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Ria questions Abhi from where did you get this ring. Abhi says it is a matter of thinking. I went to your house and got the ring. Ria says sorry for throwing the ring. Abhi says you should say sorry to this ring. He tells her that he made Meenakshi’s father agree. He says I can do everything for you. Ria smiles. He asks her to wear the ring and then hugs him. He makes her wear the ring again. Ria smiles. Tum Aise Hi Rehna plays………………..They hug each other while the song continues to play. Abhi tells her I love you. Ria says I love you too. She shows her phone and says your name is saved as sweetheart in my phone. He leaves.

Abhi gets Meenakshi’s call. Meenakshi thanks him. Meenakshi invites him to have momos with them. Abhi asks her to

get married first and thinks Meenakshi is perfect for Jammy, just like Ria who is perfect for him. He calls Ria and tells her I love you. He reaches home and hears Rukmani talking to Radha sham ji. She says Abhi is my son. I can’t believe on your words. Abhi gets tensed. He enters home and faces Rukmani.

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Radha Sham tells Abhi that it wasn’t good. Abhi thinks what is going on. Rukmani asks did you meet Meenakshi? Abhi nods in an agreement. Rukmani asks him not to meet Meenakshi nor her parents as his alliance is broken. Abhi asks what is the matter? Rukmani says Meenakshi’s parents called and said that they want to break the alliance and do not said any reason. She asks Radha Sham why did they want to break the alliance. Radhe Sham says I will enquire within an hour.

Rukmani says I don’t want to hear anything. I am talking to you as you are trustable. Radhe Sham apologizes and promise to bring a good alliance for Abhi. Radhe Sham leaves. Abhi thinks to stop him before he comes with new problem. Abhi goes to his room. Dadisaa tells Rukmani that she has more knowledge than her and says those people know facebook etc. We can’t trust on such people.

Abhi calls his friend and asks him to meet Radhe Sham immediately. His friend agrees. Abhi says I will come there in 5 mins. Sheetal comes and says you don’t lie to me naa. Abhi asks what is it? Sheetal asks did you make Meenakshi’s parents refuse for the alliance. Abhi says I respects woman. Just understand that I set Meenakshi’s life. Sheetal asks him to set his life as well. Abhi says I am going for that purpose. He comes out of his room and makes sad face. Revathi sees him and asks him to sit. She says we can understand what is going on in your heart. She consoles him.

Abhi makes sad face. Revathi asks him not to worry as everything happens for best. She asks him to hang out with friends. Abhi looks at Dadisaa and thinks my lovable Dadi is looking sad. He thinks to tease her and asks what I shall eat to get sleep. Dadisaa says I will get something for you and asks him to go out. Abhi smiles and goes out. He couldn’t stop laughing. Pinky sees him laughing and goes inside.

Pinky comes to Dadisaa and informs her that Abhi Chachu is laughing loudly holding his tummy. Dadisaa asks her to go to her room and tells Rukmani that Abhi is laughing because he is in shock. Rukmani thinks to call Radhe Sham. Dheer asks Radhe Sham about Meenakshi. He asks, who. Abhi tells Dheer that Radhe Sham will get him married to the girl of his choice. Radhe Sham refuses. Abhi tells him that he talked to Meenakshi’s parents. Dheer informs him that Meenakshi loves someone else. Abhi stops Dheer. Radhe Sham refuses to help.

Abhi tries to convince him saying it is a matter of goodwill. He tells him that we can’t be happy if we marry without our wish. Dheer offers him dakshina. Radhe Sham refuses. Dheer says what do you want then. Radhe sham tells them that his wife taunts him as he couldn’t afford to take her for honeymoon and wishes to go on a honeymoon with her. Abhi agrees to send him for honeymoon. Radhe Sham asks him to get the photo. Abhi looks at Ria’s photos.

Sheetal calls Abhi and informs him that Ria is coming to our house and asks him to stop her anyhow. Abhi reaches home and calls aloud for Ria. Ria enters his house. Abhi looks tensed.

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