Tum Aise Hi Rehna 24th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Tum Aise Hi Rehna 24th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Guruji asks Aanchal to leave. Aanchal says Abhi is mine, this house is mine. This is my Sautan, she shall leave. Abhi dances with Ria’s reflection on the song Oh Piya Re……………….The ring gets stuck in her pallu. He tries to remove it. Ria asks him not to remove the ring under any circumstances. Aanchal asks Guruji to let her leave. Suddenly Aanchal’s reflection divides into many. Ria and Guruji is shocked to see so many images of Aanchal. He throws Gangajal on them while reciting the mantras and gets confused. Aanchal laughs. Guruji prays to Devimaa. Aanchal enters in Ria’s body and laughs. She asks him to throw the gangajal on her and says she will burn Ria with her. Guruji is shocked. Ria asks him to throw Gangajal on her and asks her to think about her family. Guruji says

he can’t hurt her. Aanchal asks Angori baba to give her strength. He nods. Aanchal forwards her hand and presses Ria’s neck. Ria falls down.

She attacks Ria with Tantrik powers. Guruji recites the mantras. Aanchal attacks Guruji and laughs. Guruji falls down. Aanchal calls him stupid. She says my strength has doubled and now you both will die. She laughs. Tantrik is seen with Aanchal’s spirit and asks them to attack each other. Aanchal give fire wood to Ria. Ria tries to leave it, but can’t. Tantrik laughs and eyes Guruji. He gives another fire wood to Guru ji. Aanchal and Tantrik laugh. Aanchal says it will be fun seeing them dying. Tantrik asks Aanchal to see how this Guru ji dies with Ria. They laugh again. Ria and Guru ji are shocked. Ria asks Guruji to do something. Guruji says he snatched my powers. They make Ria and Guruji fly in the air. Aanchal asks him to bear the death. Guruji takes out the holy beads from his neck and throws on the fire wood. Both of them fell down. Tantrik laughs and says this is the difference between good and bad thing. You knows well that this fire wood doesn’t let anything wrong happen with you, and you saved Ria. He says your strength is with me now. Who will save you now. He takes out a knife and throws it on Guruji. Ria gets shocked.

Abhi and Ria dance on the song Oh Re Piya Re………..Sheetal tells Sarthak that Ria is looking happy. Tantrik throws the knife on Guruji. Imaginary Ria feels pain while being with family members. Everyone get stunned. Actual Ria shouts seeing Guru ji injured. Ria asks him to get up. Abhi asks what happened. Imaginary Ria tells him that her stomach is paining. Abhi asks are you ok? Ria sees blood on her stomach. She goes to washroom. She says it means Guruji’s life is in danger. I am his reflection. I have to go and help him. Tantrik tells him that he will make him suffer. Kailash asks Rukmani to check for Ria. She asks Kiran to go inside. Abhi gets Ria’s call informing him that she is going home. Abhi says how can she go home. Rukmani wonders why she went without informing them. Everyone rush home. Rukmani apologizes to guests. Tantrik says he will kill Guruji. Ria folds her hands and asks him not to kill him. Aanchal says she will kill Guruji as he is Ria’s support. Imaginary Ria come there, holding her stomach and sees Guruji injured in pain. She rushes to him and get in. Guruji gets strength and takes out the knife. Ria is teary eyed.

Everyone come home calling for Ria. They get shocked seeing Ria tied to a chair and Guruji on the floor. Rukmani scolds Ria and says she tried to kill Guruji. Ria cries and nods no.

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