Tum Aise Hi Rehna 19th February 2015 Written Episode Update


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Aanchal comes outside the temple and stares Ria. Ria recalls Guruji asking her to read the shlokas and then she can asks the spirit. Ria asks why you are after me? Aanchal says to ruin you, because you are the reason for my end. Ria says I tried to save you, then why you hates me so much. Aanchal says you snatched my Abhi from me. She says she won’t be at peace until she gets peace. She will get Abhi in any circumstances. She says your mangalsutra and sindoor can’t do anything to me. Only I have the right on my Abhi. Ria says I don’t know what was your relation with him, but today I am his wife. Our relation is for many births. I can’t let anything wrong happen. Everyone worries for Ria. Revathi says we shall report in the police. Sheetal prays for Ria’s safety. Aanchal tells her

that I have right on your body as the sun sets. She says your husband becomes mine and the day is not far when he will be mine completely. Ria says ok, if that is the case then enter me. She says you can’t enter the temple, so I will come out. She walks down the stairs. Aanchal looks on. Ria tells that you can’t do anything wrong happen to us. I will protect my husband. I can go on any extent to save my husband. Aanchal tries to enter Ria, but fails. Ria smiles.

Abhi comes to the temple and hugs Ria. He asks why you came here? Ria says she came to pray for her husband. Ria hugs him. Aanchal gets jealous seeing them together. Ria thinks I won’t let you come to my house. Abhi and Ria leaves in the car. Aanchal thinks you challenged me. You didn’t see my strength until now. I will ruin you. Abhi and Ria come home. He tells her that the family will bombard her with questions and asks what she will say. Ria says whatever she is doing is to save her family, her relation etc. She asks him to support her. Abhi says I trusts you. He kisses on her forehead.

Sarthak says Ria didn’t come till now. Sheetal is worried for the party as she kept party for her. Rukmani asks Sheetal to call Ria’s family. Abhi and Ria come inside the house. Ria says sorry as she couldn’t inform them before going. Rukmani says she could have informed us before going else she could have informed Abhi. She says she didn’t have anything since morning. Dadisaa asks why you are repeating the same mistake. Ria apologizes to them. Rukmani says we shall no, where did you go? Abhi answers and says she went to temple. Rukmani says you would have inform us. Ria says everyone was sleeping when I went. I forgot my phone at home, and I couldn’t inform you. Kailash comes back from the trip and asks what is in food. Sheetal tells him about the party. Kiran informs Sheetal that she planned the party. Ria says she is very tired and says shall we go tomorrow. Sheetal and Kiran insist her to come. Abhi asks her to get ready. Rukmani says you always hide her mistakes. Everyone was worried about her. Abhi says she is mentally unwell and we have to foresee her mistakes. Rukmani says her way is wrong. Abhi says that’s why she apologizes to you. He requests her to give sometime to Ria. Kailash says I needs Rukmani’s time and says he has decided to wear same color as Rukmani. Everyone smiles.

Ria calls Guruji and says she prepared for the puja, but there is a problem. She says her family is going to a party with her. Guruji says it is not a problem as we have to do puja while the family is away. Ria says it won’t be possible for me to come back. Guruji says you have strength of my Sadhna. He blesses her. Abhi comes and asks her, with whom you was talking to. He says let me guess. You might be planning surprise for us. Ria says she will tell later and says after this surprise, they will be happy forever. Abhi goes to change his clothes. Ria looks at the bed and gets angry seeing the bed cover and pillow covers. She takes out the bed sheet. Abhi asks her to give the towel. Ria says she is changing the bed sheet. She changes it and comes to give him towel. Abhi gets romantic and says mischief. Suddenly electricity fluctuates. Ria gets tensed. Abhi and Ria enjoy the shower together while the song Tum Aise Hi Rehna plays………………..Abhi brings her to the bed while carrying in his arms. Aanchal gets jealous seeing Abhi holding her. Ria looks at her and says you can’t win Abhi’s heart. He is mine.

Ria kisses Abhi and looks at Aanchal. Aanchal fumes and throws the vase. Ria says it seems even air is getting jealous of us. Aanchal holds the knife and is about to stab Ria.

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