Tujhse Pyar kiya (Swaragini OS) INTRO

Heyyyyy! I am back with another work on Swaragini. OK if u don’t know me— Hi! I am Saeedah, and I am gonna write an OS on our heavenly couple. This is a swasan os but i will try to give importance to all. If you are not familiar with my other Swasan ff, go check it out. Here’s the link-


Episode 1- Here

Here is a short intro



Swara Gadodia- A modern and sensitive yet bold girl with traditional values. 21 years old. An engineer by profession.

Ragini Gadodia- Half sister (soul sister) of Swara.

Ayush Gadodia- Younger brother of Swaragini. Hates Ragini. Swara and Ayush are twins.

Sharmishtha Gadodia- Mother of swaragini and Ayush. Caring

Shekhar Gadodia- Father of swaragini and Ayush. And a responsible businessman.

Sanskar Maheshwari- A calm and understanding brat. 23 years old. Belongs from a rich family.

Laksh Maheshwari- Bro of Sanskar. Suffering from a heartbreak.

Uttara- Little sister of SanLak.

Aadarsh Nageshwari- Eldest of Maheshwari brothers. Married.

Parineeta Maheshwari- DIL of Maheshwari family. Wife of Aadarsh.

Sujata Maheshwari- Mother of Sanutt.

Ram Prasad- Husband of Sujata.

Annapurna Maheshwari- Mother of Laksh and Aadarsh.

Durga Prasad- Rich businessman and strict. Head of Maheshwari family.

Gadodia Mansion
Ragini’s room

A girl is getting ready in a blue and white anarkali with a duppata strapped from the shoulder and big earrings. Her hair is braided. She looks at her reflection in the mirror and remembers something.

Maheshwari mansion
Raglak room.

Ragini is getting ready and combing her hair in the mirror. Laksh comes out of the washroom and is mesmerized.
He goes to her and makes her sit on the chair. He takes the sindoor and applies it on her hairline. Ragini smiles.

Rag: You will never leave me Na laksh?
Laksh kisses her forehead.
Lak: Never ever!
Rag: I love you.
Lak: I know.
Ragini raises her eyebrow.
Rag: And?
Lak: Love ya too bae!
Both laugh.
[Flashback ends]
Yes the girl is Ragini.
Ragini quickly wipes her tears and turns to face the person.
An unbelievably beautiful girl in a peach button shirt and grey jeggings is smiling at her. Her hair is loose open and is cascaded down till her waist.
Rag- Swara you woke up! Did you have your medicines?
Yes, the girl is our heroine Swara.
‘You do not need to worry about it Mrs. Ragini Maheshwari; I am here to look after my sister,’ a boy says entering the room.
Rag- But Ayush even sans—
(the boy is Ayush. Played by Zayn Malik)
Ayush raises his hand signing her to stop.
Swara is confused seeing them. Ragini runs out of the room cryingly.
Swa- Is everything okay Ayush? What happened?
Ayu- Nothing, leave that. Have your breakfast and medicines.
Ayu- Yes?
Swa- Who is Sanskar?
The following night

‘Who are you?’ Swara asks the figure in front of her. A girl stands smirking there. Swara and Sanskar are at the edge of the cliff, holding each other’s hand tightly.
The girl laughed. She had an evil laugh.
Girl- You don’t know me Swara? I am….Shrusti, the girl who stalked you both?
Swara and Sanskar are shocked.
San- What are you doing here? What do you want from us?
Shrusti comes dangerously close to them.

Shru- I want…Your death.
Saying this she pushes them from the cliff…

Swara wakes up with a jerk. Panting heavily. She looks around. The place is…Her room.

Thank god! It was a nightmare.
Who is Sanskar, Who us Shrusti? Her inner self questions her. Swara starts crying out of helplessness.
Ragini and Sharmishtha run to her room hearing her cries.
Sumi- Shona!
Ragini hands her water and rubs her back.
“Why doesn’t anyone tells me something? Who is Sanskar? Why don’t I remember anything?’, her shouts fill the room.
Precap- The Maheshwaris and Shekhar drama

Why doesnt Swara remembers Sanskar?
Is Shrusti real or just Swara’s dream?
Why does Ayush hates Ragini?
Why is Ragini not with Lakshya?
Why doesn’t anyone tells Swara anything about Sanskar?

Hehe guys! ? I know that was a boring short intro. But if you are still interested to know what happens next, then do me a favour of commenting. This OS has 2 parts. 50 per cent part of this story is covered in flashbacks. Hope too see you soon.
Bye xoxo ?

P.S Tell me what do you want me to update first An Angel’s Touch or Tujhse pyaar kiya?

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