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Ria reaches inside the samadhi and asks Guruji to open the eyes. She insists to talk to him and says everything is on stake. Her life, Abhi and family are on stake. Guruji breaks the samadhi and says it is anarth. Ria says she needed his help and apologizes. Guruji says I sat for you and you have broken my samadhi. Guruji says I know that she is after you and occupied your body. Ria says you knew it since when. A flashback is shown. Guruji says she came here following you. I can see her. She is standing at the door. Aanchal tries to enter, but couldn’t. He tells her that you can’t come inside. Ria asks Guruji, why didn’t you do anything. Guruji says she is not alone, but has tantrik support. I sat on samadhi to get some powers. Ria tells him that Aanchal threatened her to take her place

and home. Guruji asks her not to worry and says time has come to face her. He throws the holy water. Aanchal feels pain and leaves.

Guruji says you shall know why she wants to get your husband and what is her enemity with you. He asks her to enquire and then says that he will do puja at home. He says only you have to attend the puja and not your family. He gives her shlokas book and asks her to read. He says that spirit will be forced to come to you and then you can ask her question. Ria takes it and thanks him.

Ria comes home and her saree pallu gets stuck on the plant. She frees it. Abhi gets a call as he comes to his room. He looks at the bed and asks Ria to have food. He takes out the blanket and sees Ria sleeping. He asks her to eat. Ria asks do you love me. Abhi says ofcourse. Real Ria comes inside and sees Abhi hugging the fake Ria. She tries to speak, but Aanchal makes her voice unheard.Abhi asks her to eat and goes to freshen up. He look at the door and closes it. He can’t even see the real Ria. Aanchal smirks. Ria cries. She recalls the lady reading the satyavati path and telling about the married woman powers. She wipes her tears and goes near the mandir. The fake Ria turns out to be the tantrik. Aanchal tells the tantrik that she wants to feel Abhi. He tells her that he will give her power to take any avatar tomorrow. He laughs. Aanchal says she wants to be like Ria. Tantrik says Ria knows about you. Now you have to be careful and face her. Ria
comes to the temple and recalls Guruji’s words.

She opens the holy book and reads all night. Abhi comes to the hall. Kammo tells that she got flowers for Ria. Rukmani tells Abhi that they didn’t see Ria since morning. He calls her, but her phone is in the room. Sheetal says food is ready. Rukmani says Ria is not in the house. Abhi goes in search of her. Ria recalls Guruji asking her not to lose strength while reading the book. It may appear to be difficult, but in the end she will get immense strength. Abhi comes to the hospital. He then calls home and informs that Ria is not there. Dadisaa gets worried. Tantrik acts weirdly and dances. Aanchal tells him that someone is trying to pull her. The tantrik tells her to go as she can’t oversee married woman powers. Aanchal says she will ruin her. Ria finishes the book in the night. She asks Devimaa to give her strength to protect her husband. She turns and sees Aanchal standing.

Aanchal says she will get Abhi in any circumstances and challenges Ria. Ria says you can’t get my abhi. Aanchal promises to make her life hell.

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