Tum Aise Hi Rehna 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update


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Ria gets ready for work. Latha asks her to come home soon as people are coming to see her. Ria gets annoyed hearing that. Latha taunts some people talk sweet and keep people waiting for years.

Abhi searches for someone in all the hotels, but does not find him. He calls his Sarthak who asks where is he. He asks if his uncle and dad asked about him. Sarthak says he lied and managed situation somehow. Abhi says he did not find Meenakshi’s boyfriend Jammy yet in any hotel. Sarthak asks him to not lose hope soon. Abhi then reaches another hotel and sees a singer singing song. He asks his name,and singer says he is Jammy, Jamnaprasad.

Mr. Agarwal asks Latha why is she upsetting their daughter thinking about other and her sister. Latha says her sister is right and Ria

is ruining her life. Agarwal says their daughter has grown up now and is a doctor, knows what is best for her and asks Latha not to force her.

Jammy signs a song and Abhi asks if he is singing for Meenakshi. Jammy asks how does he know her and if she sent him to convince him. Abhi asks if he wants to marry her or not. Jammy says her dad called him long haired lady and insulted him. Abhi says he should think about Meenakshi and nobody else. Sarthak comes there and asks who is this cartoon. Abhi says he is an artist and needs job, is Meenakshi’s boyfriend. Sarthak ask why should he get him job. Abhi says if he does not, his life will also be colorless like him.

Ria says her friend that she is tensed about her mother forcing her to go to US and Abhi not yet wanting to marry her even after 1.5 years.

Abhi calls Reena and informs that he found out Jammy. She asks how did he find him. He says if you try hard, you will. He then says Jammy that he got a job now and should marry Meenakshi. Jammy says how will he. Abhi says if he really loves Meenakshi, he should come with him to Meenakshi’s house.

Abhi goes to Meenakshi’s house and requests her dad to accept Jammy as his jamai. Dad gets angry. Abhi calls Meenakshi and asks if she wants to marry him or Jammy. She says Jammy. Abhi says he got a job for Jammy in his resort now and he should agree for their marriage. Dad asks why should he. Abhi says he and Meenakshi cannot be happy as they love someone else, he loves Ria. He says Meenakshi’s mother that like other guy, he would have rejected Meenakshi, but he is not like that and saw that Meenakshi is very simple and is sacrificing her life for her parents. He asks dad to take a decision if he wants to come to his house to fix alliance or break it and leaves from there.

Ria gets Abhi’s call and asks why is he sensing happy today. He says he is very happy and asks which is the most romantic hindi movie till now. She says DDLJ. He says he did a big job than reel life hero SRK and asks her to come and see herself. She asks him to stop his drama and says she will come there.

Ria reaches Abhi’s told spot and does not find him in his car. She then sees flowers on car’s bonnet with a love letter and gift box over it. She thinks her hero must be peeping her from nearby. She opens gift box and finds Abhi’s gifted ring which she threw. Abhi comes in front of her.

Precap: Rukmani says someone that she knows Abhimanyu well and he will not do anything without her knowledge.

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