Tum Aise Hi Rehna 25th February 2015 Written Episode Update


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Guruji’s reflection enters in him. Guruji gets up and comes near Tantrik. Tantrik says you are still alive, but you won’t be able to face me. He makes Guru ji fall down. Ria asks him to wake up. Aanchal tells Ria that Guruji has become stone now. Ria asks how can you take life of an innocent person. Aanchal makes Ria sit on the chair and ties her with a rope. Ria asks what are you doing? Abhi comes running calling for her. Ria tells that she will tell the truth to Abhi and family. Rukmani and family enter. Everyone get shocked seeing Guruji’s vegetable state. Abhi asks Ria, what has happened? Ria tells that Aanchal and Angori baba had attacked him. They get shocked. Angori comes indisguise of a Guruji’s shishya and cooks up a fake story that Ria attacked Guruji with a knife.

Abhi asks what are you saying? She is a doctor. His shishya says I binded her with a chair else she would have kill him.

Rukmani asks how dare you try to kill Guruji. Ria says no. Rukmani raises her hand on Ria and says she crossed all limits today. Abhi says Ria can’t do this. Aanchal and Angori smiles. Ria asks her to have faith on her and says he is not Guruji’s shishya, but Angori indisguise of his shishya. Rukmani says you left the party and came here. Angori/Shishya asks them to keep Ria tied to a chair. Abhi tries to open the rope. Rukmani stops him. Aanchal smiles. Abhi is helpless. Ria cries vigorously. Dadisaa folds her hand and apologizes. Rukmani prays for Guruji’s well being. She tells that Ria will be like this only and this is her punishment. Ria cries feeling helpless. Aanchal smirks.

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Kailash calls Rukmani and tells that Guruji’s half body is paralysed and we can just pray. Rukmani is shocked and prays to God. She tells that she did everything for her family. She says she is ashamed because of her daughter in law. Dadisaa asks her to pray. Rukmani says nothing can happen now. She says we would have go to jail if his shishya report against us. Aanchal comes and sees Ria sleeping. She tells that she separated her from her family. She says Abhi will love you seeing your condition, but he is not aware that it is me inside. Abhi comes there and says he can’t see Ria’s condition. He wonders what to do? He makes her drink water. She says I accept that I did a mistake, but please don’t punish me and take me to room. Abhi opens the rope. Aanchal smiles. She pretends to fall unconscious so abhi takes her in his arms. Revathi asks why did you open the rope? Abhi says she is my wife first. I have promised to protect her. He asks her to have faith on God.

Revathi informs everyone that Abhi untied Ria from the chair. Rukmani says we have to call Ria’s parents. She asks Sheetal to call her parents. Abhi makes Ria/Aanchal lie on the bed and closes the door. He asks her to tell the truth. He asks did you pushed Guruji and why did you call Guruji at home. He says he is not understanding anything. She gets up and tells that no soul has the right on her body. She tells that Guruji wants to scare them and get money. She says he scared everything. She cooks up a fake story and says he wanted to get negative energy inside the house. Abhi asks how he was stabbed the knife?

Vishesh and Lata come to meet Ria. Ria/Aanchal gets angry at them for coming late in the night. They say they were called. Ria/Aanchal asks have you come to take out the spirit from me. They get shocked.

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