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Ria checks her patient Mrs. Bhalla and asks her to take care as she is in 4th month of pregnancy. Mrs. Bhalla says sure. She gets a call and talks to her husband. Ria sees her BP increasing and gets surprised. Mrs Bhalla tells Ria that men changes after marriage. She asks are you married. Ria says no. She asks do you have a boyfriend? Ria says yes. She tells her that her boyfriend Abhi is different and they have just celebrated their first meet anniversary. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to call Abhi. Ria calls him, but he didn’t pick his call. Mrs. Bhalla asks her not to have high hopes and says all men are same. Ria gets thinking. She calls Abhi again and gets angry. She thinks will my Abhi change like all men.

Abhi explains the theme and decoration as he plans the wedding. Client likes

his presentation and jokes whether they get heaven after marriage. Abhi smiles while everyone laughs. He sees Ria’s misscalls and thinks thank God I saved her number as Y. He excuses himself and goes to call Ria. Ria is seen busy with her patients. Abhi keeps on calling her.

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Sheetal shows Dadisaa’s marriage pic to Rukmani. Rukmani praises Dadisaa. They see the photos and gets happy. Rukmani tells Sheetal to see the pic carefully and talks about the discipline. Sheetal praises Rukmani and her husband’s pic. Rukmani tells her that her husband fulfilled her wish and asks her to keep the photos in the album. She goes to call Abhi. Sheetal looks sad. Rukmani calls Abhi and asks him to come home at 6 pm. Abhi says ok. Dadisaa asks Rukmani why didn’t you tell Abhi. Rukmani says he will make excuses so I didn’t tell him. Abhi thinks he will leave early and convince Sarthak to let him leave early.

Sarthak praises Abhi for his presentation. He says your bhabhi complains that I am not romantic like before. He asks how to bring back romance like they used to have before marriage. Abhi asks him to keep personal and professional life separately. Sarthak says I will ask you once you gets married. Sarthak gets Sheetal call. Sheetal tells him that papaji took mummyji for India tour and says I am jealous. Sarthak says why did you get jealous? Sheetal says you didn’t take me anywhere and asks him to take her for an outing. Abhi hears them. Sarthak and Sheetal talk about not giving time to each other. Sarthak says I told you to get a tuitor for our daughter Pinky. Sheetal opposes his idea and reminds him that she had done B. Ed. Sarthak asks her to stop taunting. Abhi thinks this will not happen with me and Ria. He tells Sarthak that he is forwarding his feet towards something. Sarthak asks him to do everything within limits else no one will be with you.

Abhi asks Shall I go now. He gets Ria’s call. He apologizes to Ria. Ria says it is a limit. You didn’t pick my call even today. You promised to take my call. Abhi says I had to finish my work soon. I got scared after hearing Bhaiyya and Bhabhi talk. Ria says it is okay. She reminds him to come home soon. Abhi says ok. Ria gets scared thinking about marriage side effects. She thinks of Mrs. Bhalla and Abhi’s words. She thinks she has full faith on her Abhi. He won’t change. Abhi sits in his car and drives off.

Lata cooks food for Abhi and says I didn’t know what he likes to have. Mr. Agarwal asks her not to worry as only groom is coming and not his mother. Lata taunts her husband and says we don’t know anything about Abhi. She asks him to talk to Abhi directly about marriage. She says it is not Delhi. She tells him that neighbour was taunting her in the morning. Ria comes home. Mr. Agarwal asks Ria to call Abhi soon else Lata’s anger will increase. Abhi is in his car. Rukmani calls him and asks when is he reaching home. Abhi says 30 mins. She asks him to come fast. Ria calls and asks him to come fast. Abhi says ok. He thinks he is trapped between mum and Ria.

Abhi stops his car and his friend Dheer gives him bouquet. Abhi thanks him and tells him that he is going to meet Ria. Lata tells Ria that she will bring Achaar/spices. Ria tells Mr. Agarwal that you haven’t changed at all. Mr. Agarwal says a man is the one who doesn’t change. Ria gets impressed with him. Mr. Agarwal says a human shall not change. Lata complains to him saying you forgot to take me on an outing etc. They start arguing. Ria gets tensed. Door bell rings. Ria rushes to open the door and sees Abhi. She smiles happily and greets him in. Abhi enters. Mr. Agarwal and Lata greet him.

Abhi gets shy and nervous. Mr. Agarwal reminds him that this is our 7 or 8th meeting. Lata asks them to talk over dinner. Abhi gives her sweets box. Lata asks did you mother know that you came here. Abhi nods no. Lata looks at Ria and asks Abhi when you will tell your family about Ria. Abhi says very soon. Mr. Agarwal asks him to relax and says we know that you are a MBA and runs a resort. He says one thing is strange. Why didn’t you inform your family about Ria. Abhi says I thought to take your blessings first. Lata asks are you ready for this relation. Abhi gets up from his chair and looks surprised. Ria gets tensed.

Abhi comes home. Rukmani introduces Abhi to the girl’s family and tells him that she selected this girl for him. Abhi gets shocked and tensed.

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