Tum Aise Hi Rehna 14th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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Abhi’s phone starts ringing. Rukmani eyes Abhi. Abhi gets up to pick the call. Rukmani asks him to have breakfast first and says let the phone ring. Mr. Agarwal tells Ria that Abhi isn’t picking the call. Lata asks him to call from Ria’s phone. Ria calls on his number. Rukmani goes to attend the call. Abhi gets tensed. Rukmani sees Rai as the caller and asks who is this? She picks the call and tells that they are having food and asks him to call later. Mr. Agarwal is shocked as she didn’t give him a chance to speak.

Sarthak comes home. Rukmani asks him to have food after freshen up. Sarthak says ok. Abhi signs him something. Abhi’s phone rings again. Abhi takes his phone and goes in the hall. He greets Agarwal. Agarwal tells him that they want to talk about their engagement

to his parents and says you both have to get engaged properly. Abhi says ok. Ria takes the call and asks him not to show ego. Ria says ok. She goes to her room and continues talking to him. She says I have started dreaming about our wedding. Abhi smiles. Rukmani comes and asks Abhi to meet Meenakshi once. She asks him to go with Sheetal. Abhi gets tensed as Ria’s words echoes in his ears. He tells Ria that he will talk later. Ria gets tensed.

Abhi thinks what to do? He calls his friend Dheer and asks him to come home now. Dheer says I can’t come now and says he will come tomorrow. Abhi says I am in problem. Dheer asks him to sleep tension free. Rukmani knocks on Abhi’s door. Abhi keeps the clothes in his almara and cleans the room. She says I talked to Meenakshi’s parents. Go and meet her tomorrow. If you don’t like her then we will see other alliance. You do one thing, stop meeting that girl. She says Sarthak loved one girl, but we send him to Jaipur for a month. Later he forgot her and married Sheetal. Elders are always right. You will realize that you are wrong. Abhi’s phone rings again.

Ria wonders why Abhi isn’t picking her call. Rukmani says marry with elder’s choice. Your mum is very clear about it. I won’t go to the house where love marriage happens. Abhi gets tensed. He calls Ria. Ria asks what happened to you? Abhi says today is the bad day. Ria asks are you mad? Abhi says I am sorry. Ria says I uploaded my photo wearing that ring on facebook and asks him to check. Abhi messages her sorry. He sees her photo on facebook and gives her flying kiss. He picks the call and says today is very special day. She is Reena at the other side. She asks him to check photo on facebook. Abhi disconnects the call. Reena thinks why jiju is disconnecting the call.

Ria tells Abhi that she is on facebook till 12. Abhi lies to her saying my client has got some serious illness, facetelesemia. Ria says it is not a disease. Abhi asks her to check on net. Abhi calls Reena and asks her to remove their facebook photo. Reena asks why? Abhi says marriage can be broken if someone keeps a bad eye. Reena gives the call to Meenakshi. Ria calls him. Abhi picks the call and holds Meenakshi’s call. Reena removes the pic and informs Abh. Ria gets angry on Abhi and switches off her phone. Abhi thinks to meet her and sort out everything.

Kammo comes with flowers basket and makes Dadisaa wear the gajra. Dadisaa smiles. Rukmani do the puja. Abhi is going on a jogging. Rukmani stops him and asks where are you going?

Abhi tells Ria and her parents that he accepted Ria as his life partner and that’s why made her wear the ring. I have decided to tell my mother, but when I reached home some guests were already there. Later I came to know that they came for my alliance. Ria gets shocked and so is her family.

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