Tum Aise Hi Rehna 17th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dadisaa is making some medicine. Rukmani asks what are you doing? Dadisaa says she is making desi tablet and asks Sheetal to give it to Ria. Servant comes and gives the car keys to Ria. Ria thinks to meet Guruji and puts the covered pillows on the bed. Sheetal is coming towards her room. Ria goes to change her saree. She changes her saree and is leaving from the window. Sheetal opens the door. Abhi stops her and asks to let Ria rest. Sheetal says ok. Ria prays to Kanha ji and leaves. She sees the servant in the garden and tries to go silently. Her phone rings. Servant hears the ring and wonders who is there. Ria picks Lata’s call. She says she is fine. Lata insists to come to her house. Ria asks her to come later. Servant hears her voice and goes towards the plants. Ria hides.


calls Abhi and tells him that he heard a girl’s voice. Abhi recalls Ria’s words. He asks the servant to take a photo. Servant says he will take a video. Ria thinks how to go? She throws a stone to divert his attention. Abhi comes there. The servant tells him that he heard the sound from there. Ria jumps from the gate and leaves. Abhi sees her and gets worried. He thinks how can it be possible as Ria is sleeping inside. He sees the arrangement on the bed and thinks Ria is sleeping. He prays to God to make her fine. Ria is driving the car and thinks she can do anything for their love. Aanchal throws color on her car mirror.

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Ria stops the car and couldn’t start it again. A wind starts. Ria gets tensed. She tells that she won’t stop and knows that she is trying to stop her. Aanchal writes on the car. Ria reads it. She pours kerosene and light it on fire. Ria gets shocked and tries to come out of her burning car. She manages to come out and starts running. She tells Aanchal that she will reach guruji. She says you didn’t see a wife’s stubborness. She collides with a truck and falls down. The truck goes from her. She didn’t get even a scratch. All the passer by rush to her and asks her not to walk blindly. Aanchal throws a stone on her to make her unconscious. She smirks. Ria hears Aanchal laugh. She gets up and thinks to proceed. Aanchal eyes her.

Ria feels pain in her head, but start walking again. She falls down again. Aanchal smirks. Tantrik tells Aanchal that her body will be yours once sun sets and then she couldn’t reach guruji. Aanchal smirks. Ria prays to God to help and protect her. She sees the temple and rushes towards it. Aanchal runs to get inside her, but Ria holds the idol at the right moment and Aanchal gets pushed away as she tries to enter her. Ria thanks the God and apologizes as she is holding the God’s idol. She asks him to come with her. Aanchal gets angry and thinks why she is getting protected from her attack.

Ria comes to the Guruji’s ashram and insists to meet Guruji. His Shishya says that Guruji is in Samadhi. He can’t meet anyone. Ria tells that she came here risking her life. She says I wants to meet him. She then insists to meet the one who came to Maheshwari Nivas. They take her to Ashish. Ria says so you are the one who told my family that everyone is fine. She says why did you lie? My family thinks that I am mentally unwell. She asks him to get up and removes the cloth from her legs. She sees him without legs. Other Shashiya tells that he was about to go to your house, when some negative energy stopped him and make an accident. Ria gets shocked.

Abhi thinks to wake up early for having food and removes the blanket. Ria comes back and gets shocked.

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