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Abhi brings Ria and make her lie on the bed after a romantic shower together. She holds his hand and gets romantic. She kisses him looking at Aanchal. Aanchal fumes and couldn’t be able to take it any more. She pushes the vase to stop them. Ria tells Abhi that it seems even air is getting jealous of us. Abhi says I am not understanding. Ria asks him not to speak. Abhi and Ria are about to get closer, Aanchal picks up the knife and is about to attack them, but just then Sheetal calls Abhi and Ria to come outside. Ria gets up and tells Sheetal that she will be there in 2 mins. She eyes the sindoor bottle and picks the sindoor bottle. She asks Abhi to fill her maang today. Aanchal gets jealous and fumes in anger. She feels hurt. Abhi fills her maang and goes to change. Ria smiles and tells

Aanchal that Abhi will be hers only and she can’t snatch her sindoor. She says you will soon accept it. Today will be last day of yours. She proceeds towards her with sindoor. Aanchal escapes before it falls on her. Ria thinks to find a way to skip party.

Everyone wait for Ria. Ria prays to Kanha ji and asks him to give strength to protect her husband. Sheetal asks her to get ready fast. Ria comes. Dadisaa takes out the evil eye. Kammo comes and tells her that Dr. Gandhi came. Abhi tells Kailash that he might have come to talk about Ria. Dr. Gandhi comes and greets Ria. He tells them that he came with a purpose. He tells that he wants to present Ria’s case infront of the panel of doctor, that’s why he wants to take some tests. Kailash asks him to go ahead. He asks Abhi to go as he will drop Ria after the test. Ria thinks God is helping her. She asks Abhi to go. Rukmani insists to stay with Ria. Doctor says it will take 10 mins. Rukmani asks Kammo to stay with Ria. Ria asks Abhi to go.

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Kammo thinks why Ria is happy staying at home. Dr. Gandhi asks her to sit. Ria tells him that she has some important work to do. Kammo thinks why she is doing this. Dr. Gandhi says I am doing this for you. She gets a call from Guruji informing her that he came to do the work. Dr. Gandhi/Guruji smiles. He control’s Kammo’s mind asking her to go to party. Guruji comes to his avatar. Ria thanks him. Everyone wait for Ria at the party. Abhi says Dr. Gandhi will bring Ria. Guruji asks Ria to stand there and marks the round.

Guruji starts the puja. Ria looks on worried. Rukmani tells Abhi that her heart is shaking. Ria asks Guruji, how much time will it take. Guruji says it will take some time and asks her not to step out of the holy fire. Ria insists to call Abhi, but Guruji stops her. Rukmani asks Abhi to bring Ria. Just then Ria comes and apologizes to them. Guruji tells Ria that it was just your reflection and it will help you. Sheetal asks Ria and Abhi to cut the cake. Kiran asks them to dance. Rukmani says what is the point to dance infront of family. Dadisaa asks her to let them enjoy. Kailash too insists and asks them to enjoy. Abhi sings Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho………….and dances with her.

Ria asks Guruji about the mirror. Guruji tells her about its use. He asks Aanchal to come infront of her. Aanchal comes infront of them and the mirror gets broken. Guruji asks her to sit. Aanchal refuses. Guruji shows the stick. Aanchal sits down seeing it. He throws something on her and asks why did you come. You have to go. Aanchal says Abhi is mine, this house is mine, this is my sautan. Guruji asks her to leave.

Aanchal calls Anguri Baba, the tantrik. Guruji says your voice can’t reach him. Tantrik opens his eyes and comes there. Guruji is shocked to see so many reflections of Aanchal.

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