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Ria says Sorry as dal falls on Abhi’s jacket. Abhi says he can’t stay for long and says he needs to go home. Ria tells him bye. Abhi holds her hands and kisses on her forehead. He thanks her for the dinner. Ria promises to feed him with her hands all their life. Abhi gets call again. Ria tells him bye and leaves in her car. Abhi rushes to his house. He thinks what to say to his family members about the stain. He sees aircooler door and walks in hiding himself. Rukmani sees him and asks what is this. Abhi says it was outside so I thought to keep it inside. Rukmani calls the servant. Shamji comes and asks Abhi to give it to him and takes. Sheetal notices the dal stain and asks him. Everyone looks on tensedly.

Sheetal says it might be left by pigeon or crow. She takes his jacket.

They praise Abhi. They see the sweets and asks about it. He gives it to Meenakshi’s mum. Meenakshi’s mum praises him. Everyone smiles. Meenakshi’s dad hugs him and accepts the alliance. Reena asks Kiran to click their photo. Abhi is tensed. Reena asks him to accept her facebook request. Abhi says ok. Sheetal insists so Abhi agrees. Meenakshi’s mum gives him shagun. Abhi is hesitant and looks at his mum. Dadisaa asks him to accept shagun money. Abhi says 1 min. He tells Rukmani that he needs to talk to her alone. Rukmani tells the guests that they will come in a while.

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Abhi and Rukmani goes inside. Abhi tells Rukmani that he didn’t see the girl then how can I marry her. Rukmani praises the girl and says she is rich, educated etc as us. She asks him to say clearly whether he will accept nek or…..Abhi refuses saying not today. Rukmani gets angry and closes her eyes. She says ok. I don’t want to make any issue. She says we will talk later once the guests leave. He receives Ria’s pic on his mobile and looks on.
Dadisaa praises Abhi infront of the guests. Rukmani comes and informs them that they can’t accept the nek today. She apologizes. Abhi comes down. Meenakshi’s mum asks why? Rukmani says the mahurat is not good. They agree and praise Abhi. Rukmani says we will meet next week. They leaves.

Rukmani praises the guests saying they agreed. She looks at Abhi carefully. Ria sends her photo to her friends. Her friend calls her and asks about the ring. Ria tells her that Mr. Maheshwari surprised her. Her friend congrats her.

Lata asks Ria whether Abhi liked the food. Ria says yes. She says she didn’t go inside his house. Lata says I forgot to click Abhi and Ria’s pic. Mr. Agarwal says we will call Abhi tomorrow. Lata says Abhi cleared my doubt, but I can’t tell Mrs. Rastogi that Abhi is my son in law. Ria says it is our life. Mr. Agarwal says yes. Lata says I am serious about this matter. She asks her husband to call Abhi and ask did he tell his family about Ria. Mr. Agarwal says there are guests at his home now. She says she will be happy if Abhi makes Ria wear the ring infront of his family.

Rukmani looks tensedly. Revathi asks Kiran to take Pinky inside and make her sleep. Dadisaa tells Abhi that she can understand that girls and boys mingle with each other in today’s time, but it doesn’t mean they will marry each other. She tells about Abhi’s parents arranged marriage. Revathi says she is lucky to have married her husband. Rukmani gives Sheetal’s example. She asks Sheetal. Sheetal says no I don’t have any problems.

Rukmani says Sarthak married with our choice and have a cute daughter. Abhi tries to speak, but Rukmani stops him. She talks about the couple who opted for love marriage. Revathi tells about their neighbour’s daughter love marriage and issues related to it. She gives so many example. She asks him to think in the night and says love marriage can’t stand even for 2 years. His dad says Abhi is very intelligent, he won’t take any wrong step. Abhi’s phone rings. Rukmani looks on. Abhi looks at his mum.

Rukmani says who is calling again and again and goes to attend the call. She asks who is this Rai and picks the call. Abhi gets tensed.

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