Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi (Shivika, Rikara & Rumya) part 45

Hey my dears… I hope u all r fine.. Friends what u think about the current track of the Ishqbaaz 1 hour episode??? I mean for me it’s amazing (leave bhavya).. I love Obro moments, Obahu moments, Shivika, Rikara & Rudy (not bhavya).. Many of u hates Ragini bcz she is new villain of Shivika’s life but I didn’t feel that yaar.. Bcz if u noticed that Shivika is busy on their nok jhok and Shivaye didn’t give her any type of attention.. She is trying her best to get attention??.. Actually I think she is not interested in Shivaye, she is interested in taking selfies in Shivaye’s house…???
And the best expression of Ragini was when Pinky talks to her & she makes weird faces..??

OK now stop this & start my ff…
Who missed my previous part look here…

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Part 45

ShivOmRu explains Mahi about Obros moments… After that they notice Privek in kitchen..
Annika: What r u doing Priyanka???
Prinku: Bhabi actually I am preparing food for Vivek..
Annika: Aww.. How sweet.. Wait.. Let me help u..
Annika tries to go to Prinku but Shivaye comes in between..
An: Shivaye what r u doing?? Let me go.. I want to help Prinku..
Sh: Annika Vivek is injured..
An: Yes I know..
Sh: So plz…
An: What plz Shivaye??? I am his sister.. Can’t I make something for him????
Sh: Noo..
An: What???
Sh: No I mean.. Its our responsibility to take care of Vivek.. So Its OK..
Annika nodes… Omru laughs.. Mahi ask them the matter..
Om: Actually when first time in our house Annika bhabi cooked after their marriage..
Ru: It was a horrible day for Bhaiya..
They recalls the day.. Shivaye eats Paneer masala made by Annika… After that he hold his stomach & screams…

Mahi & Kritika laughs… AniSaRi ask the reason.. They look at each other & say nothing..
Shivaye announce, So let’s cook… Prinku why did u not wear apron.. Wear it first… Its manner..
Annika: Shivaye????
Sh: Yes Annika its called manners…
An: U will never change…
All smiles…

ShivOmRu, Mahi & Prinku wear their aprons & hats… Shivaye wears his blue apron, Om wears his white one, Rudy wears his yellow one, Mahi wears a new black apron & Prinku wears a red one… They start cooking.. Shivaye & Om tell them about their childhood stories..
Vivek: Seriously Shivaye bhaiya???
Shivaye: Yes u don’t know how much ziddi is this Prinku.. If she wants something we have to get it ..
Om: Yes but we pampered her a lot…
Rudra: Yes if she wants chocolate then I gave her mine chocolate too..
ShivOm looked at Rudra..
Prinku: Bhaiya????
Om: Duffer.. Before giving urs chocolate u ate hers that’s why we force to give ur to her…
All laughed…
Rudra: OK.. OK.. Bhaiya u remember when O draw his first painting???
Shivaye: Yes & u spoiled it…
Om: and u scold him for that…
They three smiles… A drop of water slips from Mahi’s eyes.. Kritika notice it… She goes to him… Mahi wipes his tears.. Now everyone notice it..
Shivaye holds him..
Sh: Mahi.. What happened?? R u OK???
Om: Mahi.. R u OK???
Mahi: Yes.. I am OK..
Kritika holds his hand..
Kritika: R u sure????
Rudra: Mahi bhaiya tell na .. Now U r also a part of Obros & its a rule in obros that no one can hide anything from other.. So just say it..
Mahi hugs Rudra tight while crying..
Mahi: Rudra.. I never thought that I have a family.. I always wish for a family like this.. I also wants brothers, sisters, mom, dad a complete family.. But always I get only pain & pain.. Today I feel I wish come true.. Look u all r with me.. I have three brothers & one cute little sister… I feel complete today.. I wish I could see ur childhood also…
All eyes who were present there r fully wet.. All eyes r rolling down after listening Mahi’s words.. ShivOm also hug them tight.. They four have a GRP hug.. All smiles with teary eyes.. They break the hug..
Rudra: OK now… One for all…
He forwards his hand..
ShivOm keep his hand on it.. They ask Mahi to do the same.. Mahi also keep his hand..
They say together, All for one…
Kritika wipes her tears & ask them to change the mood..
Shivaye smiles & says OK…
They sings, Ek dusre se karte hai pyar hum.. Ek dusre ke lite bekarar hum… Ek dusre waste marna pare to.. Hai taiyar hum…. (Movie – Hum)
All dance & cook together..
Tej, Janvi, Shakti & Arjun sees this from outside and smiles…
Pinky see this from far & cries…

Shivaye thinks something & smiles.. Annika asks about it.. Shivaye says its a surprise for Mahi…

All ate food together… Shivaye says, get ready & come in evening.. Its a grand party for us… All goes excited… Shivika smiles looking at each other…

Evening… All comes… ShivOmRuHi r in flower-leaf designed suit… AniSaRika r in golden top & long skirts… Prinku wears a red & white coordinated outfit.. Vivek wears a White suit… All r very happy…

Shivaye comes to Media & says, so today’s party is for my brother in law Vivek & my best friend Kritika’s home coming party.. Plus my brother Mahi is also going to join our business very soon..
Mahi was shocked.. He comes to Shivaye..
Ma: But Shivaye.. How???? I don’t know everything about business..
Sh: Don’t worry.. I will teach u…

Arjun: OK now a another big announcement..
Tej: so our sons r going to marry…
Arjun: Yes & engagement will happen today..
Shivika, Rikara & Rumya were shocked..
Gauri: but papa…
Arjun: What u don’t want to marry Omkara??? Then tell me…
Gauri: No no I want…
All laughs..
Arjun: So?? Common do it before my mind changes..
All smiles…

Precap: Mahi propose Kritika in front of everyone…
Wedding preparation of couples..

That’s all my friends.. Keep reading & enjoy till it ends.. Thanks.. Have a good day…??

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    Dear kiya
    IB ki current track is superb with ShivIka,OmRi and ShiOmRu and AniRiVya.i like bhavya character but don’t like RuVya pair.abi thak RuVya mujhe impress nahi kar paaya.you right uss eye shadow ki market selfie patient naagini ko selfi ki bimari hai?.naam thoda lambha hogaya haina??.
    mahi ki dialogue tho mujhe rulaya yaar?your story is going superb.. keep it up?

    Take care?

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      Thanks Uf… Yes I don’t like ruvya & my mom also don’t like bhavya..
      Ragini’s name was awesome??

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      Thanks.. But brahmaraksha??????
      Its OK sis.. Don’t think about her.. Ignore her.. Enjoy Shivika & Rikara & Rudra’s antics…

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