Tum Aise Hi Rehna 26th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Tum Aise Hi Rehna 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aanchal/Ria tells Abhi that Guruji and his shishya want to get negative energy stay in the house. Abhi asks how did he get the knife stabbed in his stomach. She says he suffered because of that negative energy. Abhi says you was taking his side downstairs. I don’t believe that he can do it. Aanchal thinks she has no other option and takes his promise. She says she can bear anything, but not if he doubts on her. She promises to suicide if he doubts her. Abhi promises to believe her. She asks him to send her to mental assylum. She says nobody cares for me and hates me now. Abhi says everyone loves you. Sheetal comes there and tells Abhi that Rukmani called him. Abhi asks what is the matter? She asks him to come. Lata and Vishesh say we are not informed. Abhi greets them. Rukmani asks Abhi to

tell them what Ria is doing now a days. Abhi says we showed her to doctor. She took a tension. Lata asks what? Abhi is tensed. He says actually Ria couldn’t save a girl and that she is feeling guilty.

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Lata says she saw many deaths in the hospital. Kailash asks if this happens before marriage. Lata and Vishesh say no. She says this happened after her marriage. Rukmani asks do you think we are doing all this. Lata asks do you wants to hear that she has mental problem from before. Dadisaa interferes and says we called you to get the solution. Lata asks about Ria. Abhi says she is sleeping. Lata insists to meet her. Ria/Aanchal gets angry. Lata and Vishesh go to her room. Rukmani is irked. Abhi comes to his room and asks Ria to meet them. Lata hugs Ria/Aanchal. Ria asks why did you come in the night. I told you not to come. Vishesh says Sheetal called us. Ria asks did you come to take out spirit from me. Abhi asks what is this nonsense. Ria/Aanchal speaks ill about Guruji and Rukmani. She says they are doing conspiracy against her. She gives them promise not to come to her house unless she asks them. Lata and Vishesh get hurt. Ria says she will come to meet them if she wants to, and asks them not to come. Once they leaves, Aanchal laughs.

Lata says she doesn’t believe that she is their Ria. She can’t behave strangely. Vishesh says I think she has been tortured there, that’s why asks us to leave. Abhi thinks of her rude words asking Vishesh and Lata not to come to her again house. He gets tensed and calls Lata. He apologizes to her for Ria’s misbehavior. Lata asks him to listen to him. She says Ria never lies and asks him to try to understand her point. Abhi says he will talk to Ria. Ria wakes up and asks what did I do yesterday night.

She asks him to say what has happened? She says she can’t misbehave with her mumma and papa. Abhi asks her to sit? Ria tells him about Anghori and Aanchal tying her to chair and stabbing Guruji. Abhi asks her to tell everything from start and promises to believe her. Ria tells him everything. She tells about Aanchal entering in her body at night. She tells everything. Abhi gets teary eyed and says sorry to her. He says I didn’t hear you. I won’t leave that Aanchal. Ria says we can’t fight with her alone. We have to go to Guruji. Ria says our family won’t let me go. Abhi says you was alone before, but now I am with me. We will go together. Ria smiles. Tum Aise Hi Rehna plays……………She hugs him.

Ria apologizes to everyone. Abhi tells them that Ria needs to go doctor and takes her. Guruji’s shishyas stop Ria and Abhi.

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