Tum Aise Hi Rehna 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Abhi tells Anushka that he will stand against Kapoor and asks her to leave. Anushka holds his hand to stop him. She says you are a very good man. She tells you need to know the truth as you are going to face Mr. Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor comes and sits with Rukmani. He tries to trap her with his emotional blackmailing. He requests him to forgive Abhi and Ria. Ria thinks what is this new drama. Mr. Kapoor says you are from reputated family, and a mother too. Rukmani says she can’t forgive as of now. She will never forget this thing. Kapoor says I can understand that your heart is hurt. He tells he did a mistake as he told everything. He asks Ria to apologize to Rukmani from her heart. Rukmani says not needed. Kammo thinks he is a human or not, he is talking sweet now. Mr. Kapoor says he will cook the

food now. Dadisaa asks him to leave it as they will cook. Mr. Kapoor says he will shift to resort if you refuse to let me cook. Revathi praises him. He looks at Ria.

Anushka shows the pic to Abhi. He says you wants to say that someone else is filling your maang and not Mr. Kapoor. Anushka asks him to decide after seeing the pic. He gets shocked to see his pic, filling Anushka’s maang. Mr. Kapoor says he got a family and is happy. He turns and stares Ria. Ria says he wants to win our family’s heart. I am understanding his trick. Abhi takes the photo and asks how can this happen? Ria prays to Kanha ji and says why no one is able to see his true face. She prays for help and asks him to show the way. Door bell rings. She opens the door and sees Nisha. Nisha smiles. Rukmani asks who is this girl? Nisha hugs Ria. Rukmani shouts who is she?

Anushka says I was shocked too, when I saw you. He is Gautam. He wanted to do so much and wants to fulfill his dream. Gautam met Kapoor and started business. Mr. Kapoor blamed Gautam for the loss and got him killed. He tells her that he suffered loss because of Gautam and that’s why selling her respect to get money. Abhi looks on.

Nisha comes inside and touches Rukmani’s feet. Rukmani asks who are you? Nisha tells that she is her friend and meeting Ria after a long time. She tells that Ria is angry with her. She gives sweets to Rukmani. Ria introduces family members to Nisha. Mr. Kapoor comes and introduces himself as Rajeev. Ria gets tensed. He introduces himself again. Nisha introduces herself as Nisha Deshmukh. Mr. Kapoor says he is a guest, but host now. He asks her to taste the food and promises that it will be last food. Nisha asks what? Mr. Kapoor says it is so delicious, and asks her about her city. Ria says Delhi, Nisha tells Bharat Pur. Mr. Kapoor looks on.

Anushka cries and tells that she can’t keep eye contact with anyone or herself. She tells Gautam is dead and will not return. Abhi says I don’t understand why you are telling me all this. This Kapoor is threatening me and you are telling your story to me, why? Anushka says she can’t see Gautam lookalike in trouble. She warns him against Mr. Kapoor. Nisha tells her that she was in delhi when her father was posted there. Later she shifted to Bharatpur. Mr. Kapoor says Ms. Nisha and asks about her marital status. Nisha asks him to call Nisha. Ria says don’t know. When I got married, then she didn’t come. Nisha says she isn’t married and asks why you are asking me. Mr. Kapoor laughs and says he is married.

Rukmani asks Ria to take her inside. Revathi says guests have come home. Rukmani looks on. Abhi thinks how can anyone resembles me. Nisha comes to Ria’s room. Abhi asks you are here? Nisha says you don’t know me here. She closes the door and says we can’t tell anyone right now. Ria says he is cooking food and threatened us to kill everyone. She sees the photo and gets shocked seeing Anusha photo with Abhi.

Nisha asks Abhi to become Gautam for Anushka as she has been missing him. She asks him to act as loving her. Ria and Abhi are shocked.

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