asks Rukmani to ring the bell for last time. Lata opens the door. Rukmani looks at Lata’s saree. Lata greets them and asks about them. Rukmani tells her that Radhe Sham sent them. They ask about the bell. Lata says it is not working properly. She asks them to come in. Abhi selects the dress for Ria and makes her wear the dupatta. He sits beside her and looks in the mirror. He says I was thinking that my mum will get bowled over by your beauty and will hug you forgetting her rules. If you go for a formality then your inner beauty can’t be shown on your face. Ria says lie makes beauty ugly. Abhi promises to tell the truth before her entry in his house hold.

Ria comes infront of Rukmani and Dadisaa. Dadisaa praises her beauty and insists to see the table. Ria says it is in her room. Dadisaa asks her to take them to her room. Ria gets tensed and thinks Abhi is in her room.

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