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Abhi stands up from his chair and looks at Ria. He takes out a ring, surprising Ria and her parents. Ria smiles. Tum Aise Hi Rehna plays…………Abhi says he didn’t take much time while buying the ring, but he took almost 1 year to think whether Ria is my destination with whom I feel complete. He promises to keep Ria happy always and never give her a chance to complain. Mr. Agarwal and Lata smiles while Ria looks at Abhi proudly. Abhi asks for Mr. Agarwal’s permission and bends down on his knees. He proposes her while holding ring in his hand. He proposes her for marriage. Before Ria can speak out, Lata interrupts and says she is happy, but it will be different if he makes Ria wear the ring infront of his family members.

Mr. Agarwal tells her that

it is just a commitment ring and they will have engagement later. Lata agrees. Abhi is about to place ring in Ria’s hand, just then he gets Rukmani’s call. He keeps the phone on the table and takes her hand in his hand while the song Mere Haath Me Tera Haath Ho…………….plays……..He puts the ring in her finger. Ria and Abhi look happily. They stare each other while the song continues to play.

Lata comes forward. Abhi takes her blessings. Lata says you have unburdened my heart. Abhi gets Rukmani’s call again. Abhi excuses himself and takes the call. Rukmani asks him whether he will reach in 30 mins. Abhi says just 15 mins. He tells Ria that he have to go home as Maa called him for urgent work. Ria asks him to have a light dinner atleast. Abhi says I have to eat food from your hand all our life. He leaves. Ria smiles. Abhi reaches home. He sees ladies working. Rukmani asks him to freshen up and get ready. Abhi says I have to talk to you. Rukmani asks him to change clothes and she will meet him after 5 mins. He goes to his room.

Rukmani asks Sheetal to work fast. Abhi gets ready. He practices to tell his mother about Ria infront of mirror. He says just meet Ria once. She is same as you desires. Rukmani comes. Abhi gets surprised and tensed. Rukmani asks what you were talking about. Abhi says nothing. Pinky comes and tells them that guests have come. Rukmani goes to attend the guest. Abhi gets tensed.

Lata asks Mr. Agarwal did you bring sweets yesterday. Mr. Agarwal recalls that he didn’t get sweets. Ria tells Lata that she will go to temple and meet Abhi on the way. Mr. Agarwal tells Ria that it is a good excuse. Lata agrees and asks her to return home early. She goes to pack food for Abhi. Ria thanks her and smiles.

Abhi comes downstairs. Rukmani introduces him to the guests and tells Abhi that she has selected their daughter for him. Abhi gets shocked and looks at them. Rukmani tells Abhi that they want the marriage to be solemnised after 2 months. She asks him to check about his availability and tells him that Meenakshi is a nice girl. Meenakshi’s sister Reena( Radha of Saathiya) smiles. He gets Ria’s call. He disconnects the call. Meenakshi’s mum says it will be good if kids meet each other before marriage. Rukmani opposes her idea and says it is not in their customs. Only elders decide about marriage. Our choice is my son’s choice. Abhi gets Ria’s call again and he goes to attend it.

Ria asks him to come out of his house and says she is right outside his home. Abhi gets surprised. Rukmani calls him. Abhi says 1 min. Ria asks him to come out else she will come inside. Abhi says I am coming and comes out. He asks are you mad? Why did you come here. Ria show off the ring in her hand. Abhi smiles. Ria comes out and tells him that Mama Papa are also coming. Abhi gets tensed. Ria says Papa wants to meet your family. Abhi gets even more tensed. Ria laughs and says she is just joking. Abhi tells her that Maa’s friend came with her family. Ria jokes that you are tensed as if they came with an alliance for you. She takes out packed food and says she can’t have food without him. She tries to feed him food bite. Abhi hides seeing his father’s car coming.

Abhi’s dad comes inside the house. Someone introduces Meenakshi’s parents to Abhi’s Dad. Ria asks him what are you doing? Abhi says his bauji and chachaji would have seen him. Ria says you would have tell them that I am your friend. She asks him to have food and leave. She feeds him food. Abhi smiles and eats happily. She tells Abhi that it was just an excuse to take food here. She says I am very happy as you made me wear this ring. I can’t believe it. I thought to meet you and make myself assured about it. Abhi kisses on her hand.

Ria hugs him and says she is feeling as if she has wings and flying high. She says you changed my world. Abhi kisses on her forehead and promises to marry her. Ria smiles. He gets Rukmani’s call. Rukmani asks where were you? Abhi makes an excuse and tells her that he went to buy sweets. Rukmani asks him to come soon. Abhi says ok. He asks Ria to give him sweets box. Ria refuses as her mother wanted to take that sweets box to temple for bhog. Abhi requests her so she agrees. Abhi smiles. She is about to feed him food, but it falls on his jacket. Abhi gets tensed.

Abhi comes home. Sheetal asks about the stain on his jacket. Abhi gets tensed. Abhi’s dad asks him.

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