Tum Aise Hi Rehna 11th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Tum Aise Hi Rehna 11th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ria asks Abhi about his college name and its details. Abhi says ST college. Ria thinks Aanchal was in the same college, but Abhi didn’t know her. Ria says sorry as she is troubling him. She says I won’t trouble you anymore. You are my life. I won’t let anybody break the thread of our relation. Abhi assures his support. A wind blows as Aanchal enters in Ria’s body. It gets captured in the hidden camera. Abhi says he will close the window, but Aanchal pulls him closer and hugs him. Abhi says he is happy to see her happy. Abhi takes out medicines. Aanchal refuses to eat medicine and insists that she is fine. Abhi says you have to eat it. Abhi says ok. She tries to get close to him. Abhi says what has happened to you.

Later, Abhi comes to his room and sees the candle all around.

Aanchal/ Ria closes his eyes. Abhi says you was tired in the morning and now you are romancing. Aanchal says she can’t be tired looking at him. She gets romantic with him while the song plays Chalo Tumko Lekar……………She dances with him. Abhi gets romantic, Aanchal smiles. They fall on the bed and gets intimate. Suddenly temple bells start ringing. Ria/Aanchal asks Abhi to go and check the bell as she can’t bear the noise. Abhi goes. Aanchal closes her ears and asks Abhi not to go. She asks to stop the bell. Abhi holds the bell. The sindoor falls down, making him suspicious. He recalls Rukmani’s words and thinks it is very important for Ria’s safety. Some mantras is being played. He prays to Kanha ji and asks him not to let anything wrong happen to his Ria. He comes back and sees Ria sitting on the floor.

He tells her that because of wind, the bells start ringing. Abhi holds her. Aanchal feels pain as the sindoor burns her cheek. Abhi says it is your sindoor. He sees red color on the floor and wonders what is happening. Ria/Aanchal cleans her face. Abhi thinks about old man words and Divya telling him that Ria is a ghost. He wonders why Divya was blaming Ria. He recalls an old woman asking Ria to save her son. Ria sanctions her free treatment. Abhi asks what do you mean? Ria says she will bear the expenses of the treatment. Abhi thinks his Ria was not like this. He thinks her personality can’t be changed this much. Aanchal/Ria comes back and sees sindoor on his hand. She says she will be fine if she sleeps for sometime. She thinks she can’t get close to him tonight. In the morning Abhi asks Ria how is she now? Ria says she is fine and feeling fresh. Abhi says I will leave. Ria asks him to fill her maang with sindoor. Abhi recalls yesterday night incident. He fills her forehead with vermillion. Abhi tells her that you got allergy yesterday.

Ria says don’t take any tension as the truth will come out. She prays to Kanha ji to help her. She checks the temperature to be 1 degree. Kammo comes. Ria asks her about the weather. Kammo says it is very hot. Ria asks her to go. She searches on the net. She reads temperature falls if some negative energy passes from the place. She sees the CCTV footage. A wind blows and the laptop gets shut. She feels as if someone is trying to stop her from knowing the truth. She decides to know the truth. She opens the laptop again and tries to see the CCTV footage, but couldn’t. A wind blows again and the laptop gets shut. Ria thinks nothing can stop her from seeing the truth. She tries to open her laptop, but she can’t open. Sheetal comes and calls Ria for puja. Ria says she will come. She tells that she is going to Kanha ji’s mandir and asks the spirit to stop her from seeing the footage.

Ria is in the storeroom and asks her to come infront of her. She sees blood and photo frame. Rukmani worries for Ria and says she didn’t go out. Dadisaa gets tensed too.

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