Tum Aise Hi Rehna 10th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 10th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ria wakes up from sleep as she hears typing sound coming from Abhi’s laptop. She asks who are you? She sees Aanchal’s pics on his laptop and gets puzzled. She sees Aanchal laughing and gets shocked. She sees her everywhere and shouts Abhi. Abhi rushes to her hearing her voice. Ria hugs him and asks him about Aanchal’s photo on his laptop screen. He says let me see and tells Ria that it was off. Ria says it was on. She isn’t lying and opens the laptop. She checks and asks how can it be possible and checks folder. Everyone come there. Ria cries and says she isn’t lying. Abhi says I accept that you are not lying. He signs everyone to go out as he will come in sometime. Rukmani asks what is happening? Abhi says she must be scared. They leave. Abhi asks her to sleep and make her sleep.

Ria says she saw her photo and isn’t lying. Abhi asks her not to worry. Ria sleeps.

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Aanchal is seen in the storeroom recalling her romantic moments with Abhi while her song plays………..She smiles. Rukmani tells Dadisaa that whatever is happening is beyond her understanding. She says that negative energy is still in our house. Dadisaa says you are right. What to do? Rukmani says she called Guruji home. Now he can only show us right path. Kammo informs them that a sadhu/priest come home. Suddenly the song stops playing. Aanchal get shocked and angry. She sees Guruji’s student coming home. She gets shocked and calls for tantrik’s help. Tantrik says he can sense your presence feel. The sadhu looks around in the house. He sees the storeroom and says everything is fine. There is nothing wrong in this house. He says your daughter in law’s state of mind is not right and asks her to stay at home. Dadisaa is shocked. He asks them to tie the Divya Bhaboot on the door. Rukmani says ok. He turns out to be tantrik. He laughs saying no sadhu can come here now.

Everyone pray and do the aarti. Abhi comes there. Rukmani asks him about Ria. He says she is fine now. He prays for Ria’s safety. Ria prays to Kanha ji to help her enquire about the happenings with her. She says until I get answers for my questions, I won’t be at peace. She holds her mangalsutra and asks to show the way. Ria searches for Abhi’s college info on the internet. She sees Aanchal’s photo in the college photos. Abhi rings the bell during the puja. Ria opines that Aanchal studied in Abhi’s college oblvious to Abhi. She thinks whatever I saw was truth. She decides to know what happens to her in the night and wonders how to find out. She calls someone and says she needs something. Rukmani says it seems Abhi is hiding something from us. Revathi says something had happened to Ria. Abhi comes to the room and sees Ria near the dressing table. She says she was just checking. Abhi gives her prasad. She massages his neck and asks about his college name. Abhi tells her about his college name. She gets shocked and recalls seeing pictures.

Precap: Ria tells Abhi that she won’t let her relation broken by anybody. Aanchal comes and enters her body. Ria sees it in CCTV footage of the hidden camera and gets shocked.

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