Tum Aise Hi Rehna 25th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 25th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhi shows the photo of Ria to Radhe Sham. Radhe sham asks who is she? Abhi tells him about Ria and her parents Vishesh and Lata Verma Agarwal. He gives their intro. Radhe sham says it is clear that they had a love marriage. He says we will remove Verma from her name. Dheer praises Radhe Sham ji. Abhi says it is okay. Radhe Sham asks about Ria’s education. Abhi says she is a doctor. Radhe Sham says Rukmani ji doesn’t like working daughter in law. Abhi asks him to show the pic to his mom and handle the matter.

Radhe Sham gets Rukmani’s call. She asks him to bring other alliance. Radhe Sham tells her about Ria. She asks him to come with the photo. Abhi asks Dheer to get Ria’s photo printed and give it to Radhe Sham. Pinky cries. Rukmani tells Kiran that she is

having fever. Kiran says I will take you to doctor. Pinky says we will go to Dr. Ria. Sheetal hears her name and gets shocked. Rukmani asks Kiran to call Dr. Ria home. Kiran says I will call her.

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Sheetal says we will go to that hospital itself. Pinky cries and asks her to call Ria home and refuses to go to hospital. Rukmani says call that doctor here. Sheetal gets tensed. Ria gets Kiran’s call requesting her to come to her house. Ria agrees. Kiran tells her address. Ria thinks it is Abhi’s address. She thinks to ask Abhi first before going to his house and tells Kiran that she will call her. She calls Abhi, but his phone doesn’t connect. Kiran calls again asking her to come fast. Ria says ok and gets tensed.

Abhi gets Sheetal’s call asking him to stop Ria from coming to their house. Abhi says ok. Abhi is in his car and asks Dheer to call Ria. Dheer calls Ria, but her phone is not connecting. Ria reaches Maheshwari house and starts walking. Abhi reaches there and calls aloud for Ria. Ria doesn’t hear him and goes in. Abhi thinks game is over. Ria rings the door bell and thinks it is her to be sasural. She asks the servant to call Kiran.

Abhi gets his father’s call asking him to come to resort immediately. Abhi says can you postpone the meeting. He says no. Ria dreams about entering Abhi’s house after her marriage. Diya aur baati hum plays………………………She is about to step inside but is collided with Kamla. Flower basket falls from her hand. Kiran greets Ria. Kamla tells her that flower slipped from her hand. Ria starts walking on the flower petals and gets happy. Kiran calls Rukmani and says Dr. has come.

Rukmani asks her to take Doctor to Pinky. Ria says I will greet her. Kiran gets tensed and stops her. She says she will get angry as she is doing some work. Ria says ok. Rukmani asks Radhe Sham about Ria and her family. Radhe Sham tells her that Ria is a doctor and her parents work. Rukmani looks on surprisingly. Sheetal calls Abhi. Abhi tells her that Buaji called him to the resort for important work. He asks her to handle the situation.

Abhi’s dad calls him again. Abhi calls Sheetal and says everything is in your hands now. Rukmani says do you understand what happens when we have a doctor bahu. She tells about its disadvantages and refuses to have doctor bahu. Radhe Sham thinks it is good that I haven’t shown Abhi’s Ria. I will hide about her doctor status. Kamla comes and hears everything. Kamla recalls colliding with Ria at the door step. Dadisaa asks her not to open her mouth. She blames her for lost hand fan.

Radhe Sham shows Ria’s photo to Rukmani, who likes her instantly. Radhe Sham tells her that she isn’t working. Kamla thinks why Radhe Sham is lying. Ria gives injection to Pinky. Kiran says she gets afraid of injection. Pinky talks about Abhi. Ria tells her that he gets afraid of lizard. Pinky asks how do you know? Sheetal gets shocked.

Rukmani tells Dadisaa that they will meet the doctor and see Pinky. Sheetal tries to help Ria to leave. Rukmani comes.

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