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A girl is shown entering Maheshwari Niwas with flowers basket on her shoulder and greets Dadisaa. Dadisaa calls her Kammo and says she she has been waiting for her to do the puja. Kammo puts gajra on her hairs. She shows the gajra to her husband’s photo and asks are you happy? Kammo asks for 2 days leave. Dadisaa asks her to ask Rukmani. Kammo says I gets tensed. You please asks her. Rukmani comes and scolds her for coming late. Kammo makes an excuse and handover the flowers to her. Rukmani calls Revathi for the puja. They head towards the inhouse mandir. Pinky asks Kiran to take her to circus. Kiran asks her to take permission from her dadi. Pinky asks her Dev chachu to asks Dadi. He refuses to ask her.

Rukmani’s husband comes home and calls her. Rukmani turns and goes

towards him. Rukmani and Revathi put tilak on their respective husband. Her husband asks her about breakfast. Rukmani calls Sheetal and asks to serve breakfast. Sheetal says it is ready. Rukmani’s husband asks her about Sarthak and Abhimanyu. Rukmani informs that Sarthak went to resort and Abhi is in his room. Abhi is seen in his room throwing clothes from his cupboard. Kammo comes and gives bouquet to him. Abhi smiles. Kammo tells him that Rukmani scolded her. Abhi asks her not to tell anyone about these flowers. Kammo says ok and goes. Abhi smiles.

Sheetal comes to Abhi’s room and sees it is messy. He tells that he has been searching for his socks. Sheetal says she saw it near Pinky’s doll house. Abhi thanks her and rushes to Pinky. He asks Pinky about his socks. Pinky informs him that she threw it in the lawn. Abhi thanks her and goes to lawn. He looks out for his socks. He finally gets it and kisses the socks. Sheetal sees him happily kissing the socks and gets surprised.

Dr. Ria Agarwal is introduced as her father calls her name. She thinks whether to bind her hair or to let it open. She reminiscences Abhi asking her to let her hairs open. She smiles. She goes to her papa. He gives her apron after ironing. She says it is perfect. Ria’s mom scolds her husband for keeping the gas on. Ria’s dad says sorry. She tells him that gas is very costly.

Ria makes an excuse that she forgot to iron her apron in the night. Her dad asks her to leave it. Ria gets Abhi’s call. She goes to balcony and signs him that she is coming. She informs her mum that Abhi will drop her to hospital. Her mum says no, we will go together. Ria’s dad asks Ria to go with Abhi. Ria goes out and thinks today is first anniversary of their love and thinks whether Abhi Maheshwari recalls their love anniversary. Abhi looks at her romantically. Ria greets him Hi. Abhi removes his google and asks her to sit in the car as he is getting late. Ria thinks is he joking with me or did he forget it. Ria’s Dad explains to his wife that they knew Abhi. His wife says we know him as Ria told about him. Ria’s dad says we will call him home today. She agrees.

Abhi asks Ria to tag the seat belt. Ria says wow and says it is flower’s smell naa. She looks at white flowers at the back seat and thinks he forgot about our anniversary. She asks how am I looking. Abhi tells her beautiful as always. Mrs. Rastogi calls Ria’s mum Lata and informs her that she saw Ria going with someone in a car. She asks about Abhi and taunts her. Ria’s dad calls Lata. Lata sits in the car and they leaves.

Ria looks at Abhi and wonders if Abhi forgot their anniversary. Abhi tells her that he didn’t have breakfast today in a hurry. Ria plays the radio. Aaj Phir Tumpe plays on radio. They listen to a caller Kanchan asking RJ about her lover not remembering about her birthday. RJ plays song for her……….Main Tenu Samjhawa…………Abhi tells Ria that he doesn’t understand who are these guys. Ria and Abhi argue about it. Ria says guys don’t understand that they need to remember everything. Abhi jokes saying the song is your favourite. Abhi stops his car at the hospital. Ria gets her father’s call asking her to call Abhi home tonight. Abhi refuses saying he needs to go home early today. He drops her and leaves. Ria gets angry and thinks Abhi forgot about their anniversary. She thinks Abhi didn’t see her carefully even once else he would have understand that she dressed beautifully. Ria’s colleagues compliments her.

Ria opens her locker drawer and is surprised and happy to be showered with flower petals. Abhi comes and wishes her Happy anniversary. Ria hugs him. Abhi says I got greedy to see love in your eyes. He gets romantic and tries to kiss her. Ria pushes him and asks did you get this place only to surprise me. Abhi tells her that this place is special for him and shows their photo. He reminds her that she treated him when his hand was fractured. Ria smiles as Abhi shows her so many photos about their special dates. Ria says so sweet Abhi. Abhi says I didn’t forget anything and shows his socks as well. He tells her that he is wearing the same clothes which he worn on their first meeting. Ria gets touched by his gesture and hugs him happily. Abhi takes her to the terrace and professes his love again for her. He says I love you forever. Ria smiles and says I love you too Abhi.

Rukmani tells Revathi that she hates these three words ( I love You) which are said before marriage. She says someone wrote I love you on temple’s sacred wall. She calls new generation shameless and talks about their values. Dadisaa says new generation is like that. Someone gives a photo of a girl to Rukmani. Rukmani shows the photo to Revathi and Dadisaa and informs them that she selected this girl for Abhimanyu.

Abhi goes closer to Ria and kisses her on her forehead. Ria smiles and hugs him. Tum Aise Hi Rehna’s title song plays ……………..Abhi and Ria look happily.

Abhi comes to Ria’s house. Lata asks him are you ready for this relation. Abhi looked puzzled while looking at Ria and stands up surprisingly.

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