Tum Aise Hi Rehna 12th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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Ria tells that she is going to Kanha ji mandir to see the CCTV footage and asks to stop her. The door get closed. Ria asks Kanha ji to help her and opens the door. Aanchal looks on. Ria comes to the mandir while holding the laptop. Rukmani asks her about laptop. Ria says she have to send an important mail and asks them to start the katha. The lady starts the satyavati katha. Ria sees the CCTV footage and gets shocked seeing a reflection enters in her. She says it is truth. She thinks about old man, Divya and the lady tantrik talking about the ill spirit residing in her. She sees her getting romantic with Abhi and gets shocked. She recalls Abhi informing her about the club incident. She sees her getting burn on her face from sindoor. The lady says if a woman decides to protect her husband

than no one can harm him.

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Ria thinks this spirit wants to snatch my Abhi from me. She gets inside me. She takes an oath to protect her husband like a Satya vati. The lady talks about the mangalsutra being the protective shield of a married woman. She gets up and goes inside the house. Rukmani tries to stop her, but Dadisaa says she might be going to keep her laptop in her room. Ria thinks to go to the outhouse and face the spirit. Everyone get up for the aarti. Ria goes to her room and looks at her marriage photo frame. She keeps the laptop there. Everyone sing the bhagan downstairs at the temple. Suddenly wind starts. Ria gets scared. The photo frame falls on the floor. She picks the fallen glass piece and asks Aanchal’s spirit to come infront of her. She says this is my house and Abhi is my husband. How can you show right to my husband. All the things around her starts to fly in air. Ria tries to hold her laptop while it flows in air.

Ria asks her to come infront of her. She sees blood droplets falling on their photo frame. Aanchal laughs. Ria says you can’t break my strength. If you have strength then come infront of me. Ria gets scared seeing blo*dy hands and asks what do you want. Aanchal says your home and your husband. Ria says Abhi is mine. You don’t have any right on my house and my husband. Aanahl says ok and throws a sword on Ria. Ria bends down and prays to Kanha ji for help. Aanchal attacks Ria and throws the things. Aanchal laughs. Ria tries to open the door and sees it locked. Aanchal laughs. Ria shouts. Rukmani thanks the ladies for the katha. The women leave.

Rukmani asks Revathi to send prasad to everyone. She worries where is Ria. Dadisaa thinks where is she? Sheetal says may be she is in her room and resting. Dadisaa asks her to give prasad to Ria. Sheetal agrees. Dadisaa says she didn’t like Ria bringing laptop in between the katha. She says the lady might have thought that our bahu doesn’t have any interest in the katha. Dadisaa says let it be. Ria is very understanding. Rukmani says Ria is getting careless. Sheetal comes to her room and sees Ria missing. She calls Ria, but the phone rings in her room itself. Sheetal gets worried and wonders where did she go.

Rukmani says Ria went to her room after puja. She didn’t go out infront of us. They call for Ria in the house. Rukmani asks Sheetal to search in every room. Dadisaa gets worried for Ria. Rukmani and Dadisaa come to the outhouse. Rukmani asks Dadisaa to look at the other end. They couldn’t find her anywhere. Sheetal comes and says Ria is nowhere. Revathi says it is really shocking. Abhi asks what is the matter. Sheetal says Ria is not at home. Abhi says how can she go? Rukmani says she went to her room before the aarti. Abhi says he will check in room. Dadisaa says she is not in her room. Abhi thinks Ria’s mental condition is bad and he can’t let anything happen to her.

Abhi searches for Ria. Rukmani says we searched for her everywhere. Revathi says we shall inform Kailash and Raman. Abhi sees her beneath the table or something.

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